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NOSANN Profile

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NOSANN Profile

  1. 1. About us Executive Summary NOSANNs is a professional, client‐focused, innovation‐driven Information Technology Solutions company. We are cited as the specialized provider of time and cost‐effective creative systems solutions. A leader at exploring new technologies, we are recognized for the depth and diversity of skills in a variety of platforms, languages and technological tools. We provide a measurable ROI across our clients' entire value chains by leveraging open‐source and standard based technologies integrated through user‐centric design. Our solutions enable clients to acquire, retain and extend internal and external customer relationships; as well as improving collaboration and coordination across the entire operational value chain. The net results are optimized operational productivity, effectiveness and user satisfaction. Our Mission NOSANNs is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions for work & life. Our customers are our partners in our quest for success; therefore we will treat them with transparency & respect ensuring their outmost satisfaction with our products and services. We are a family of visionaries who aim to collaborate to the greater good of our industry and the welfare of our society. Our Vision We aim to lead the Middle East market by providing exceptional information technology solutions to organizations and consumers. Why NOSANN? Our customers will choose partnering with us because we:  Will always provide them with the best‐fit solution for their current needs and their future expansion plans through pay‐as‐you‐grow solutions architectures.  Will be put their interest in the same context as ours by ensuring they benefit from every provided feature and by providing them with all available tools to help them make best use of our solutions.  Will deploy exceptional quality management procedures through all stages of solution design, testing, implementation and commissioning to ensure their outmost satisfaction.  Will share with them our technical expertise in a transparent and professional manner giving our customers various solution options for their given problem or business need.
  2. 2. Infrastructure Solutions We provide Analysis, Documentation, Design, Implementation, Testing & Benchmarking, Commissioning and Training Services for Infrastructure Systems required for information management and Information Technology Solutions in the following verticals;  Local Area Networking solutions: We provide Networking solutions for organizations of all sizes, using standard based data switching standards for secure converged networking. We provide our customers with high availability solutions that ensure uninterrupted data connectivity between network components and business divisions. Our solutions employ high speed and gigabit speed connectivity solutions using high quality copper and fiber optic wiring products from various well‐known vendors. Our LAN solutions include top‐notch data room design, which is vital for investment protection and for ease of administration and network management and monitoring.  Wide Area Networking Solutions: We partner with Egypt’s leading ISPs to provide our customers with high availability remote access and connectivity solutions that are secure and cost‐efficient. Our solutions provide our customers with highspeed Internet access, branch connectivity solutions as well as Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solutions for their mobile workers. Our WAN solutions promise to provide immediate branch communications cost cutting and increase in worker productivity.  Security Solutions We provide various Physical Access & Data Access Security solutions. We deploy the latest technology standards for internet security systems that secure our customers’ data and network components from internet threats and operating systems vulnerabilities. We provide intrusion prevention, OS and application vulnerability identification and treatment, malicious traffic prevention and firewall solutions that prevent security threats without limiting data sources. Our security solutions are easily managed and administered with options for automated threat prevention and policy enforcement.  Wireless Networking We provide wireless solutions for organizations of all sizes and needs. Whether our customer wants to provide a meeting room with Internet or rely on wireless connectivity as a local networking infrastructure; we provide solutions that deploy the highest standards for high availability RF connectivity, wireless access security and encryption for wirelessly transmitted data. Our solutions also include last‐mile wireless connectivity solutions for rural areas and for locations where there is no available telecommunications infrastructure
  3. 3. Business Solutions We provide our customers with various solutions for today’s business requirements, including:  Hardware:  Branded and white‐box PCs and Servers, PC & Server upgrade components and Notebook computers & Accessories  Software:  PC and Server Operating Systems solutions including open and OEM operating systems licensing, Business and desktop applications to streamline workflow and enhance productivity.  Peripherals  Color and Black & white Printing and Scanning solutions from major global‐class vendors, and that fit to business needs of all sizes and requirements  Storage systems  High speed and high capacity desktop and network storage equipment that ease data sharing and enhance collaboration between business divisions.  HIS ( Hospital Information System ) Comprehensive ERP for managing the Hospital & Polyclinics  Oracle ERP ( Manufacturing Sectors )  Oracle ERP ( Logistic & Transportation Sectors )  Oracle ERP ( Commercials & POS Sectors )
  4. 4. Virtualization Solutions We provide our customers with Virtualization Solutions for the following Types  Server Virtualization  Citrix Xen Server  Vmware ESX  Microsoft Hyper-V  Desktop ( VDI) and application Virtualization  Citrix Xendesktop  Thin client  Wyse & HP
  5. 5. NOSANN Scope Of Services Our Scope of Services cover the following IT Layer Services Covered Vendors Structure Cabling System Cable Polling , Termination , Organization & Fluke Testing in addition to complete detailed Documentation Panduit , 3M , Nexans , ...etc Switching Supply , Install , Configure & Secure all switching Technologies for any organization Size Cisco , Juniper , HP , Fotinet & AVAYA Routing Supply , Install , Configure & Secure all Routing Technologies for any organization Size Cisco , Juniper , HP , Fotinet & AVAYA Security Security in depth technique ( Multi-Layer Defense ) . Cisco , Juniper , HP , Fortinet , Microsoft System Covering all Domain infrastructure Servers & Services ( DHCP , DNS , WSUS , RRAS , File Services , Certificate Services , ......etc ) Microsoft Virtualization Covering the three Major Virtualization types ( Server - Desktop - Application ) VMWare - Citrix - Microsoft Wireless LAN Indoor Coverage with high availability , seamless Roaming in addition to Covering the Security Options Cisco , Juniper , HP , Fortinet WAN All WAN Services & Protocols including VPN , Servers Publishing , ...etc Cisco , Juniper , HP , Fortinet Servers Install & Configure all different types of Servers and its technologies ( RAID , Monitoring ,Fail over ..etc ) HP , DELL , IBM Storage Install & Configure all Storage Technologies EMC , HP & DELL VOICE Install & Configure all Telephony Systems ( Analog - Digital - IP ) AVAYA - Cisco - Microsoft - Asterisk - Samsung , ... - ..etc Video Install & Configure All Video Conferences Solutions AVAYA - Cisco - Microsoft Backup Provide Software & Hardware based Backup Solutions EMC - HP - Dell - Symantec Messaging Install , Configure & Integrate Microsoft Exchange Server Microsoft CCTV Design , Implement & Testing all CCTV Systems Honywell – Samsung – Aver IT Courses Deliver IT Courses Microsoft – Cisco – EC Counsil – Vmware – Citrix – EMC ERP Systems Oracle Customized ERP Solution Oracle
  6. 6. Partners Our Partner List includes world‐class/Regionally renowned technology & service providers including: