100 New Cards from Tree-Free - PLUS HALLOWEEN!


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New eco friendly Halloween, Valentine's Day, and great everyday cards from Tree-Free.

Wholesale only.

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100 New Cards from Tree-Free - PLUS HALLOWEEN!

  1. 1. in this supplement we do over 90 awesomenew cards we do 11 halloweencards and 8 new ones for valentine’s day we do betsy cameron like you’ve never seen her before we do new work from chiara the artist behind duck duck frog we do day of the dead skulls and a pig in shitakes we do new work from duirwaigh we do just what you need for a great 3rd quarter refresh! in this supplement we do over 90 awesomenew cards we do 11 halloweencards and 8 new ones for valentine’s day we do betsy cameron like you’ve never seen her before we do new work from chiara the artist behind duck duck frog we do day of the dead skulls and a pig in shitakes we do new work from duirwaigh we do just what you need for a great 3rd quarter refresh! tree-free greetings Summer 2013tree-free greetings Summer 2013
  2. 2. Every card comes with a matching ARTvelope™! Special Occasion cards come in packs of or packs of . Look for the symbol above each card. 6 6 4 All 4-packs have a different upc 80586600296 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 halloween 1 Inside: Buster liked his costume just fine until he found out people EAT Devil Dogs. Happy Halloween! Inside: Thinking of you this season. Inside: Have a very happy Howl-o-ween! Inside: Did you hear what happened to the frog on Halloween? It CROAKED! Have a Happy Halloween! Inside: For you, I hope it’s nothing but treats! Happy Halloween Inside: Happy Halloween! Inside: Blank Inside: I’m sure you’ll “scare up” a lot of fun. Happy Halloween! 14494 Devil Dogs 14479 Frog Witch 14485 Batty Night 14486 Trick or Treat 14565 Sugar Skull Paisley 14513 Fall Fun 14511 Count Dogula 14555 Spooky Heads Inside: The thought of not spending it with you! Happy Halloween Inside: Blank 14502 Sad Halloween 14507 Three Pumpkins
  3. 3. Ask about our specials, promotions, and exchange program. 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Valentine’s Day 2 Inside: Your love lifts me higher… than I’ve ever been lifted before. Happy Valentine’s Day Inside: Was it really candy that Midnight was savoring? Or was it something more sinister? Have a Halloween worth savoring! Inside: Happy Valentine’s Day Inside: The truth is… you’re all I need to spark a fire! Happy Valentine’s Day! Inside: I’ve still got a crush on you. Happy Valentine’s Day! Inside: I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day! Inside: Puppy Love? Nope. This is the real thing. Happy Valentine’s Day! Inside: Be Mine!!! Happy Valentine’s Day! 14496 Higher Love 14556 Savor 14516 Be Mine 14554 Man of Flint And Steel 14508 Valentine’s Crush 14499 LOVE 14512 Cupid’s Arrow 14489 Be Mine Inside: Happy Valentine’s Day! 14560 We Do Valentine’s Day
  4. 4. Call today 866-873-3373 6 6 6 6 6 66 6 6 6 birthday 3 Inside: Here’s looking at you, kid! Happy Birthday Inside: Hope your day brings lots of good things. Happy Birthday! Inside: ...on a card. The real thing was just too big to fit in the envelope. Happy Birthday! Inside: Have a wildly Happy Birthday! Inside: Wishing you the kind of birthday that sends you soaring! Happy Birthday 14481 Meerkat Lookout 14478 Duck 14467 Birthday Pony 14490 Born To Be Wild 14482 Penguin Jump Inside: I was going to send you a birthday card sooner but I had a little accident. Sorry, hope it was happy! Inside: Whoever says you can’t… just tell them I said it was okay. Happy Birthday Inside: You’re old enough to know what that means... and young enough to remember a few! Happy Birthday! 14475 Oops! 14471 Have Your Cake 14498 Kodak Moment Inside: Hope your birthday is that happy! 14546 Pig In Shitakes Inside: Happy Birthay! 14561 We Do Birthdays
  5. 5. www.tree-free.com 6 6 6 666 6 6 6 birthday 4 Inside: Which is our way of saying… enjoy your birthday! Inside: Hope your day’s filled with joy. Happy Birthday! Inside: It’s also the perfect day to tell you how truly priveleged you are to have me in your life. And vice versa. Happy Birthday Inside: They do say Duct Tape makes a great birthday present! Happy Birthday Inside: Happiness for your birthday! Inside: You can also buy cake and presents and invite all of your friends over to celebrate… which will likely lead to happiness… so… maybe I’m wrong? Happy Birthday Inside: Hope your birthday’s as fabulous as you are! Inside: And you deserve a big day. Happy Birthday Inside: Sending a few smiles back your way. Happy Birthday 14524 Eat More Cake 14517 Joy 14538 Perfect Day To Thank Me 14539 Real Friends 14531 Honey For Your Heart 14521 Can’t Buy Happiness 14529 Gorgeous Birthday 14520 Big Deal 14540 Smiles Begin With You
  6. 6. Every card comes with a matching ARTvelope™! 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 birthday friendship 5 Inside: Thank you Inside: I’m never in over my head! I love having you in my life.Inside: In this friendship we do US Inside: Let’s go out and see if this works! Happy Birthday Inside: Hope your day goes swimmingly! Happy Birthday Inside: And NOT because I can outrun you. Inside: And I’m not talking about your high IQ either! 14533 Kindness Is No Common Virtue 14480 Ducklings14557 We Do Friendship 14550 Busy Bar 14545 Life’s A Beach 14544 Zombie Apocalypse 14534 Know Too Much Inside: Encircling you with joy. There for you when you need to play? Equal parts balance and frustration? Hard to maintain… but well worth the effort? At it’s best… effortless. 14472 Hula Hoop Inside: Don’t you agree? 14542 Talk Soon
  7. 7. Ask about our specials, promotions, and exchange program. 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 love wedding 6 Inside: Blank Inside: As if you needed instructions. I’m so hooked on you! Inside: Here’s to the beginning of a grand adventure. Inside: Today and everyday!Inside: I love you! Inside: Congratulations to the lovebirds! 14563 Life Is Sweeter 14551 Manly Fish Hook 14470 Grand Adventure 14547 Nuts For You14477 Dog Love 14500 Lovebirds Inside: Congratulations on the beginning of your fairytale romance! Inside: Congratulations! 14518 A True Love Story 14523 Eat, Drink And Be Married Inside: to the sweetest couple! 14504 Sweetest Couple
  8. 8. Call today 866-873-3373 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 anniversarywedding congrats 66 7 Inside: Happy Anniversary Inside: You’re on the path to great things. Congratulations! Cover: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Inside: You are my source of strength and courage. I love you deeply! Happy Anniversary Inside: ...we were meant for each other. Happy Anniversary Inside: Your lives together will inspire many a fairy tale! Inside: You have all the manly skills I could ever ask for! Happy Anniversary! (did you happen to notice how the seat was DOWN though?) Inside: We do Happy Anniversary Inside: You deserve it! 14525 Every Love Story 14501 On Your Way 14469 From The Beginning 14503 Spirit Of Love 14530 Happily Ever After 14553 Manly Toilet14558 We Do Anniversary 14562 We Do Congratulations Inside: Best day ever. Happy Anniversary 14543 The Day You And I
  9. 9. www.tree-free.com 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 new baby 8 Inside: Way to go! Congratulations Inside: You’ve got the real thing! Congratulations Inside: Wishing your whole family a happily ever after! Congratulations Inside: And considering how gifted your baby is bound to be... I’d better hurry! Congratulations Inside: Congratulations on the arrival of your new sweetie! 14549 Special Delivery 14474 Little Girls 14526 Fairy Tale Baby 14519 Baby College 14505 Sweetie Pie Inside: Yours is in a field all by herself! Congratulations Inside: Huge feat! Congratulations 14487 Adorable Baby 14488 Little Feet, Huge Feat Inside: You’ve worked so hard and learned so much... we were at a loss as to what words of wisdom we could impart. Congratulations 14552 Manly Stache Inside: Your possibilities are as limitless as the horizon. 14495 Endless Inside: Okay, not literally. You can stay. Just saying… way to go! 14476 You Go Girl
  10. 10. Every card comes with a matching ARTvelope™! 6 6 6 6 6 666 6 thank you encouragement 9 Inside: We’re behind you all the way (and holding glasses of milk… you know, for the cookies) Inside: I’ll dry your tears. Inside: I’m behind you 100%! Inside: We have faith in you!Inside: Never stop dancing! Inside: A lot. Inside: Blank Inside: Is a great opportunity to pause and get some perspective. I know you’ll get through this! 14522 Cookies 14473 Lick Those Tears 14466 Behind You 14535 Leap Of Faith14532 Keep Dancing 14506 Thank Q 14564 Every Little Thing 14493 Deep Thoughts Inside: I’m sending some your way. You’ll get through this. 14491 Serenity
  11. 11. Ask about our specials, promotions, and exchange program. 6 66 6 6 6 6 6 6 all occasion get well sympathy 10 Inside: Blank Inside: We do help with whatever you need so you can feel better. Inside: Blank Inside: Blank 14484 The Water Garden 14559 We Do Get Well 14537 One Size Fits All Hug 14497 HOPE Cover: Seeing you sick is unBEARable Inside: I know you’ll be feeling better very soon! 14548 Sick And Tired Inside: Blank Inside: Blank 14541 Strong Woman 14536 Million Little Things Cover: When grief feels like an ocean And sorrow comes in waves... Remember that the tide always recedes. And in time All rough edges Are worn smooth. Inside: Our deepest sympathy in this time of grief. 14509 Waves Inside: Our deepest sympathies are with you. 14483 The Heron Waits
  12. 12. Mail: 33 Whittemore Farm Road Swanzey, NH 03446 Tel: 866-873-3373 Fax: 866-626-2273 Email: sales@tree-free.com Web: www.tree-free.com Ways to get in touch: Our best selling new card! Make sure you add it to your next reorder. Duck Duck Frog 14394! Art V. Lope33 Whittemore Farm Rd.Swanzey, NH 03446