Chris Baggot, An Integrated Strategy for Online Marketing: Email & Search


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Chris Baggot, An Integrated Strategy for Online Marketing: Email & Search

  1. 1. An integrated Strategy for Online Marketing: Search & Email. Contact Information: Chris Baggott Email: 317-345-3099 Google – Chris Baggott
  2. 2. Core Marketing Philosophy: “Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things - blocking and tackling.” Vince Lombardi
  3. 3. Two Stages to All Relationships: 1. Acquisition 2. Retention
  4. 4. Search is the Acquisition Tool 44% of all web visits begin with a search 37% of people type a URL directly into the search box “…..they (search engines) ultimately want to be your access point for anything connected to the Web. Sean Silverthorne Harvard Business Review
  5. 5. Pubic Relations VS.
  6. 6. Average Click Rates: 74.5% organic results 25.5% PPC Total $ spent on Search: $5.5 bbl on PPC $660 mm on organic
  7. 7. In Forrester’s interviews, the most frequently mentioned benefits of blogging were: greater brand visibility in mainstream media, on the Web, and word of mouth; improved brand perception; instantaneous consumer feedback; increased sales efficiency; and fewer customer service-driven PR blowups.
  8. 8. Why Blogging works for SEO • Keywords • Titles • Recent Content • Lots of Content • Links both out and inbound Relevance = Satisfaction
  9. 9. Know your keywords!
  10. 10. Taking the Relationship to the Next Level 1. Conversion 2. Retention
  11. 11. Pop Quiz: Why do relationships fail?
  12. 12. Why is listening so important?
  13. 13. Why is listening so important? Can you hear me NOW! So you can respond appropriately
  14. 14. There only three ways to listen and respond appropriately:
  15. 15. There only three ways to listen and respond appropriately:
  16. 16. Email is the greatest marketing tool of all time 1. Easy 2. Driven by Data 3. Interactive 4. Cheap
  17. 17. “CRM is reemerging as a basic business enabler for revenue acceleration and retention management. . . and email is the core enabling technology.” “Email is the Engine that Drives Relationships” Source: Forrester Research, Inc.The Top Marketing Technologies…
  18. 18. Talk to people like you know them •Visited with 3 girlfriends Group •Cold & Rained •Former Customers •Trying to decide if he should take family to beach or rafting •Leads Youth Group •Visited 5 times
  19. 19. Relevance Personalization
  20. 20. Relevance Personalization – More Attributes
  21. 21. Relevance Dynamic Content
  22. 22. Simple Relationship Building:
  23. 23. Jupiter Report The ROI of Relevance David Daniels
  24. 24. Email Deliverability
  25. 25. Top Reasons Emails Are Filtered: • Recipient Complaints!!! • Poor or Insufficient Permission • Content, Volume or List Quality Filtering (spam traps) • Email Format, Faulty HTML • IP Address and Domain Blacklisting • Lack of ISP Compliance
  26. 26. Perception. Your email practices are the single most important factor in determining if your email will be delivered. •To Whom do you email? • What do you email? •When do you email? •Why are you sending this to me? The answers to these questions will help determine the kind of reputation and the success you will have as a marketer.
  27. 27. Back to Relationships……
  28. 28. VS.
  29. 29. VS.
  30. 30. VS.
  31. 31. Contact Information: Chris Baggott Email: 317-423-3928 Google – Chris Baggott