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Formic Seminar: Going Places with Google
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Formic Seminar: Going Places with Google


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Are you a local brick and mortar business? Maybe you have multiple locations? If either of these are true statements you won’t want to miss the upcoming Formic Media Seminar, Going Places with Google. …

Are you a local brick and mortar business? Maybe you have multiple locations? If either of these are true statements you won’t want to miss the upcoming Formic Media Seminar, Going Places with Google. This presentation focuses on how to help increase your business’ visibility within the local search results by utilizing specific tactics that directly affect how Google “sees” your business.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Formic Media Seminar Series: Going Places with Google Presented by: Formic Media, Inc. 503-260-6700|
  • 2. Oregon Business Around since 1981 Reaches over 20,000 people around Oregon Publishes 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon Provides readers with insight into  News, features & analysis from around Oregon  Newest innovations from all sectors  Interviews with CEOs on how to succeed Get Your Free Subscription  Use code FORMIC
  • 3. Upcoming Seminars April 13th – Google Analytics May 11th – Elements of Sales Success June 8th – Website Clinic
  • 4. Agenda Local Search Overview Factors Affecting Local SEO Local SEO Optimization Tips Local Social Local Advertising
  • 5. Local SEO Overview
  • 6. Local SEO Overview Why is Local SEO so important?  Roughly 20% of all searches have local intent  June 2010  Google = 10.1 billion searches  Yahoo = 2.9 billion  Bing = 1.9 billion  Total of Big 3 = 14.9 billion searches 2,980,000,000 searches had local intent!
  • 7. Local SEO Overview So what, what does that mean for me?  50 million Google Place pages globally  Only 4 million have been claimed globally  2 million in the US (out of roughly 25 million in the US) Huge Potential and Opportunity!
  • 8. Local SEO Overview
  • 9. Local SEO Overview
  • 10. Local SEO Overview Requires a different mindset than traditional SEO Organic SEO is about optimizing websites/off-sitefactors Local SEO is about optimizing locations Local search has its own set of ranking factors
  • 11. Local SEO Overview Traditional SEO  Ranking algo consists of on-site SEO and off-site (i.e. inbound links) ranking factors On-Site Ranking Factors (Title/Meta/etc) Off-Site Ranking Factors (links)
  • 12. Local SEO Overview Local SEO  Many more properties to be concerned with
  • 13. Top Five Positive Factors Affecting Local SEO
  • 14. Claiming Your Place Page Verify your listing as the owner of the business  Claiming: Enter business info. Verify your listing.
  • 15. Business Address Matches City of Search The only time this doesn’t matter is when there arenot enough results to satisfy the search  Although it appears that distance to the centroid matters less, there is still a border around the city that matters
  • 16. Associate Place Page with Proper Categories Provide at least one category for your business  Categories should say what your business is (e.g. Restaurant), not on what it does (e.g. Cook Food) or things it sells (e.g. Draper Valley Free Range Chicken). This information can be added in your description or as custom attributes.  Categories should not contain location-based information.  Only one category per entry field – don’t try to stuff the fields
  • 17. Reviews Google places a huge focus on reviews – listing themin multiple locations
  • 18. Off Page / Off Listing Criteria Make sure you have consistent information across alllistings Having a properly optimized, well-built site shouldbe at the center of all online marketing efforts
  • 19. Top Five Negative Factors Affecting Local SEO
  • 20. Multiple Listings with the Same Phone Number Make sure all listings are consolidated into one,optimized local listing Even if running multiplebusinesses from the samephone number you needto define a distinct localarea code number foreach businessGoogle uses this as a way to control spam
  • 21. Not Showing Address Google will bury you in the listings – only showingbusiness name specific searchesIf you don’t want to be found why are you optimizinga local listing page in the first place?
  • 22. Multiple Listings with Same Address Becomes an issue with offices & business located inthe same building  Suite numbers help  Can lead to unwanted merged listings, swapped reviews and the diversion of listing power
  • 23. Listing PO Box Instead of Physical Address Too easy to game the system without having aphysical address in additional territories
  • 24. Multiple Pages with Same Business Title Easier to avoid for small business – more difficult forchains  Google will not allow one business to dominate all results
  • 25. Local Optimization Tips
  • 26. Local Search Strategy & Optimization Important Elements to Ranking in the “7 Pack”:  Claim your local listing  Ensure that your company does not have duplicate listings  Ensure that your listing is properly categorized  Include keywords in the local listing Title  Proximity of the business to the city center  Google Places service areas  Complete local business listing profile  Number of citations
  • 27. Claim Your Local Listing Trust is a huge signal for Google Only 2MM claimed in U.S. so far No duplicate listings! Do the same at Yahoo ( And the same at Bing(
  • 28. Claim Your Local Listing Claiming: Enter business info. Verify your listing.
  • 29. Include Keywords in your Title Add Keywords to your Title: These will be bolded in results. Help to increase CTR, similar to PPC advertising.
  • 30. Categorize Your Listing Add Relevancy Factors: Search Engines use categories to help define your business accurately.
  • 31. Proximity to City Center Proximity: Having an address in the city and close to the city center helps with local ranking. Importance is determined by competition.
  • 32. Service Areas & Home Based Businesses Add Service Areas: Extremely helpful for home based businesses. Good for businesses that serve specific areas.
  • 33. Complete your Local Listing Profile Add Profile Content: Reviews Photos Videos Coupons
  • 34. Off-site Optimization: Get Citations!Key CitationSources:
  • 35. Off-site Optimization: Get Links!Submit to Free and/or Paid directoriesAdd & verify business information with local Data Providers
  • 36. Off-site Optimization: UBLUniversal Business Listing (UBL) Services
  • 37. Off-site Optimization: UBLUniversal Business Listing (UBL) Reporting
  • 38. Off-site Optimization: hcard Rich snippets and hcard formatting on your website<div class="vcard"><div class="adr"><h2>Contact</h2><div class="street-address">300 NE Failing St.</div><span class="locality">Portland</span>,<abbr class="region" title="Oregon">OR</abbr>&nbsp;<span class="postal-code">97212</span></div><div class="tel"> <span class="type">Work</span> +1-503-517-9059 x122 </div><div class="tel"><span class="type">Fax</span> +1-503-517-9068 </div><div>Email: <span class="email"></span></div></div>
  • 39. Off-site Optimization: embedding a mapCopy the Link code from your Google maps listing(note it will generate exactly how you are viewingit, ie. zoom %, business clicked, etc.) Then simply paste it into your websites code.
  • 40. Reviews & SocialGoogle HotPot, Place Search, Foursquare
  • 41. Why Are Reviews Important?
  • 42. Why Are Reviews Important?
  • 43. Why Are Reviews Important?
  • 44. Where to Get Reviews
  • 45. Where to Get Reviews
  • 46. Where to Get Reviews ServicesYelp City Search ePinions
  • 47. Where to Get Reviews ProductsBizRate Buzz Millions ePinions
  • 48. Responding to Positive ReviewsWhen you get a rave review:  Be gracious and humble  Make sure you let them know that you appreciate the kind review  Consider rewarding comments with discounts or promos
  • 49. Responding to Negative ReviewsRespond when:  You know your company is in the wrong  A review is misstating facts  The reviewer is justifiably upsetHow to Respond:  Be honest – if your company is in the wrong, admit it  Be calm and friendly  Figure out a way to make amends and direct them to a contact that can help offline.
  • 50. Google HotPot
  • 51. Geo-Social Tools • Geo-social tools can count as Citations. • Claim and optimize your business! • Encourage full participation!
  • 52. Local AdvertisingPay-per-Click (PPC), Google Boost, Facebook
  • 53. PPC: Google AdWords Sponsored Ads (PPC)
  • 54. PPC: Google AdWords
  • 55. PPC: Google AdWords AdWords Location Extensions
  • 56. PPC: Google AdWords
  • 57. Google Boost PPC Pin is RED
  • 58. Google Boost
  • 59. Local AdvertisingGoogle Boost
  • 60. Google Boost
  • 61. Google Boost
  • 62. Google Boost
  • 63. Facebook Ads
  • 64. Facebook Ads
  • 65. Facebook Ads
  • 66. Facebook Ads
  • 67. Facebook Ads
  • 68. Questions? Contact: John McPhee www.formicmedia.com503-517-9059 x122|