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SLCSI eNewsletter-Focus-on-Services-April-2012.dinah hippolyte

  1. 1. IS SUE2 VO L 4 April 2 0 1 2 Inside this issue: The National Services Sector Survey SLCSI participates in Consultations on Caribbean Health and Well- 1 2 Focus on Services Business Opportunities 3 Code of Practice Consultations 3 Global Coalition of Services Press 3 Release Tips for Networking 4 The National Services Sector Survey is Underway: Why it Matters to Your Business tors” which is being implemented by the SLCSI more competitive. It also looks at an often with financing by the Caribbean Development touchy area, revenue generated by the busi- Bank and counterpart funding provided by the ness. This has been included in order to pro- Government of Saint Lucia. It is designed to vide more accurate estimations of the of the address the paucity of information on the sector economic contribution of the Services sub which has inhibited the ability of government sectors to Gross Domestic Product. “Continued agencies and the SLCSI to develop effective on page 2” and targeted interventions to support the devel- opment of the Sector. In preparation for the survey, field interviewers underwent training with assistance provided by the Statistics Department. Field interviewers can be identified by their Name Badge and On 15th April 2012 the Saint Lucia have been provided with a letter of introduction Coalition of Services Industries (the SLCSI) in from the SLCSI. The Survey is divided into 6 collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, key sections Business Development, Investment and Con- sumer Affairs and the Statistics Department Corporate Profile: this section consists of commenced the first ever National Services basic contact information about the firm and Sector Survey on the island. The survey is includes business location, telephone and expected to run for six weeks and targets the website information. This section is designed Professional services sector, the Creative In- to enable the SLCSI to maintain a geographic dustries, the Health and Wellness sector and layout of the location of services firms and iden- the Information Communication Technology tify whether there are natural occurring clusters sector. among and between the subsectors. This can help identify factors of interdependence within These sectors were selected based on their the services sector which are not obvious to export potential as identified in the draft Na- the casual observer. tional Export Development Strategy for Saint Lucia. Current Status: this section seeks to identify through the eyes of business persons in the The survey is a critical component of the Pro- sector, the factors which constrain/facilitate ject “Developing Saint Lucia’s Services sec- their ability to grow their business and becomeFOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES
  2. 2. 2 IS SUE 1 VO L 2 2011 The National Services Sector Survey is Underway: Why it Matters to Your Business Cont’d from page 1 Staff Profile: Availability of skills is one of the expansion plans of firms over the next 2 to 5 in export readiness is most needed. critical factors related to the competitiveness ofyears. Services. This section of the survey seeks to Service providers are urged to participate in identify the core competencies which exist International Trade: there has been much the Survey as policy makers and advocates of within the sub sectors as well as the skills gaps fanfare over the years regarding increased the sector must be well informed on the size of which need to be addressed. The section also trading opportunities for services providers the respective sectors, the services offered, the allows for a more accurate estimation of the under the Caricom Single Market and the constraints which persons in these sectors face employment generated by the sector. CARIFORUM EU Economic partnership agree- in their daily operations and the areas where ment. This section investigates the export assistance would be most effective. Future Outlook and Expectations: this sec- performance of the Services sector, the main tion of the Survey is forward looking and gages sources of competition faced by local services the potential of the sub sector by evaluating the providers and areas where assistance SLCSI participates in Regional Stakeholder Consultation on Marketing and Promotion of the Caribbean Health and Well- ness Tourism Sector The Global Health and Wellness industry is a US $40 billion dollar market, with exponential growth of 30% per annum. It is estimated that Carib- bean’s potential for earnings from the global industry is an impressive US$175 million dollars. Based on findings several global trends have boosted the potential of the Caribbean to further develop its earnings from this sector. These global trends include increasing health care costs in developing countries, fitness and exercise consciousness and a growing interest in wellness services. From 11th-12th April 2012, the SLCSI joined a cross section of stakeholders to discuss the Marketing and Promotion of the region’s Spa and Wellness products to enhance the Caribbean’s international profile and reputation as a Health and Wellness destination . The sessions were hosted by the Caribbean Export Development Agency in collaboration with the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (C-SWA) within the framework of the project “ Development and Pro- motion of the Caribbean Health and Wellness Tourism Sector” funded by the CARTFUND which is managed by the Caribbean Development Bank. The project is being implemented in recognition of this huge potential which the Health and Well- ness holds for generating income and increasing employment across the region. The four main components of the project namely market research and sector strategy development, marketing and promotion of the region’s spa and wellness products, standards development and the launch of a C-SWA website which will increase the visibility of the region’s health and wellness sector. During the two day consultation, stakeholders identified the need to forge linkages with other key Cross section of Head Table sectors of the Caribbean economy, improve standards and innovate as critical to the success of the region’s Health and Wellness sector. Stakeholders also discussed the key marketing strategies which would be most effective in driving the growth of the sector. These marketing strategies included the strengthening of national and regional associations, branding, recognition of the spa and wellness sector as a viable sector and greater use of eTools to reach consumer markets abroad. The region’s target markets were divided into geographic mar- kets, demographic markets and psychographic markets. The geographic markets identified were the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany and the Caribbean. The demographic markets which held the most potential were the 50+ market and the newly coined term “SWOFTIES” which refers to single women over the age of 50+. SAVE THE DATE: SLCSI and VAT Implementation Office to Host Session on the Implementation of VAT and the Services Sector The SLCSI in collaboration with the VAT Implementation Office will be hosting a special session entitled “Implementation of VAT and the Services Sector” on 4th June 2012 at 9:00am. Be sure to look out for our email announcement on the venue for this important upcoming session!FOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 2
  3. 3. 3 The SLCSI Collaborates with the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards to Host Consultations on Code of Practice for the Hair, Beauty and Spa Sector The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards in collaboration with the SLCSI hosted two consultations on the “Code of Practice for Beauty and Wellness Facilities”. The Consultations were held in Vieux Fort and Castries. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss the Draft Code with industry stakeholders (Spa, Beauty salons, cos- metologists, nail technicians, Barbers etc) and to receive feedback for incorporation into the final document. The organizers were very pleased with the outcome of the meetings which were very well attended by public and private sector interests, including the Attorney General Chambers and the Ministry of Health. Given the emergence of new sub-sectors and the current trends in the Health and Wellness sector, it is hoped that major components of the new Code will support the existing Barber Shop Regulations of the Public Health Act of 2006. The implementation of this new Code would require the strategic input of the related Public sector Ministries, Cross section of Participants at Consultations the newly formed Hair, Beauty and Spa Association and other development partners. Further, the Code seeks to improve significantly, the environment in which practitioners operate and the overall health and safety of the customers. Under this Code, Ser- vices providers will be licensed and certified to international best practices. Global Services Coalition Releases Statement on Services Trade The Global Services Coalition congratulates UNCTAD, along with its co-sponsors, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) on hosting a Global Services Forum as a pre-event under the auspices of UNCTAD XIII in Doha. Request for Expressions of Inter- The Forum witnessed and supported the foundation meting of the Arab Coalition of Services est Industries convened by H.E. Mr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Senator and Chairman and CEO of Client: Government of Saint Lucia TAG Org and a member of the newly appointed Panel on Defining the Future of Trade. The Contract: Implementing a Framework GSC welcomes and applauds this vital new step for business in the Arab region and looks for Environmental Management in forward to working in association with this new industry association. Saint Lucia Deadline: 25th May 2012 The Forum also saw the launch of valuable new UNCTAD publication son Services, Trade Click Here: and Development which provided important case study evidence of the relationship between services trade-policy making and development challenges, including regulatory and institu- Invitation for Bids tional dimensions. Client: OECS Secretariat Contract: Design, Development and International Lawyers and Economists Against Poverty (ILEAP) also distributed an insightful Implementation of E-Filing System new Background and Guide on Services Coalitions in Africa and the Caribbean. Recent Deadline: 21st June 2012 World Bank work confirms the importance of active services industry stakeholders groups for Click Here: services competitiveness. opportunities UNCTAD XIII is being held at a time when the world economy clearly needs an immediate boost and the global trading system needs urgent reinforcement. To provide stimulus re- quired, business looks to Ministers in Doha to focus more closely on the need for services- centered development. The Global Services Coalition 9GSC) supports the informal work underway in the WTO “really God Friends of Services” to explore fresh approaches to acti- vate the existing negotiating mandate and launch early negotiations for a new international services agreement.FOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 3
  4. 4. 4 SLCSI Series on Networking Tips for Services Professionals This series discusses the surprising mistakes that even very smart professionals make, and how to avoid them based on the Tangled WEB . The TANGLED WEB is a philosophy about connecting and reconnecting with people and about developing interconnecting networks that help your business grow. In our last edition we looked at Mistake #3—Networking to Find Clients Not Strategic Partners. In this edition, we discuss MISTAKE #4: YOU’VE GOT NO PLAN FOR RECONNECT- ING. You go to a business event/meeting and strike up an amicable conversation with a few per- sons who seem to have solid potential for becoming strategic partners or even clients. You make vague promises to keep in touch and walk away without a solid plan for doing so. The reality is that vague intentions to stay in touch don’t typically work out very well. If you don’t have a plan for stay- ing connected, you’ll probably fail to do so, wasting all the good work you’ve already done. Tangled Web Strategy: PRE PLAN EVENTS FOR EASY RECONNECTING Pre planning events each month makes it infinitely easier to stick to your goal of staying in touch with good new contacts. It will also make it easier to stay connected with existing Strategic Partners and Clients. You don’t have to schedule tons of meetings. A power lunch or breakfast meeting with 3 to 5 good people is an excellent alternative to a bunch of one on one meetings. It also give you a chance to interconnect your networks of people. Charity events, volunteering and networking events where guests are welcome are all also great for efficiently reconnecting. Be sure to look out for our fifth networking tip in our next issue of Focus on Services! Adapted from the Article “DEATH BY COFFEE & THE TANGLED WEB: The Seven Most Common, Most Surprising Networking Mistakes &H o w to D o It Be t te r * A MAVERICK & COMPANY Article by Alecia Huck.2010FOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 4