Redpoint Corporate Brochure


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Redpoint Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Redpoint Communications Corporate Brochure
  2. 2. RPC has vast experience in infrastructure design and installation on amultitude of scales. We provide a wide range of design, installation andproject management services, from complex large multi floor networkcabling projects to small and medium infrastructure installation projects.In all cases a range of high quality market-leading structured cablingsystems, hardware and cabinets are provided; this can be tailored to fitthe customer needs, not only their technical needs but budgetaryrequirements from our experienced and professional team.
  3. 3. Our BusinessRPC is a supplier of structured cabling systems for data networksand is the design and installation company for all IT environments.
  4. 4. Established as a specialist Communications company, RPC are future focused, dynamic and diverse in delivering the very highest in installation standards. At RPC we believe in identifying customers’ specific requirements and providing fully tailored solutions. With ever increasing commercial pressure, at RPC we understand the importance of providing a communications infrastructure that will perform and boast stability for the future.Within RPC lies vast experience in working withmarket leading organisations throughout the UKand Europe. From multi site project roll outs toSingle ad hoc services, We possess the flexibilityto adapt to ever changing project requirements,working closely with designers. Project managersand customers to achieve the most cost effectivesolutions and bring time restrictive Projects tocompletion.
  5. 5. Our CompanyRPC is a multimarket design consultancy which provides adesign and installation service and is an independent providerof IT infrastructures and associated technologies toorganisations of all sizes.
  6. 6. RPC provides a service for projects, both in the UK andEurope. We are able to offer clients the added value of our expertise andknowledge as well as cost-effective design solutions to meet all required funding and environmentalstandards for new build, upgrade and extensions.RPC Organisation and Management provide truly multi-disciplinary capabilities and specialist staff who areclient focussed and experienced in project managing all aspects of the design process. All project work isled by a Project Manager supported by dedicated Project Engineers where necessary.Structured Cabling Design, Supply & InstallationWirelessElectrical InstallationsProject ManagementVoice SystemsCCTVNetwork SuppliersCat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 Structured cabling installationsSinglemode & Multimode Optical Fibre InstallationOptical Fibre splicing & OTDR Fibre TestingPre Terminated fibre and Copper cabling solutionsOptical patching systemsSpecialist Fibre infrastructure trunking & containment installationsSpecialist basket containment and tray work installationsRack & Cabinet InstallationAC & DC power installation and testingIP Network Hardware Installation & CommissioningComms room fit out & RelocationData Centre fit out & ServicesOffice moves, Adds & ChangesCCTV systemsBiometric Facial Recognition access control systems
  7. 7. Our MarketsRPC works across a multi-market sector providinginfrastructure solutions and provide design servicesthroughout the UK and Europe with peace of mind that yournetwork won’t fail when needed most.
  8. 8. RPC provide a multi-disciplinary infrastructure service for commercial projects and by developing andoperating through processes we offer diverse infrastructure solutions and are able to provideexperienced and know how to practical knowledge to cost-effective solutions for clients requirements.RPC are suppliers of cabling and infrastructure design solutions for any type of environment or client.RPC provide the capability and specialist staff who have experience in project managing and of designprocesses. Using established management principles, our client’s requirements are understood and weprovide a quality product on time and to budget. The design and installation service we offer and deliverprovides our clients with reassurance that expectations are met.RPC knows doing business in different Market sectors is affected by a set of common, as well as mostoften unique, factors and circumstances. Furthermore, customer design solutions within these sectorshave different needs and are exposed to sets of risks. In today’s solutions oriented world you areincreasingly dependent on a supply chain of specialists who understand your market sector, yourapplications, your language and your world of doing business.At RPC, we recognise this and specialise in continuously building up our knowledge of your marketsector, together with doing our core business so very well that you can be confident in a tried, testedand trusted professional partner.
  9. 9. Our Design SolutionsEvery building now depends upon a structured cabling system.They provide the backbone and connectivity for all IT networkingand voice systems and many building services functions such asCCTV and Building Management Systems (BMS).
  10. 10. Fibre Optic Cabling SystemsRPC provide fibre cabling systems offer a maximumtransmission bandwidth solution, with significantlygreater distance capabilities than copper systems.With greater security and immunity frominterference, fibre optic cabling systems offer thebest possible performance. The RPC range includesa full suite of cables and connectivity componentsfor both single and multimode communications.Copper Cabling SystemsA complete range of both shielded and unshielded cablingsystems, which have been designed to support applicationsranging from basic voice communication to 10 Gigabit persecond Ethernet. These third-party verified, high-performancesolutions are designed to exceed the requirements of industrystandards.Air-Blown Fibre SystemsPioneered in the 1980’s and developed under license fromBritish Telecom, Blolite was the world’s first air-blown fibresystem. The system includes a low cost micro-ductinfrastructure, which is established throughout the buildingor campus to support simple and speedy fibre deploymentusing compressed air. This allows networks to be developedand upgraded over time, with minimal disruption – a trulyfuture-proof solution.Intelligent Infrastructure & Management SystemsThis end-user focused system offers real-time visibilityof network devices and users, eliminating the need fornetwork drawings. RPC supports efficient networking changemanagement procedures and removes configuration errorsthrough step-by-step instructions. RPC maximises networkEfficiency and availability whilst enhancing network securitythrough identification and isolation of unauthorised users.
  11. 11. Data Centre DesignWe will design a small computer room or a full datacentre. Optimised layout of racks and rooms within a data centreis vital to the correct and reliable operation of the organisation.
  12. 12. RPC design Computer Rooms and Data Centres based on both industrystandards and on a set of rigorous Best Practices defined and updatedregularly to ensure compliance with all latest trends and innovations.Designing the RoomOur design process takes all of your IT and Business Requirementsand creates a comprehensive blueprint that defines fully the ComputerRoom to be constructed or refurbished. Every detail is included and itis your guarantee that the final result is exactly what you were promised.And we are independent of any manufacturer, so that we always providethe best components to suit your application.Building the RoomAt RPC we can build you a new Computer Room or upgrade yourexisting one; finishing up with a fully operational facility that is readyfor your critical IT Servers and Network. We handle everything from architectural and planning services, health and safety, construction,supply and installation of all components (see below) and configuration.What ‘s more we will project manage and site manage the entireoperation, taking complete responsibility to ensure you get theresult you want, complete in every detail.
  13. 13. System IntegrationTelecommunications is one of the fastest moving industriestoday. Flexibility, the ability to innovate and creativity determinethe competitiveness and success of any business. Innovative,profitable and reliable services are the key to this success. Whenit comes to the successful integration of innovative technologiesand profitable services.
  14. 14. RPC services include competent advice independent of the investment decision or the choice of system,delivery and smooth integration of components and services into the existing network infrastructure, to testthoroughly the performance and the interoperability of components and individual value-added services,customer training as well as maintenance and support by secure and reliable operation and to ensure thatcustomers’ infrastructures are available 365 days a year.RPC can facilitate your system requirements by supplying Juniper and Cisco products and support. With itsservices and competencies, RPC accompanies the client throughout the project lifecycle. Thanks to itsknow-how, RPC is able to offer the following support:Competent advice independent of the investment decision or the choice of systems.Smooth integration of components and services into the existing network infrastructure.Ability to thoroughly test performance and interoperability using the XT3 Lab.Training to keep customers up-to-date with the latest technology.Securing reliable operations through maintenance and the RPC making sure that customers’ infrastructuresare available 365 days a year.ConsultingWith the emergence of RPC we now have a unique consultancy specifically for carriers and serviceproviders. Together, the RPC employees can boast years of experience in the telecommunications servicesmarket. In many projects within the UK and abroad they have used their expertise for the benefit of thecustomer. This expert knowledge is made available to our customers as part of our consultancy projects.IntegrationApart from the choice of the right systems technology one of the major challenges for carriers and serviceproviders lies in the smooth integration of components into the existingnetwork infrastructure. This does not just require a solid knowledge of theexisting infrastructure of the components to be integrated, the plannedservices and the operations of the telecommunications network operatorbut also professional and methodical ways of working.
  15. 15. IT Infrastructure DesignEvery building now depends upon a structured cabling system.They provide the backbone and connectivity for all IT networkingand voice systems and many building services functions such asCCTV and Building Management Systems (BMS).
  16. 16. Structured CablingEvery building now depends upon a structured cabling system. They providethe backbone and connectivity for all IT networking and voice systems andmany building services functions such as CCTV and Building ManagementSystems (BMS).Unfortunately not all are designed or installed as well as they could be andmany prove to be unreliable, unmanageable and unfit for future high-speedLAN traffic.All these issues can be avoided with careful design. Our skilled BICSI RCDD (Registered Communications DistributionDesigners) can plan and design a system to meet your needs.If a project is running on tight timescales then you may want to consider a –pre-terminated cabling solution to reducetime spent on site by the cabling installation team.Maintaining control of the cabling system, managing the IT assets, planning for growth and managing moves adds andchanges (MACs) can be time consuming in a large network. An Intelligent Infrastructure Management System can makethese processes more efficient.Are you unsure what fibre to use or how much to install for the future? Consider a blown fibre system allowing you toinstall the infrastructure now and blow in the fibres later.Unsure whether to go for Cat6A, Cat6, Cat5, cabling orSinglemode/multimode fibre? We will help you decide what is bestfor you.
  17. 17. RPC Limited Redpoint House Stevenage Herts, SG1 6GZ United Kingdom www.redpointcomms.comRegistration Number:7181967