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SLCSI Enewsletter Focus on Services February 2012


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Enewsletter published by Dinah Hippolyte

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SLCSI Enewsletter Focus on Services February 2012

  1. 1. I SSU E 2 VOL 2 2012 Focus on Inside this issue: SLCSI Pushes for a Comprehensive 1 Services Policy Events Diary 1 Opportunities for Developing Saint 2 Services Lucia s Cultural Industry SLCSI Leads the way on Services 3 Sector Survey Caribbean Marketplace Opportunities 3 Business Opportunities 3 Networking Tips: Part Three 4 SLCSI Takes First Steps in Pushing for a Comprehensive Services Policy The targeted sectors were the Profession- economy and the benefits of a Services als services sector (including Accounting, Policy based on country examples across Information Communication Technology, the world. Mr. Chaitoo highlighted that Engineering, Architecture and Management based on the sector contributions to Gross consulting. These sectors were selected Domestic product, Saint Lucia was no based on the 2004 Draft National Export longer and agricultural based but rather a Development Strategy which identifies the Service based economy. Mr. Chaitoo fur- key export priorities for Saint Lucia. ther pointed out that the youth (ages 15 35) which accounted for forty The consultations were facilitated by Ser- one percent (41%) of the population was vices Trade Specialist, Mr. Ramesh Chai- the hardest hit by tough economic times, too, former head of the Services Unit of the with unemployment standing at just over Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery twenty percent (20%). Contin- ued on page 2 (now known as the Office of Trade Negotia- tions and Lead Services Negotiator for the Mr. Ramesh Chaitoo(standing) makes a presenta- tion to a meeting of Public Officials on The Impor- CARIFORUM EU Economic Partnership tance of Developing a National Services Policy Agreement. Since its launch in 2009, the SLCSI has advocated for the establish of a framework to support the development of a National Services Policy for Saint Lucia. 7-9 March: 2nd International Conference on Governance for Sustainable Development of Caribbean Small Islands, Curacao During the month of February, the SLCSI took concrete steps to move forward on this 7-11 March: CaFa 2012: Second Annual Caribbean Fine Art Fair, Barbados advocacy agenda. The SLCSI in collabora- tion with the Ministry of Commerce, Busi- 8-9 March: Intersessional Meeting of CARICOM ness Development, Investment and Con- Heads of Government, Suriname sumer Affairs hosted a series of consulta- 19-20 March: Meeting of Caribbean Network of tions with Public officials and private sector Mr. Chaitoo meets with member of the Hair, Beauty Services Coalitions, Dominican Republic representatives to discuss their views on and Spa Association 15 March 15th April: SLCSI Sector Survey, the challenges facing the services sector Saint Lucia and what is most needed to address those During the consultations, Mr. Chaitoo pre- 26-30 March : Meeting of the Council on Trade challenges. sented a detailed analysis of Saint Lucia s and Economic Development (COTED)FOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES
  2. 2. 2 I SSU E VOL 2 2011 SLCSI Takes First Steps in Pushing for a Comprehensive Services Policy1Cont d from Page 1 As the very nature of the services sector increased the potential for self employment, both public and private sector representatives agreed that the development of the sector was crucial for creating jobs particularly amongst the youth. Focus on The following issues common to all sectors were identified: · the need to achieve greater synergies between the public and private sector.; · the urgency of reviewing the national training priority to reflect the skills gap in the Services Sector; · improvement of the business climate for trade in services through domestic regulations; · provision of incentives to stimulate interest in services particularly amongst the youth; · enactment of necessary legislation where required to regulate the sector. The consultations underscored that a significant commitment by the Government would be necessary to allocate the necessary human and financial resources to develop a comprehensive National Services Policy and implement a cohesive strategy to synchronize the work across government agencies and ministries to remove existing impediments to trade in services. Presentations made at the meetings are available on the SLCSI website . Opportunities for Developing the Cultural Industry of Saint Lucia For Saint Lucia, like the rest of the world, ensure the priority of cultural co operation Notwithstanding the above, perhaps the the drive to support and sustain the Cultural between the EU and CARIFORUM States strongest signal yet of the importance and Industries goes beyond the technicalities of under the CARIFORUM EU Economic Part- commitment of the EU to mutual develop- trade. It is a tool to present to the world a nership Agreement (the EPA). ment of the Cultural industries, is the push strong vision and identity of Saint Lucia and for the creation of a cultural visa for third- gives form and voice to the values that de- Movements in Europe towards a European country (non EU) nationals who are ar- fine Saint Lucians as a people. Union Parliamentary Resolution which tistes and other professionals in the cultural defines and supports the Cultural dimen- fields. In that regard, in the words of Canada In- sions of the EU s external actions through ternational Business strategy whereas it is cultural diplomacy is a promising sign for It is foreseeable that local artistes and pro- preferable to be primarily a producer and our cultural industry. fessionals in the cultural field will benefit exporter, rather than net importer in other from training and skills enhancement pro- sectors of the economy, it is absolutely grammes in areas such as cultural event indispensable in the cultural industries. To be simply a consumer of someone else s Whereas it is preferable to be primarily promotion and management. It also pro- culture, rather than a producer of one s own a producer and exporter, rather than net vides an avenue for local artistes to further is unacceptable . importer in other sectors of the master their craft and raise the profile of the economy, it is absolutely indispensable local Cultural industry in oversees markets. In our Saint Lucian context, the growth of in the cultural industries. To be simply the Cultural industries requires support in The challenge will be for the members of a consumer of someone else s culture, two main areas: skills development and the Cultural Industries to commit to sup- training and investment in the sector. Whilst rather than a producer of one s own, is porting their Sector Association PACE; ac- government intervention is certainly needed unacceptable. tively engage their regional counterparts for moving the sector forward, bold, com- plementary actions by the service providers The Resolution calls for a strategy for im- and think up bold, innovative ways to seize within the Creative sector to seize existing plementing the Protocols for Cultural Co these opportunities when they finally opportunities are also critical. operation in its bilateral agreements that emerge. include promoting cultural events and ex- One such opportunity is the Protocol on changes to improve mutual understanding For more information on the Protocol on Cultural CO Cultural Co operation which forsees inter and cultural educational and skill develop- operation in the EPA , visit lc alia technical assistance and cross- ment including media and new information references to development instruments to technologies.FOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 2
  3. 3. 3 I SSU E 1 2011 National Services Sector Profile Survey On the Way The SLCSI will be undertaking a national Survey of service providers and services firms in key sectors in the coming weeks. The exercise is expected to run for four weeks, from 15th March to 15th April and forms part of the Project Developing Saint Lucia s Ser- vices sectors . The following four sectors will be targeted: Professional services, Creative Industries, Health and Wellness and Information Communication Technology. The initiative is based on the recognition that in order to met the needs of the sector, policy makers and advocates of the sector must be well informed on the size of the respective sectors, the services offered, the constraints which persons in these sectors face in their daily operations and the areas where assistance would be most effective. To date, the dearth of information regarding this sec- tors has limited evidence data based policy making. It is anticipated that the Survey will provide much needed data to inform and guide future policymaking on the Services sector. The initiative is being undertaken with support from the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development and Consumer Affairs and the National Statistics Department.. Caribbean Idea Marketplace Supports Local Services Firms The Caribbean Idea Marketplace (CIM) is a competition platform which aims to foster collaboration between local and global Caribbean diaspora entrepre- neurs to develop and expand innovative projects that will generate employment and Client:: SLCSI economic growth. CIM is being imple- mented in the context of the International Contract:: Marketing Consultant diaspora Engagement Alliance (IdEA) Deadline: : 4.00pm on 16th March 2012 launched by secretary of State Hillary For more information visit Rodham Clinton in Washington, DC at the Secretary s Global Diaspora Forum. In partnership with the US Depart- Website: ment of State, Digicel and Scotiabank, Compete Caribbean has taken the Or clink on link below: lead in the design and management of the Caribbean Idea Marketplace. CIM is open to entrepreneurs and firms with business opportunities by sub- mitting a Project concept note. To be eligible, the project must compose of a Caribbean partner with a Client:: EUROPE Ltd. legally registered business or with intention to establish a business in a Contract: Senior Procurement Expert: CARIFORUM country a Caribbean diaspora partner from the UK, US or For Assignment TA for Evaluation of Canada. The diaspora partner must be a citizen/permanent resident of one of the three countries mentioned above with Caribbean heritage/origin Saint Lucia New National Hospital or strong ties to the Caribbean . The project note must demonstrate how it Equipment International Supplies Tender will develop either a new product/service or a new export market for an existing product/service. Services firms are encouraged to participate! Commencement date: 15th March For more information: contact: Further information on the eligibility criteria and application process is available at Ms. Regina Bodonovits Email: Website: www.europeltd.comFOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 3
  4. 4. 4 SLCSI Series on Networking Tips for Services Professionals : Part Three This series discusses the surprising mistakes that even very smart pro- fessionals make, and how to avoid them based on the Tangled WEB . The TANGLED WEB is a philosophy about connecting and reconnecting with people and about develop- ing interconnecting networks that help your business grow. In our last edition we looked at Mistake # 2 -You Network to Find Clients Not Strategic Partners . In this edition, we discuss MISTAKE #3: Giving Good Time to Bad Pros- pects. You don t have to spend the same amount of time with everyone. Not all potential connections are a good fit for your business. Inefficient networking often includes accept- ing invitations to meet with people for no other reason than that they asked. Spending time with bad candidates means you have less time to spend with good ones. Worse, trying to keep up with all the people you meet can leave you so overwhelmed by the num- ber of people you re supposed to keep in touch with that you don t connect or keep in touch with anyone. Tangled Web Strategy: Invest Time Strategically not Evenly. Don t accept every coffee invitation. It s alright to say no if someone isn t a good fit based on their profession or their personality. Spend time with good people who are good candi- dates and politely refuse the rest. Don t give out, or try to collect a million business cards. Don t worry about talking to everyone. One good connection is worth 50 business cards from people you ll never call. Be sure to look out for our fourth networking tip in our next issue of Focus on Services! Adapted from the article Death by Coffee: The Seven most common, most surprising networking mistakes and how to do it better. by Author: Alecia Huck SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES P. O. Box Choc 8056 We appreciate your feedback! #19 Commercial Park Centre Please share with us your comments and thoughts on any of the stories featured Bois d O range in this article and let us know what you would like featured in our upcoming Issue. Castries, Saint Lucia. W.I. Tel: 1 758 452 7865 Fax: 1 758 452 8695 Email: Website: . With the kind Support of CARTFUNDFOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 4