Enalean client - Success Story


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This success story of one of Enalean clients is one world leader in semi-conductor. The delivery manager of this corporation explains why they choose Tuleap and Enalean and what are the gains.

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Enalean client - Success Story

  1. 1. Success story of one of the leader in semi-conductor AT A GLANCE Our client: one leader in semi-conductor Challenges  Remain competitive while adopting to the new reality of software as a strategic activity  Provide an application across all the teams to industrialize software development Solution with Tuleap Open ALM     Support with SLA Maintenance in operational condition Open Roadmap Support to developments Our client, like most industrial companies, has faced challenges dealing with a changing profession where the software used has become a critical activity. Challenges included:  Industrializing software development  Helping teams Accompagner changement and train teams 8 000 users worldwide Implementation of CMMI Reduction of TCO Increase productivity www.enalean.com Challenges  Orchestrate development processes that differ between teams and technologies Results     Our client is one of the world leaders in the semiconductor industry and industrial applications. This corporation’s technologies and products are embedded in our everyday products such as cars (navigation, control ...), medicine (medical imaging, electronic implants), phones, bank cards or homes (security, electrical ...). Email : contact@enalean.com le « We realized we were no longer only producer of electronic ships and that the quality of our embedded software is an important part of the value of our products. We needed a global solution and services to help us in this evolution of our business.» Tél: +33 (0)9 81 41 77 82 Tuleap Open ALM is a product and a trademark registered of Enalean SAS
  2. 2. Success story : one leader in semi-conductor Results Customer requirements A complete and scalable tool evolving according to changing needs and with a guaranteed support. "Our requirements are demanding: we need a robust tool that is stable, and functionally complete. We also want to be able to develop the tool to suit our needs while preserving our freedom. Due to the criticality of the ALM application for our company, we necessarily need a level of support contracted by an SLA (Service Level Commitment) and a support for our internal developments.”  More than 8 000 employees use Tuleap in all of the company R & D centers, from USA to Asia and Europe  Maintenance of competitiveness throughout the development of innovative products  CMMI implementation and continuous improvement of the development process  Reduction of TCO while the number of developments increases  Assurance of operational maintenance teams  Continuous improvement of the ALM solution based on changing needs Solution with Tuleap Open ALM "We have the guarantee that the application that allows us to develop our products is always running smoothly."  Support with SLA  Maintenance in operational condition  Open Roadmap  Support to developments "After evaluating other internal or external solutions, open source and proprietary, Tuleap emerged as the best cost-effective solutionboth in terms of functionality and service offerings. "The support to the development is a success. Our internal team of developers is more competent and motivated. They work directly with the Tuleap engineers who use new development practices and methodology.” "The Enalean expertise assures us the evolution and maintenance of Tuleap. We can focus on what has more value to us, the heart of our business. " We have found a better alternative than proprietary products or softwares that are described as "open" but are not actually “libre.” This customer is ready to share his experience with you. Ask to be getted in touch. www.enalean.com Email : contact@enalean.com Tél: +33 (0)9 81 41 77 82 Tuleap Open ALM is a product and a trademark registered of Enalean SAS