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EuropeSpa Med Brochure

  1. 1. Certified excellence The first international seal of approval for the standardised assessment of European spas and health Awarded by the European Spas Association
  2. 2. EUROPESPA med –the European yardstick of qualityHealth tourism in Europe is booming. More than 3.000 At the heart of the initiative is the EUROPESPA medbusinesses operating in the areas of prevention, reha- seal of approval. This hallmark is based on an innovative,bilitation and medical wellness are currently competing integrated principle of assessment which in addition tofor health tourists and patients. judging the quality of the medical and tourist services provided also takes into account the infrastructure usedEvery European state is profiting from the increasing ‘from spring to bathtub’ as well as environmental protec-internationalisation taking place in the healthcare sec- tion and food safety. This approach ensures that all spastor. High-quality spas and health resorts are now to be and health resorts throughout Europe can be evaluatedfound in almost every region. They include clinics spe- in a standardised fashion.cialising in certain ailments and hotels aimed at certaintarget groups. The extensive audit has been compiled by a team of acclaimed international experts and consists of aboutYet until now, there has hardly been any way for excep- 400 questions based on national and internationaltional establishments to communicate their high quality legislation.throughout Europe to those seeking superior estab-lishments. They include the large numbers of patientswilling to pay privately for treatment as well as severalwell-known tour operators. In addition, health insurancecompanies are increasingly on the look-out for reliabledomestic and foreign providers of spa treatment.Sadly, it has previously been very difficult for top spas toset themselves apart on the international market fromcheaper competitors with lower standards. Consequently,the cheap resorts have often benefited from the lack oftransparency, choosing to advertise with barely compre-hensible services, meaningless seals of approval andconfusing information about their standards of quality. A pioneering ideaGenuine proof of quality requires a comparable yard-stick. Up to now, however, the standards of qualityapplied in the healthcare sector in European states havediffered enormously – especially regarding infrastruc-ture, hygiene and safety. This is where the EuropeanSpas Association steps in – with the EUROPESPA medquality initiative, which enables sophisticated spas andhealth resorts to clearly align themselves at the upperend of the market.
  3. 3. The EUROPESPA med sealof approval – proof of qualityGoing through the challenging EUROPESPA med audit against uniform quality criteria. Operators can hencecertainly pays – for all spas and health resorts that meet see how they rate compared to their competitionEUROPESPA med’s high standards are awarded the at home and abroad – and where there’s room forEUROPESPA med seal of approval. This certificate dem- improvement.onstrates the holder’s superior quality, equally benefitingboth the spa and its guests. What’s more, the European For the first time, institutions from the new memberSpas Association regularly sends the leading European states of the EU in particular can bring themselveshealth insurance companies a list of all EUROPESPA up to scratch and ready themselves for the Europeanmed certified resorts. market. To raise their standards of quality, test audits are carried out, allowing specific areas ripe for Your competitive advantages: more guests! improvement to be highlighted. For the first time, a level playing field has been intro- Your advantages in communication: duced, enabling standards of quality to be compared international attention! across Europe. Moreover, provides you with a platform where you can be noticed by very EUROPESPA med certified spas and health resorts set attractive target groups. It can also be used to make themselves apart from the competition in travel bro- useful new contacts and exploit new synergy effects. chures and adverts at first glance: For the first time, your guests have a reliable aid to The EUROPESPA med seal of approval is an decision-making when choosing the right spa or eye-catcher that helps boost sales. resort for them. And EUROPESPA med certified operations can reach one of the biggest and strongest The EUROPESPA med seal of approval markets in the world: Europe! communicates a clear statement of quality. For the very time, European spas and health resorts The EUROPESPA med seal of approval from Portugal to Finland can be holistically assessed symbolises international standards. The EUROPESPA med seal of quality – benefits at a glance Marketing Quality Eye-catching seal of approval Comprehensive quality testing symbolises international quality by recognised experts Europes leading health insurance Detailed report shows all companies regularly receive a list of room for improvement certified spas and health resorts Communication support from Regular quality-monitoring prestigious tour operators every 18 months Sales-boosting presentation on Anonymised league tables reveal – the international quality how you stand compared to the portal of the European Spas Association competition at home and abroad
  4. 4. Highly recommended by experts Partner of health insurance companies welcomes this approach because certification takes into account the main criteria,” explains Thomas Schlicht,The EUROPESPA med concept helps high-quality estab- head of the Department of Prevention and Rehabilitationlishments to be identified all over Europe. This benefit at Techniker Krankenkasse.has already been picked up by several health insurancecompanies and has enabled them to efficiently and ef- Popular among tour operatorsfortlessly compare the quality of their partner spas andresorts in advance. The EUROPESPA med quality initiative is welcomed by tourism company TUI. “What was lacking in Europe un-The first health insurance schemed to support the til recently was a uniform, international seal of approval EUROPESPA med concept was TAUNUS BKK, which for spas and wellness centres. The EUROPESPA med insures nearly a million people. “When receiving spa quality initiative fills this gap by providing more trans-treatment, our customers need to feel they are in the best parency in competition. This benefits our customers, our hands and are receiving excellent care. That’s why we partners and ultimately us, too,” states Mehdi Langanke,attach so much importance to the new EUROPESPA head of product management at TUI seal of approval,” declares Udo Sennlaub, CEOof TAUNUS BKK. Claudia Wagner, managing director of FIT REISEN, agrees: “We welcome the fact that EUROPESPA med Techniker Krankenkasse (which insures over 6 million means greater transparency in spas and wellness resorts. customers) also supports the EUROPESPA med con- Uniform criteria of quality are very desirable on the cept. “Successful therapy relies on good quality. For this international market for spa and wellness treatment. purpose, it’s vital that high standards are met in terms The EUROPESPA med seal of approval offers a first-class of safety, hygiene maintenance and staff training. form of certification. Above all, our guests attach high EUROPESPA med attests that the holder complies with importance to the services received when staying at a internationally uniform standards, especially regarding spa or health resort.”quality and safety management. Techniker Krankenkasse
  5. 5. Keeping tabs on quality –the areas covered by EUROPESPA medRegardless of whether you run a centre of medical prevention or rehabilitation, or operate in the medicalwellness sector, anyone wishing to be awarded the EUROPESPA med seal of quality must meet the highstandards of the European Spas Association. The following list indicates all the areas in which you canhave your establishment examined.
  6. 6. Management system and conformity Procurement and provision of remediesa) General requirements for proper spa operation a) Protection of medicinal springs and peloids Quality of medical procedures and structure Conservation of nature and resources Treatment plan Springs Preventive measures Final examination, medical report, letter from b) Production, treatment and storage of the spa doctor remedies (peloids, healing water) Analysis of natural local remedies (e.g. healing Storage, processing and transport water, peloids, climate) Hygiene Balneological report Treatment, reuse Bathing water treatmentb) General conformity with local regulations regarding Environmental protection, safety management natural local remedies and environmental protection Official approval for the extraction of natural Therapies, treatment, swimming pools, wellness remedies (healing water, peloids, etc) a) Medical sector Drinking water quality Patient management, patient files Sewage and waste disposal Medical rooms Drug managementc) Therapeutically relevant structure and organisation Emergency infrastructure and management Qualifications of doctors, therapists and other medical personnel b) Treatment and rest areas Standards of spa-related and general healthcare Hygiene management provided by doctors and pharmacies General suitability of premises and Quality and safety management executive technical infrastructured) General quality and safety management c) Bathing and sauna areas Treatment measures Safety management Quality assurance in relevant Bathing standards medicinal procedures Cleaning and disinfection in and around baths Data protection/confidentiality Safety and hygiene in saunas, Turkish and Hygiene plans, measures to steam baths, as well as other wellness areas prevent pathogens and changing rooms Disaster protection plans Safety facilities (fire protection, infection Accommodation prevention, accident prevention, etc) a) Accommodation and hotel infrastructure Standards of rooms, sanitary facilities ande) Quality and safety management (spa-specific aspects) public areas: hygiene, patient safety, other Analyses of healing water and peloids spa-specific aspects including scope Safety and hygiene regulations Documentation of cure analyses Quality assurance for external procurement Catering standards of remedies and raw materials b) Cuisine Risk analysis for medical products Kitchen hygiene, HACCP Cleaning and disinfection measures in Range of meals connection with remedies Catering outletsf) Analytical quality control Data management Regular analyses of pump rooms, baths, inhalations and mud applications Measures to check for and prevent the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease Surface hygiene
  7. 7. Welcome to –the new quality portal of theEuropean Spas AssociationTo enable you to successfully position yourself on theinternet as a EUROPESPA med certified establishment,the European Spas Association has created a brandnew online platform: Your certified spaor wellness resort will be professionally presented inthis unique, well-designed quality portal to a large,international target group. Extensive search operationsincluding medical indications enable users to directlyfind your institution. Furthermore, you will also enjoyaccess to a wide range of services on europespa.eufrom which you can profit as a member of the partnerprogramme.Don’t delay – visit us today at! Your recipe for success: Benefits of the EUROPESPA med portal at a glance a partnership with a powerful future More bookings: presentation of your special services As a EUROPESPA med partner, you stand to benefit and offers on a stylish websitefrom a whole host of one-stop services. For example, More success: high click rates from international the efficient partner programme offers a choice of three target groupsdifferent ways in which your establishment and servicescan be successfully positioned at extremely low rates. More fame: professional presentation of your establishment on the European Spas Association’s Moreover, you can also take advantage of a wide range international spa portalof specially tailored services. More support: efficient partner programme with plenty of services geared to your individual needsSpecial services at Image film service – Benefit in three ways: from the biggest association of from planning to production European spas, from an outstanding seal of approval, and from a high-traffic internet portal! Merchandising shop – free gifts and exterior promotional items for hotels Advertising agency services – traditional advertising and sales promotion Human resources assistance – recruitment, staff-training, language coursesTake advantage of these new options – and decidewhich partner model is the right one for you. For moreinformation on the partner programme, log on
  8. 8. Certified excellence
  9. 9. Get certified! Request registration forms from the European Spas Association Return the completed forms to ESPA for processing This will be followed by an inspection of your establishment by an auditor lasting about two days. The auditor will draft a report – and once the audit has been passed, the EUROPESPA med certificate will be awarded. A brief follow-up audit will be carried out 18 months later. Ask for your registration forms now – and if you’ve any queries, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact: Reinhard Petry European Spas Association (ESPA) AETC Secrétariat Général 1, avenue de la Renaissance B 1000 Bruxelles Tel: 00 32 (2) 7 33 26 61 Fax: 00 32 (2) 7 33 06 19 Mobile: 00 49 (0) 17 26 13 30 06 European Spas Association