20120314 voipdrupal-hands-on-webinar
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20120314 voipdrupal-hands-on-webinar



VoIP Drupal Hands On Experience

VoIP Drupal Hands On Experience



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20120314 voipdrupal-hands-on-webinar Presentation Transcript

  • 1. VoIP Drupal Hands On Experience Best viewed in Chrome or Internet Explorer Setup And Configuration of VoIP Drupal Modules Presented by: Michele (Micky) Metts of DrupalConnection.com 3.14.2012While you are waiting for the conference to start, go to my test site at http://MickyMetts.com and post an AUDIO BLOG. We want to hear your ideas for future VoIP Drupal Hands On Experiences!
  • 2. Acknowledgements VoIP Drupal is a project created by Dr. Leo Burd and his team at M.I.T. Many thanks to all the Drupal users and developers that have taken the time to contribute to this incredible project that I believe will change the world.
  • 3. Goals for Today Making a VoIP Drupal script interact with a phone. Setup VoIP Drupal Server Configurations Setup VoIP Drupal Default Call Configuration Select Scripts, Voices and Languages Editing a sample script (no programming) Get you started editing scripts and making them your own! Take a peek at Visual VoIP Drupal to inspire you! Call the VoIP Drupal Phone and join a conference.
  • 4. VoIP Drupalmodules
  • 5. Enabled VoIP Drupal ModulesThese are the required modules to be enabled for todays experience:MODULES (listed under the VoIP Drupal category on the Modules page at /admin/build/modules):VoIP Drupal (modules listed below are included in the voipdrupal package)Voip Drupal Core – http://drupal.org/project/voipdrupalVoip TropoVoip CallVoIP Script SamplesIn addition to VoIP Drupals required modules, some examples in this Webinar use two more. Please install them in order to follow along with me.They are not required, but will be necessary to follow all examples in this Webinar.http://drupal.org/project/cck http://drupal.org/project/views
  • 6. OPTIONAL VoIP Drupal Modules(listed by the section they appear in on the Modules page located at /admin/build/modules): CCK CCK - http://drupal.org/project/cck Text Click2Call Field Views Views - http://drupal.org/project/views VoIP Drupal VoIP Script UI (included in VoIP Drupal Core – you will need Views to enable this) Visual VoIP Drupal - http://drupal.org/project/vvd Click2Call Click2Call - http://drupal.org/project/click2call Click2Call Block
  • 7. What about thoseREADME.TXT files?
  • 8. README.TXT – voipdrupal core moduleVoIP Drupal is an innovative framework that enables users to contribute and accessDrupal content via regular touchtone phones, SMS and a variety of Internet-basedcommunication systems such as Skype, IM, or Twitter.In technical terms, the goal of VoIP Drupal is to provide a common API and scriptingsystem that interoperate with popular Internet-telephony servers (Asterisk, FreeSwitch,Tropo, Twilio, etc) dramatically reducing the learning and development costs associatedwith the construction of communication systems that combine voice and text technologiestogether.This project is under continuous development. Discussions are taking place on the VoIPDrupal Group (http://groups.drupal.org/voip-drupal).Please check the VoIP Drupal Handbook for additional information (http://drupal.org/node/1078710).The VoIP Drupal platform has originally been conceived and implemented by the MITCenter for Future Civic Media (http://civic.mit.edu/).
  • 9. Hello world$script = new VoipScript(hello_world);$script->addSay(hello world);$script->addHangup();
  • 10. Office Hotline$script = new VoipScript(voipscript_small_office_ivr);$script->addSay(t(Welcome to our office hotline.’));$script->addLabel(‘office_menu’);$options_menu = t(‘For sales, dial 1. For customer support, dial 2. For hours of operation, dial 3. To hang up, dial the star key.’)$input_options = array( ‘1’ => ‘sales’, ‘2’ => ‘customer support’, ‘3’ => ‘hours’, ‘*’ => ‘hang up’, ‘I’ => ‘hang up’, ‘t’ => ‘hang up’);$invalid_msg = t(‘Invalid option selected.’);$script->addRunIvrMenu($options_menu, $input_options, $invalid_msg);$script->addGoto(‘%ivr_option_selected’);$script->addLabel(‘sales’);$script->addSay(‘Sales department’);$script->addGoto(‘hang up’);$script->addLabel(‘customer support’);$script->addSay(t(‘Customer support department’));$script->addGoto(‘hang up’);$script->addLabel(‘hours’);$script->addSay(t(‘Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.’));$script->addGoto(‘office_menu’);$script->addLabel(‘hang up’);$script->addSay(t(‘Thanks so much for calling our office. Bye bye.));$script->addHangup();
  • 11. Potential VoIP Drupal applications Go Out to Vote campaigns 2-1-1 and 3-1-1 community hotlines Call centers Phone- and SMS-based surveys Group communication Story recording / playback Audio speed dating services Language training Audio tours Adventure games Interactive community radio programs Emergency announcements And much more!
  • 12. How things work
  • 13. SCREEN SHARING >>>>> Set up Tropo Application SetupThen back to Drupal site to configure
  • 14. SCREEN SHARING >>>>> show enabled modules and talk about theirvirtues:)SCREEN SHARING >>>>> Server and Default Call configurations
  • 15. Location of VoIP Drupal Scripts There are several script examples that are included in the voipdrupal downloaded module. You can *view the scripts in a list by going to this URL within your Drupal site: http://your_site.com/voip/voipscripts Today we will be looking at the Conference Call script: /voip/voipscripts/view/voipscript_join_conference * To see the sample scripts, you will need to have the Views module installed and enabled - http://drupal.org/project/views
  • 16. SCREEN SHARING >>>>> Enable the default Call Inbound script.Encourage everyone to call the VoIP number they purchased fromTropo and hear the default welcome messageSelect the Conference Call ScriptEncourage everyone to call the conference extension # and hear theEdit the Conference Call Script – Visual VoIP Drupal. - the VoIPDrupal Community Hotline script.Encourage everyone to call the conference extension # and hear thenew script that was edited using Visual VoIP Drupal.
  • 17. Key benefits of the platform Facilitates the construction of unified communications systems integrating SMS, email, web, and voice Makes Drupal accessible from any phone – no data plan required! Enables the expansion of “community plumbing” beyond the web Is open source and free – you are in control
  • 18. Benefits for administrators Easy installation and configuration – no programming required Fully customizable – enable only the features you need Run as part of the Drupal system itself Enable access to VoIP Drupal features using roles and permissions Assign Rules, Actions and Triggers Enhance user interaction with ready-to-use audio blogs, click-to- call fields, phone recorders, audio announcements, etc.
  • 19. Benefits for developers Well defined API that can be extended to other VoIP services 20+ sample scripts that can be customized 20+ modules that already implement common functionality – no need to reinvent the wheel Simple, yet powerful PHP-like scripting language with a short learning curve Visual programming language for novice developers and fast prototyping
  • 20. Ways to get involved Join http://groups.drupal.org/voip-drupal Play with script examples in the sandbox @ voipdrupal.org Create new modules; new sites Contribute code, documentation Organize meetups Help us spread the word!
  • 21. Support goes both ways in the Drupal Community – Give some- Get some! Always look at the resource options before seeking help in the forums!
  • 22. Key take-awaysHow to create and enable an Application in TropoHow to enable VoIP Drupal Modules you needHow to setup VoIP Drupal Server ConfigurationsHow to setup VoIP Drupal Default Call ConfigurationHow to select Scripts, Voices and Languages for MessagesHow to go about editing a sample scriptA peek at Visual VoIP Drupal to inspire you!
  • 23. Upcoming eventsHere is the schedule of the DrupalCon Denver 2012 VoIP-related activities:Monday (3/19) -* 3pm-9pm :: Tropo API Hackathon http://bit.ly/z9IrUs* Midnight :: Deadline for the Twilio Developer Contest http://bit.ly/zq3SuOTuesday (3/20) -* 3:45-4:45pm :: VoIP Drupal: Building sites that answer calls, send SMS, and morehttp://bit.ly/wMHzR8Wednesday (3/21) -* 2:15pm-3:15pm :: VoIP Drupal: A hands on session http://bit.ly/wWTUQU* 5-6pm :: Twilio contest finale http://bit.ly/y1mQOe
  • 24. For additional information leoburd@media.mit.edu http://groups.drupal.org/voip-drupal http://linkd.in/vIewAWSpecial Thanks to: