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Tuleap agile-developments-en


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Tuleap agile-developments-en

  1. 1. Tuleap, the only ALM* suite 100% open-source supported by a specialized software provider Agile Development Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kamban, Lean Development. These new methods of project management aim at reducing development cycle times and improving quality of deliveries. Listening at customer requests, continuous improvement, regular delivery, adaptation, are the agile development values. Agile Teams need a solution that helps these principles implementation. Tuleap provides interated tools in order that Product Owner, Scrum Master and other agile people can easily manage their project. Tuleap, a complete Suite for Agile Project Management 5 bénéfices majeurs  Améliorer vos développements  Obtenir la traçabilité et le contrôle  Suivre l’avancement de vos projets en temps réel  Améliorer la collaboration entre les membres des projets 5 main benefits  Implement a tool with respect to agilie principles  Monitor project in real-time and embrace change  Deliver developments that better meet customer needs  Enhance continuous integration  Facilitate discussions Why Tuleap ? 100% useful: all the needed tools in one single application 100% stable: proven robust and secure at large scale in industry 100% supported: we guaranty the operational availability of Tuleap to our customers (SLA) 100% open governance: we create Tuleap roadmap with our customers 100% agile: Tuleap developments are managed following agile principles to better meet our customer needs 100% adaptable: Tuleap is highly adaptable to your processes and can be easily integrate to your IS 100% free: Tuleap is fully free, available with no limitation For whom? Industrial & high-tech companies, public organizations, R&D labs All industries: telecommunications, electronics, automotive, medical, aeronautics, energy, services, etc. The same need: one single solution for agile developments and collaboration *Application Lifecycle Management, solution also called “software forge” « Agile projects have a 64% faster time to market» Source : Version One
  2. 2. Organize, Monitor  Plan sprints, release, iterations  Manage tasks, stories, product backlog with the highly customizable tracking system  Track project progress in real-time and re-assess priority with dashboards, Agile cardwall, Burdown Chart and other graphs  Visualize dependencies between artifacts  Automate processes with workflows Collaborate, Exchange  Create, version, collaborate on your content with a real Document Manager as well as a Wiki  Keep informed thanks to notifications  Facilitate discussions with Forums, Mailing lists and Instant messaging  Share project news : RSS, news widget Develop, Test, Deliver  Manage and version source code : GIT, Subversion, CVS  Improve deliveries with continuous integration: Hudson/Jenkins  Publish developments with the delivery manager Trace, Control  Get full tracability on access, modifications and link project elements : sprint><task><code source><build>< document><discussion><release><etc.  Set fine-grained permissions Agile Development Download Tuleap Enalean SAS 12 allée du Lac de Garde-73370 Le Bourget du Lac- FRANCE - RCS CHAMBERY 531 796 621 Enalean ©2012 All right reserved. Tuleap is a registred trademark of Enalean. Other trademarks or products names belong to their owners.