Converting visitors into customers


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What Good is a Website If It Doesn’t Convert Visitors into Customers?
Get Your Company Website to Generate New Business

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Converting visitors into customers

  1. 1. YOUR MONTHLY REPORT ON THE LATEST INTERNET MARKETING TRENDS JUNE 2012 Web version | Mobile version IN THIS ISSUE: • What Good is a Website if it Doesn’t Convert Visitors into Customers? CONNECT WITH WSI: • Key Steps to Conver ng Traffic to Business DIGITIZATION OF BUSINESS What Good is a Website If It Doesn’t Convert Visitors into Customers? Get Your Company Website to Generate New Business Let’s suppose that your company’s website is on the first page of Google. (Congratulations!) Unfortunately, even the savviest business owners are MARKETING STATS prone to thinking that the digital marketing strategy ends there. But the reality is that being on the first page of Google doesn’t always mean Investing in Website success. Personalization to Boost Conversions Of course, your site will get impressions and some traffic, but what you need to understand is how to get your visitors to stay on your website. In other • 69% of senior-leverl marketers found words, your online strategy needs the components that focus on converting that site personalization worked to convert customers that traffic to business. • More than 40% if respondents were in discussions or the planning phase of Visitors are merely visitors. But think of the possibilities of turning those forming a website personalization visitors into customers and, ultimately, driving new business. Be sure to strategy. Read the Article (eMarketer) establish a proper sales funnel through which to guide your visitors. Key Steps to Converting Traffic to Business ON THE BLOG WSI’s Top 5 Steps Tips for Improving Online Conversion Check out some of our recent blog posts Now that we’ve established that while a company may have built an attractive website, in the end most businesses want their site to get them1 of 2
  2. 2. more business. Here are the top 5 things you can do to improve conversion: • What Google Penguin Means for Your 1. Imagery and color: Carefully select images that Online Marketing Activities complement the site’s content. Using effective imagery • Building Your Klout for Better Business • Keep an Eye on Social Advertising: contributes significantly to keeping your visitors on the site and Tumblr Ads on the Horizon improving your website’s bounce rate. Similarly, color affects behavior, so choose the right color palette to portray your product and service in the right light. Remember, this is about the user experience, not yours! ASK WSI 2. Overall layout: Think if your target audience and the Get further insights from WSI different personas you are trying to attract. Consider how they experts will look at the information on your site and identify your trigger points to ensure they will be attracted to your page. Question: To ensure my site is built to promote strong customer conversion 3. Contact forms and phone number: Avoid making a visitor rates, what common mistakes should I search through your site for a phone number. By simply avoid? adding your phone number or a small contact form on every Answer: Heres a list of the most page makes it easy for your visitors to contact you. This is common mistakes business owners simple, but can get you outstanding results. make in building their sites conversion architecture: #1: A website that is too cluttered. #2: No clear direction for your 4. Clear, concise content: Remember, website visitors are visitors. #3: No visual clues to not book readers. Typically, your visitors will scan the pages. encourage your visitors to sign up, read So develop content that is straight to the point! Incorporate more, join in, etc. #4: Not making privacy a priority! (HINT: Reassure your effective titles and point form notes to promote higher visitors that you dont plan on readership. spamming them!) 5. Call-to-action: Your website visitors want to know right For more tips on how to get your site to work for your business, contact your away if they found what they were looking for. An effective Eworks WSI Consultant now. all-to-action will significantly improve a visitor’s “time on site.” So do everything you can to make your visitors understand what your business does. WSI AROUND THE WEB These are simple but effective ways to increase your conversions quickly. Recent news articles and PRs Contact your Eworks WSI Consultant for more tips on enhancing your online about WSI business strategy. • WSI Internet Franchise Announces a New Regional Master Franchise in Paris, France • WSI Internet Franchise Announces a New Regional Master Franchise in Norther England This Edi on of Your Inside Edge Newsle er is Brought to You by WSI Copyright © 2012 WSI ‐ We Simplify the Internet2 of 2