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3 fifty7 Music Agency Presentation by EworksWSI


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Presentation of Music Agency in Cyprus

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3 fifty7 Music Agency Presentation by EworksWSI

  1. 1. 3fifty7 is the brainchild of Anthony Melas - otherwise known as SNiPER,referred to by industry specialists as the Prince of Europe or Europes Most Wanted.After an illustrious career as an artist, writer, producer and DJ, Sniper observed that all was not well within theglobal music industry.Be it the lack of communication between music executives and artists, the disbelief in new acts from the so calledexperts, the poor know-how in developing timeless music, the fear in experimenting and trying new ideas, andabove all the steady downfall of the industry which in turn eliminates the fun element of creating music.Sniper set about creating a concept which captures the fresh and original approach of the golden, boom yearsduring the 1960s, 70s and 80s and incorporates it with the cutting edge technology of todays sophisticated multi-media marketing.
  2. 2. Inspired by the success of Island Records music mogul Chris Blackwell and his cross border breaking strategy, togetherwith the urban innovation of Rick Rubin and Def Jam, it is Snipers vision to fuse these and create a version of aninnovative, artistic platform on the Music Island of Cyprus for the 21st century.The idea is simple; to facilitate, produce, package and centralize all the various music business facets required creatingcommercially and artistically successful products - on site.Whether it is state of the art recording studios, writing, arranging, world distribution, web design, viral marketing,promotion, placement, film and art work, and merchandising, 3fifty7 will offer a bespoke, quality personal service whichwill engender totally, new, individual original sounds for each client.This in itself will be a highly exciting creative contrast - in comparison to the sameness of the anodyne mass marketwhich has been criticized for killing the industry!The only way to achieve the long term success is to be fiercely independent and disrespectful of so called establishedboundaries.
  3. 3. This company is solely focused on the recording and subsequent exposure ofthese pieces.Available is a group of expert music industry executives who have, in one wayor another, helped the careers of artists Flo and The Machine, Sade, TheEurythmics, Jamiroquai, Nenah Cherry, Memphis Bleek, The So Solid Crew,DJs Ironik and Scottie B, Crazy Cousinz, X Ray Spex, The Who, Gracious K,Heartless Crew, Oxide & Neutrino and Mos Records.All our executives have substantial experience with established corporationsbut the one thing we can provide that larger firms can not is the knowledgeof how to make classic new iconic tracks.
  4. 4. Available is one of the best and most sophisticated studio complexes outside of New York, LA and London thatsbeen put together lovingly by technicians who understand the warmth of sound. Studio 3fifty7 is based within theCity Studios complex and on call are some of the most gifted producers, engineers, and DJs from around theworld.Technically advanced, 3fifty7 Music can release digitally a track worldwide within three weeks of completion - andwith all the accompanying art work, video, information, as well as a fully comprehensive viral marketing campaign.In the wings is a licensing division which can place concepts with any corporate label across the globe though, ofcourse, we pride ourselves on our originality and independence.
  5. 5. With the long established history of Sniper and his family in Cyprus entertainment businessand the respect earned by the family on the island, with concerts, sporting events and clubs,and Andrew Axentiou with hotels, restaurants and bars, it makes sense for 3fifty7 Live to actas a selective agent for the best artists to come and perform in Cyprus.This is an instant, ready-made marketing and testing ground for new music. During the lastdecade it has become well known that 3fifty7 has been involved in almost every large concert,club PA and event in Cyprus.These include:The Napa Jam with Memphis Bleek.The Medfest Concert with 50 Cent, Akon, Julian Marley and Sniper.A range of established DJs like Shortee Blitz in Club Black N White.Celebrity Hosts like Trevor Nelson and Tim Westwood in Club IceThe Sniper Mixtape Tour.
  6. 6. We are now establishing a roster of top artists to come and perform in Cyprus and a link with established brands such as Twice as Nice tonegotiate new gigs across Europe with its established associates.We already have direct affinity with the UK, and The Middle East along with France, Holland, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Serbia, TheBalkans and Georgia -to name a few.We can organise live artists performances, and once established on the circuit we will then introduce them to our affiliate associatesthroughout Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.
  7. 7. This company concentrates on the song - whether written by the artistfor the artist or for another artist.We are affiliated with many placement firms regarding incidental musicfor films, TV shows, advertising, games and ringtones.We have already written rhythm tracks, songs and raps for establishedartists and brands.Whether it is strengthening or rearranging a song for production, thecreative process starts in the publishing division.
  8. 8. All of this stems from the studios programming suite and is then test marketed by associated DJs at our variousclubs and venues in Cyprus.Once the creative team is comfortable with the basics, it is then refined to suit the performance.This is also where artistic development is initiated, enabling our writers to have greater opportunity and space withdefinitive objectives as to where their work will end up.At present we have a substantial catalogue of music ready to be unleashed.
  9. 9. Music is a life style - not a job but a way of life.Sniper and all those involved in 3fifty7 are tired of the blandness ofthe music businesses approach to monetary merchandising.We want the merchandise to reflect the class and lifestyle of theglamorous / unique 3fifty7 concept.Quality and innovation, Items you want to savour and keep forever,Contemporary collectable classics. These will range from exclusivefashion clothing designed by cutting edge designers to exclusive jewellery.It could be a trendy drink or even a special edition vinyl set.All of them will retain the spirit of Cyprus ethos - of freedom,class and originality - so we can cherish the sounds forever.
  10. 10. The list expands daily...The Melas Group Of Companies: Mediatrends Group:Waterworld Themed Waterpark, Black N’ White, Club Ice, Cypruss number 1 print media for the youthClub Retro, Havana Bar, EMW Go-Karts, and Radio Napa 106.3. The Atlantica Resorts:The Crown Resorts Group: Hotels and SpasThe Crown Hotel Chain, Benningans Grill & Tavern AmericanFranchise. So Nice Boutique Suites: Hotel, Nozomi Knightsbridge Restaurant, Blue RestaurantCity Studios:City Studios Complex, Studio 3fifty7 The Good Village Tavern: Traditional Local Cypriot TavernMusical Paradise:Distributors, Music Marketing Sushi La Bar – Nicosia, Ayia Napa: Lounge Bar – Restaurant & SushiTwice as Nice:Event Promoters, European Marketing Guru Bar - Nicosia : Café Lounge Bar – RestaurantJump off TV:Online Music Channel and Show producers Occhio - Nicosia: Lounge Bar – Restaurant , Sushi & Cocktail barDias Media Group:Cypruss number 1 media group ranging from TV Channels to Dizzy Bizzy - Limassol:Radio and Print Media Café lounge Bar – RestaurantPhileleftheros Group: Club Teez – NicosiaCypruss number 1 print media company Club Scorpios - Nicosia Club Deep - Larnaca Club Basement - Limassol Rumours bar - Limassol
  11. 11. So, what has 3fifty7 achieved in its short history?Well, to start with, Snipers Around the World and Dat Body singles are underground hits. (The latter chippingaway at the commercial world and going Gold in his home territory of Cyprus in 2010).Snipers production work is featured on Shannells new Young Money/Universal Republic album, and Serbian PopStars Romana Panic album just to name a few.Hellmans Mayonnaise placed one of our music copyrights for their worldwide advertising campaign.Our catalogue features exclusive tracks by Brits winner Flo Welch and FIFA EA SPORTS featured rock band,Apartment.One of our other Apartment copyrights is featured on USA NBC series, Chuck.We are now the exclusive merchandising distributors for Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades) in Cyprus.All this before we have even started with new acts and releases.How have we managed to achieve this?Well it is because all of our executives are well respected successful business entrepreneurs.We know how to make the artistic concept a reality!