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  • Developing degree courses for graphic design and lecturing at various colleges and universities.Over the years Ben has been invited onto the boards and steering committees of some of the country’s most respected and influential design advisory panels, These include The British Design Council’s Design Skills Advisory Panel, The City of Manchester’s Creative Panel and the Chairmanship of the British Design & Art Director’s Club’s Education Group.He has also chaired and directed judging juries for all the major UK creative awards and many international ones.
  • Not much information to be found on Lionel Hatch. He must be a private person however look at where he has published work and exhibited projects. Some credible places.One quirky fact I did find which shows his characters was… “currently writing a novel about life survival after failing the eleven-plus exam (twice) in 1950s Britain” it shows there is hope for us all still yet.
  • They may not matter to clients but they do to designers!!! The Chase’s statement.However I do think they matter to clients, as clients want the best designers to market their product!
  • 25 Years in the Business of Design!!!! Looking back over the years.I don’t want to go into detail about all their work as I would be here all day. So I want to summarise in my opinion on their style of work and what I think about it.Ther work is very unique and individual to them. It’s very simplistic with a modern and contempory feel.The thought process into some of their work is extensive making the finished result exceptional.The minimalistic with unusual twists make it very interesting and unique. Giving it that draw dropping factor of ‘how did they think of that and I wish I can be as creative as that’I loved the majority of their work. There was nothing I disliked. Some I thought ‘yeah that’s okay’ but most I found myself say ‘wow, that’s amazing, how creative!’I found it very inspirational and I hope that I too one day may be as good as this.I would love to work for this company to gain that valuable experience would be amazing.
  • On my headings the greyscale images are those from The Chase’s website… what they have used to symbolise the heading. A quirky and humorous touch. It give you an insight into their personalities. A laid back and not taking themselves too serious approach but with a unique and very creative way of thinking! Those ideas and communications are brilliant.Seen most of these before. Simplistic at its best. Great visual communication. Myfavourite… Leaf street. Wow. You see the leaf but then see its made of a row of houses, which is a street.
  • I love the smile branding logo. A clear visual communication. Which is interactive with the audience. How it chages to suit the different target audiences is genius. How creative. And the simple symbols and icon smiles used are great.
  • Creative literature.
  • Absolutely love these promotion items! That decking invite was for themselves but how much must it have cost them to post those out?! Design has no price!!The brick packaging made of card is unique.And the MEN moving card……the moving bit is made from their full name and folderedappropriatley to make the word. But by opening it it also expends which they want to communicate. They have moved and expanded. Wow… Genius.
  • Seats in a football stadium represent pixels to create an image.
  • I love their staionery…. So unique and inspirational. Myfavourite is the garden lighting company. How simple but so effective. And making compliment slip protrait not seen that done before… breaking the rules and thinking outside the box. Not just the norm.
  • I love the cock-a-doodle pad. A doodle pad names after a play of words on the sound a cockerel makes and the binding of the book is made to look like cockerels claws. And the coastal erosion book with the back of the book and last few pages corroding away another great visual communications. I liked the layout of the football poetry anthology book. The layout is very quirky. Not standard layout format here.
  • Packaging. What makes these truly unique is how The Chase designers have used the product itself to become part of the packaging here.
  • Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed my presentation. Any question?
  • The chase presentation_1

    1. 1. The ChaseGraphic Design & Branding Consultancy Deborah Bowden FdA graphic design yr1
    2. 2. Vital StatisticsThe Chase was set up in Manchester in 1986by co founders Ben Casey and Lionel HatchThey now have additional offices in London and PrestonThey have a combined staff of 46And a turnover of £5.6mIn 2004, The Chase was ranked 2nd most creative agency in the UKand is now one of an elite band of companies to have had workaccepted by D&AD in each year of existence.
    3. 3. Point of ContactsManchester Preston London1 North Parade 2 East Cliff Gardens Royalty HouseParsonage Gardens Preston 72-74 Dean StreetManchester PR1 3JG LondonM3 2NH W1D 3SGT 0161 832 5575 T 01772 253052 T 0207 297 0370F 0161 832 5576 F 01772 556964 F 0207 297 0371Richard Scholey Steve Conchie Oliver and
    4. 4. Ben Casey Co-founder and Creative DirectorBefore establishing The Chase he spent many years ineducation.He was appointed Head of The School of Graphic Design atthe University of Central Lancashire in 1983and, subsequently, helped to found the School ofCommunications Arts in London.Ben set up The Chase in Manchester to offer acredible, regional alternative to London’s brightest and bestdesign consultancies. Since then, The Chase has earned anoutstanding reputation for creative excellence.Ben has won numerous creative awards including TheGrand Award for Creativity at The New York Festival ofAdvertising & Print.In 2003 Ben was appointed Professor of VisualCommunication at The University of Central Lancashire.
    5. 5. Lionel Hatch Co-founder and Creative DirectorPublished Work and Exhibited Projects:Blueprint Bolton Art GalleryThe Chase by The Chase Complete TypographerDBA Design Effectiveness Award (Yorkshire Water)D&AD Direction Heist Education AwardsInternational Festival New York (Grand Global Award)London Type Directors ClubManchester City Art GalleryNational Graphic Design & Print AwardsNew York Type Directors ClubOctagon Theatre 
Currently writing aPitcairn Gallery novel about lifePoint Promotion de la Création Industrielle survival after failingThe Roses (Best in Show and Chairman’s Award) the eleven-plusSalford Art Gallery exam (twice) inScience Museum 1950s Britain.Twelve International Lettering DesignersVorbildich 85 Zanders Annual Reports Awards
    6. 6. Client ListThe Co-operative Bank HH Associates Burmatex SelfridgesThe Co-operative Group Hillarys Blinds Senator SilentnightMarks & Spencer The Women’s Library DWF Solicitors TetradIngenious Media European Training Foundation Alloy The Royal Forestry SocietyPZ Cussons Opera North British Council World Duty Free EuropeSchwan’s Manchester Dogs’ Home MEN Oxford Swindon &Diageo Fujitsu Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream Glourcester Co-operativeCIS Insurance BBC BAA Royal Doulton UKThe Football League The Museum of Science and John West Foursquare (Mars UK)Tameside MBC Fox’s Biscuits Land Design Industry in ManchesterYorkshire Water Yellow Pages Manx Telecom Land SecuritiesCanadian Financial Services ID Distribution Cabe Space Neopost Daryl Showers These are the clients that The Chase are currently working with or have worked with in the last twelve months.
    7. 7. Creative Awards Matter!The creative league table Design Week’s annual league table is based on a points system for all creative awards won in significant competitions in the UK and America over the past three years. These awards are a sign for fellow professionals to know which design companies are doing their job right which, in turn, helps them to recruit quality staff. We all want to work with the best!
    8. 8. The chase’s philosophyThe story told since 1986…There was once an old Indian craftsman who carved elephantsfrom blocks of timber. When asked how he did it, he would reply, ‘Ijust cut away the wood that doesnt look like an elephant.’This is the philosophy of The Chase, it sums up the essence of abusiness that places creativity at its very heart. What they do issimple. It is the result of great thinkers, great talent, great passionand great ideas. Simple.
    9. 9. Portfolio over the years’86 ’87 ’88 ’89 ’90 ’91 ’92 ’93 ’94 ’95 ’97 ’98 ’00 ’96 ’99 ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’07’06
    10. 10. Logos & symbols Leaf Street Cidu3CV Conception An environmentally The Creative IndustriesEthical marketing A marketing business friendly housing Development Unit at thecompany with three core that’s trusted for association in northern University of Central Lancashirevalues. fertilising brands with England with a name that its strategic thinking. can prove its credentials. A leaf becomes a row of houses, becomes a logo.
    11. 11. Branding Smile The mark acted as both logo and symbol in that it is an image that can be read. It also broke an age old identity rule by encouraging substituting the primary image when appropriate.
    12. 12. Literature Land in EC3 The brown information finger posts, seen throughout the City of London, are replicated to navigate the reader through this development brochure for Land Securities.Cabe SpaceGovernment initiative to promote the use of public spaces.
    13. 13. Promotional items Decking invite To celebrate The Chase’s new outdoor decking area, we decided to throw a party with this inviteIntellectual propertyA self promotional piece ofdirect mail for the chase thathighlights our experience ofdesign in the property sector. MEN moving cardA selection of case study The Manchester Evening newspostcards are contained were moving and expanding. Sowithin a unique box design in we designed them a mailingthe shape of a brick. card that moved and expanded.
    14. 14. Posters & Calendars Time & Space A five year calendar block for printers, Spectrum Press, which acted as a countdown to the Millennium with each tear-off sheet representing a dayGrow Up!This poster campaign was for an exhibition at TheWomens Library, London about advice given toteenage girls - its styling was a reference to teenagedoodles.
    15. 15. Exhibition & Outdoor Stadium portrait The seating is treated like pixels to create a large portrait of Alan Kelly after whom the stand at Deepdale stadium was named.Millennium DomeWorking with architect Eva Jiricna, the brief was toencapsulate the essence of the 9 main religiousfaiths practised in the UK.
    16. 16. StationeryGarden Lighting Company AlloyIdentity that uses flower Stationery range for product designers.instead of lampshades. September The unusual combination of a ground floor hairdressers and first floor seafood restaurant. North West Film Archive Stationery range using images from the archive.
    17. 17. Books Cock-a-Doodle A distinctive binding device that contained the limited edition number on the metalCoastal Erosion rings wasThe last few pages and back cover of adopted for thisphotographer Jason Ortons book on coastal illustrative book.erosion have also begun to erode.SavedAn anthology of football poetry.
    18. 18. Packaging Underlay displays A new way of presenting a range of underlays for Gaskell CarpetsOriginal SourceA contemporary look was given to anestablished range of toiletries for PZCussons. Football mugs Packaging made out of translucent material so that the choice of mugs form the team colours.
    19. 19. The End any questions?