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Get connected to the worlwide travel agents and consortia programs

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  1. 1. GlobRes GDS and Pegasus ODD Representation The GDS and Pegasus ODD sales channels remain at the core of hotel distribution, creating opportunities for hotels to reach a vast audience of travel agents and consumers. As GlobRes is a leading representative and distribution partner to a portfolio of hotels worldwide, a new hotel switching to GlobRes can be rest assured of being in safe and experienced hands. Backed by the powerful SynXis CRS and a highly skilled support team; is choosing an alternative supplier really worth the risk? GlobRes eDistribution Solutions GlobRes GDS and Pegasus ODD Representation quality Industry leading & unrivalled
  2. 2. SynXis CRS Platform The SynXis Central Reservation System (CRS) is used by over 12,000 hotels and hotel chains to manage their online distribution, revenue worth over $12 billion is processed by the system each year. The CRS affords a great deal of customisation and options for those hotels wishing to maximise reservations and revenue. The SynXis CRS platform is the central hub for bookings; distributing seamlessavailabilitytotheGDS,IDS,WebBookingEngine,MobiBookingEngineaswellastheability to connect to your in house PMS and to manage the online portals with which you have direct contracts. GlobRes maintains an active interface with the Xpress Channel Manager to give hotels even more control in responding to market forces in addition to providing the tools to save time and money in the process. World Leading Central Reservation System "Through our work with GlobRes, we have seen an increase of 23% in revenue over the previous year. I am confident that we can look forward to further increase next year." - Astoria Palace Hotel, Palermo 2 Reservations from places you never thought possible.
  3. 3. GDS and IDS eDistribution GlobRes maintains seamless connections to all four major Global Distribution System (GDS) providers: Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo and WorldSpan in addition to an interface with the Pegasus Onward Distribution Database (ODD) to distribute directly to participating internet portals. With pride, GlobRes supports some of the world's most demanding and prestigious hotels and manages their GDS connection using industry leading technology for the best results. Global Distribution Why chose GlobRes? Implementation The GDS networks require pinpoint accuracy and GlobRes provides the very best support to make sure you are presented on the networks in the best way possible. From boutique hotels to large international chains, our experience with GDS best practice means that partnering with GlobRes means partnering with industry leaders. For GlobRes to complete your implementation on the GDS hotels need to complete a 'Hotel Information Pack' (HIP) in which details about the hotel; rooms, rate structures as well as any promotional information relevent to the hotel will need to be provided. Following the 'system build' nominated persons will receive additional training in how to manage the SynXis CRS. Representation on the GDS 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 Galileo/ Worldspan Amadeus Sabre At the beginning of 2013 the four main GDS providers connected to 342,000 travel agencies worldwide. The number of online portals is difficult to calculate as Expedia and Travelnow alone have over 52,000 sales affiliates. 3
  4. 4. GlobRes Global Reservation Agent AG Hirschmattstrasse 28 CH-6003 Luzern Switzerland Tel: +41 41 311 0100 Fax: +41 41 311 0102 Please recycle. © GlobRes 2013. All rights reserved. CU/2013/GDSCRS/V2904