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Ekcs digi-presentation

  1. 1. Digital Service Capabilities
  2. 2. Express KCS creates a wide range of digital advertising and marketing material Deliverables include • Rich media advertisements • Apps for iOS, Android, AppUp-Intel • Mobile ads, sites and landing pages • Website design & development (static and dynamic) • E-mail marketing & campaigns • E-publishing services • Video Production • 3D Rendering services 2 Technological competency • Proprietary (Flash, Digital editions, iBooks, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Mag+ etc.) • Open formats (HTML 5, GIF, PHP, Java, ePub) • Website Content Management Systems (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress) We work for
  3. 3. Display & Rich Media Ads 3 Rich media comprises video and animated content, which is often interactive. We deliver the following types of Rich Media Ads: • Expandable Banners • Gliders • Video extenders • Social ads (Widgets) • Messenger expandable ads • Sidekick ads • Homepage takeovers • Floating ads • Corner peels Higher impact content is optimized to reduce download time.
  4. 4. iPad & iPhone Apps 4 Custom Apps provide immersive and focused experience, ensuring strong customer engagement. We develop these Apps for games, product configurators, and e-commerce sites using platforms such as iOS, Android and AppUp - Intel.
  5. 5. Website Design & Development 5 We provide complete website solutions from basic web design to advanced applications using the latest technologies. Our capabilities include: • Information Architecture, UXD, Interaction Design, Usability, etc. • Web 2.0 Standards • LAMP, .Net , Php, Action Script, etc. • Content Management System (eg. Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress) • Search Engine Optimization • Testing & Deployment
  6. 6. Social Media Marketing 6 Social Media integration with websites, apps and digital ads is an essential part of any marketing campaign. We build and maintain the following: • Facebook Pages • Twitter Accounts • LinkedIn Business Pages • Google+ Business Pages • Pinterest Account Our capabilities also include Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  7. 7. Electronic Direct Mails (EDMs) 7 EDMs / e-Newsletters help in greater lead generation and customer acquisition at lower costs within quick time. The process steps include: • Coding E-mails in HTML5 • Managing email delivery via platforms such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact • Measuring campaign ROI through detail analytics via mass mailing apps.
  8. 8. Electronic Publishing (ePub) Services 8 ePub involves the digital publication of articles, catalogs and collateral through authoring platforms such as iBooks, ePub, Adobe DPS, Mag+ etc. It supports push subscription, data collection, analytics and integrated ordering.
  9. 9. Video Production 9 Our state-of-the-art editing studio comprises all the modern facilities requisite for a wide range of pre and post video production services including: • Storyboards • Filming • Planning & Coordination • Editing – Audio & Video • Digital Manipulation • SFX & Animation • Captioning and Transcription
  10. 10. 3D Rendering 10 3D imaging renders a three- dimensional image on a two- dimensional surface by creating the optical illusion of depth. Our artists can create a real time effect to images by converting them into high impact 3D images. Our scope of work includes: • Image design • Converting into 3D design • Rendering motion and sound into the image or film.
  11. 11. Thank you