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201412 voice online version


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201412 voice online version

  1. 1. Our Saviour’s Voice Our Saviour Lutheran Church, 120 S. Henry Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54302 (920) 468-4065 DECEMBER 2014 GRIEF AND THE HOLIDAYS 1 By Pastor Dave “Good grief, Charlie Brown”, says Lucy. Is there such a thing as “Good grief”? Or can grief be good at all? Yes, it can. Grief is a complex emotion with many root causes, both real and imaginary. Grief is a form of suffering. For many, grief comes knocking around the holidays and it becomes an unwelcome visitor. For others who have had losses, they speed through the Holy Season like Hans Brinker on his shiny skates, racing past grief. People handle grief differently. Grief may be triggered by almost anything. For example, as Wilma is putting the ornaments on her Christmas tree she takes a favorite one out of the storage box… and there it is, the one her deceased husband gave her on their 25th wedding anniversary - Here come the blues! From this point on in the article, we are going to personify Grief. We will capitalize it, and name it for what it is. Grief may come knocking. You may ignore the knock or welcome this visitor. Grief may go away and return later. Grief may be a companion or a teacher. But we don't want to see Grief as an enemy. Unpleasant maybe, but not an enemy. Grief heals and teaches. If we don’t answer the door and let him in, he will sneak in another way to help us heal from our losses. Remember you are the expert on Grief. Professionals can share a lot of tips, but your story and your experience is unique. Those who study grief tell us there are several kinds of grief. One kind is “Anticipatory Grief”. That means feeling the grief before a loss occurs, or feeling sad while things are good, because we are already thinking about what we are going to lose before we lose it. Whew! Grief is sneaky! In real life, that might occur when a loved one is terminally ill and our emotions are preparing themselves for the loss ahead. There is “delayed grief”. For example, someone loses their sibling and experienced no painful grief at the time of the passing. But twenty years later they find themselves in a dark melancholy meadow. They don’t know why. Going alone to a quiet place, they examine their inner moods and thoughts. Slowly they realize, Grief has come to visit them. It has been with them for quite some time, but they did not recognize it for what it was. Now they want to write to their loved one or call them, but they cannot. They want to visit their grave or hold a possession in their hands. Can grief be ignored? Must we experience it? Cannot we just go around it? Cannot we just shift to the logical side of our thinker and it will go away? How can we avoid its pain? Really, we are not trying to avoid grief, but we may be trying to avoid a loss. Once we accept that loss, the grief will come and bring us healing. Can we have loss without grief? Yes, if what we lost was not loved. But if what we lost was (and is still) loved, grief will accompany it. I read a story once that might help us endure our grief. A long, long time ago a ship set sail for a far off land. Among the many passengers was a philosopher, of a variety that were known for being “in command of their emotions”. About half way to their destination, the ship encountered a great storm. The ship was in a sea of grief. The passengers were tumbled from side to side in the belly of the ship while the crew manned the deck. No one was exempt from the storm within their innards or from the vertigo in their heads. One of the crewmen said,
  2. 2. 2 “Hey, we have a philosopher on board, he should be able to laugh his way through this. Let’s check on him. They found the learned man in the bowels of the ship, just as sick as everyone else. They asked him why, was his philosophy failing him? “Not at all”, he replied, “It is working perfectly…I understand what is causing the disturbance that I am experiencing, and I am learning from the suffering.” A wise man! These holidays, or any days, should you feel down and out, despondent and dejection, depression and dismay, maybe it is grief! Grief for a loss in the past? Grief for an anticipated loss in the future? Know what is causing this. Learn from the sea sick philosopher… “I understand what is causing the disturbance that I am experiencing, and I am learning from the suffering.” But remember this, while grief may be an unpleasant healing experience, we have another emotion that is felt at the same time, and this one outweighs the other… “But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others who have no hope.” – 1 Thessalonians 4:13 “Good grief, Charlie Brown”, says Lucy. Is there such a thing as “Good grief”? Or can grief be good at all? Yes, it can. And His joy is even better! ANOTHER BREAKFAST…COMING UP! Our first two Sunday Café days in October and November were well received…and we’ll bring it back again on January 18, 2015. Improvements were made from the first to the second breakfast and a new change is coming for 2015. Please plan to come to the gym after service (we are serving from 8:45am-12pm) on Sunday, January 18 for a buffet with a variety of delicious breakfast favorites. There will be NO separate menu; buffet with adult and child pricing will be available. WE AGAIN THANK OUR VOLUNTEERS for their time as this venture would not be successful (or even possible) without them! More volunteers are welcome. Please contact Bryan Rao at 920-362-5980 or if you can help to set up and prep on Saturday the 17th or if you can help cook, serve, etc. on Sunday the 18th. Diners are also needed so make your plans to join us after your favorite worship service.  2015 OFFERING ENVELOPES/2014 GIVING STATEMENTS Offering envelopes for 2015 are now available for pick up in the office hallway. Envelope numbers are offered for the purpose of having your offerings to Our Saviour recorded. If offering envelopes were not assigned to you but you desire to use them for 2015, please contact the office. Your offerings can also be recorded without envelopes by utilizing SimplyGiving, with automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings account. With SimplyGiving, you are assigned a special number under which donations that are not automatic can also be recorded. Draws can be weekly, monthly or two times per month (1st &15th). You can designate offerings to the unified budget or the mortgage. With SimplyGiving, you don’t need to remember to write a check; your offering is received by the church, even when you are unable to attend! Annual statements showing your offerings for 2014, which can be used for tax purposes, will be available at church in early to mid-January 2015. Statements remaining on January 27 will be mailed.
  3. 3. January 2015 OSLC Usher Schedule Date Service Lead Team January 4 Su 7:45 John Kielpikowski Chad Kielpikowski; Ron Klumb; † UN Su 9:15 Randy Vande Hei Walt Juhnke; Tiffany & Brian Duff; Jennifer Linssen; † UN Su 10:45 Royal Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard Christiansen January 8 Th 6:30 Paul Kuehl Bill Baneck; † UN; † UN January 11 Su 7:45 Matthew Dalebroux Andrew Prescher; Al Brietlow; Barry Dalebroux Su 9:15 Shelly Williams Robin Williams; Frank Helebrant; Don Schultz; Jim Parks; David Bitters Su 10:45 Gerald Buechner Rich Spangenberg; † UN; † UN January 15 Th 6:30 David Haase Bobby Haase; Rich Spangenberg; † UN January 18 Su 7:45 Mike Morgan Vernon Siech; Gloria Morgan; Ralph Hoerchler Su 9:15 Wendy Frick Roxanne & Randy Dyle; Alex Chamberlain; Jack Grant; Mitch Waniger Su 10:45 Mike Charles Don Larson; Karen Kiekhaefer; Hunter Alft January 22 Th 6:30 Charles Arthur Carl Zimonick; Gary Kirchman; Dick Zimonick January 25 Su 7:45 Allen Knaus Clarence Ney; Jerry & Josh VanKauwenberg; Nathan Knaus Su 9:15 Dave Wians Lonnie Peerenboom; Davis LaMarche; Dan Richer; Trey B; † UN Su 10:45 Royal Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard Christiansen January 29 Th 6:30 Paul Kuehl Bill Baneck; † UN; † UN †UN-Usher Needed - If you'd like to volunteer as an usher, please contact the Lead usher of the group you'd like to join, or contact Rich Spangenberg at (920) 857-3014 / SCRIP NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW There are many changes to the SCRIP program that occur at various times. One happens around the holidays and brings smaller denominations of many popular cards (see the list below) for gift giving. The other is when a big change is announced about the percentage earned for a specific card. KWIK TRIP – Kwik Trip Scrip has been providing a 10% profit to Our Saviour and many other non-profit organizations for a couple of years. As of January 1, that will reduce to 5%. All Kwik Trip Scrip purchased by December 31 will receive the 10% profit. Before this change occurs on January 1, we are encouraging Kwik Trip customers to order now and ‘stock up’ as much as possible. HOLIDAY DENOMINATIONS – The following SCRIP are available to order WHILE SUPPLIES LAST… Amazon - $10 Applebee’s - $10 Barnes & Noble - $5 CVS Pharmacy - $10 Kwik Trip - $10 Panera Bread - $5 Pizza Hut - $5 Starbucks - $5 Target - $10 WalMart - $10 SCRIP SCHEDULE CHANGE – The church office will be manned by volunteers while Michelle, the church secretary, takes a vacation from December 24 thru January 4. On normal business days during this time, SCRIP will not be available for purchase or pickup. SCRIP will be sold and special orders can be picked up at the Welcome Center on the Sundays within this time frame. Please plan accordingly. GRAND CENTRAL STATION – This business has recently been added to our SCRIP program. Cards will be available in $50 denominations and will provide a 10% profit. Look for these gas stations/ convenience stores on your route to work or school, and in your neighborhood and then make Grand Central Station the newest part of your weekly SCRIP order. 3
  4. 4. OFFICIAL ACTS Membership Changes IN: Kimm and Angie DeWitt, transfer from Hope Lutheran Church, De Pere, WI (LCMS) Received their Crown: Delores R. DeGreef Donna R. Arthur March 25, 1926 ~ October 25, 2014 May 16, 1951 ~ November 10, 2014 Funeral service held on October 30, 2014 Funeral service held on November 14, 2014 Poinsettia orders for Christmas are due December 7. Please sign up in the Narthex or call Michelle in the office at (920) 468-4065. Plants are $15 each. 2015 MEN’S RETREAT – MANITOWOC! 4 The men of our congregation have been invited to participate in the 15th annual Men’s Retreat to be held at the Holiday Inn, Manitowoc on the weekend of February 20-22, 2015. Three churches in the South Wisconsin District put on the retreat. The theme for this year’s retreat is, “The Samson Syndrome.” Pastor Atteberry points out twelve tendencies that Samson had in his life that led to his spiritual downfall. Rather than being a man of God, Samson became a selfish shallow playboy who squandered away his talents and his life. Pastor Atteberry points out in the book that men in our present day culture have some of the same tendencies that Samson had. They include: disregarding God’s boundaries; struggling with lust; breaking God’s rules; using anger as a tool; have big egos; struggle with intimacy; taking too much for granted; and never seeing God’s big picture for our lives. The book lists 12 tendencies that Samson and men in our culture today have in common and also shares how to overcome these tendencies. Early registration for the retreat ends on December 21. Your registration includes:2 nights at the Holiday Inn; 3 buffet meals; a banquet meal on Saturday night; great Christian fellowship; inspiring worship; a good Christian movie on Saturday night; life changing sectionals; and a challenging closing service that will challenge men to be Jesus’ disciple where God has placed them. Last year 12 men got the retreat as a Christmas present. One of the men wrote on his evaluation sheet, ”I have never been to a retreat like this where men are so engaged in worship; My life has been changed because of this weekend. Any questions call Jim at 414-462-5871.
  5. 5. NEWLHS STUDENT HOST FAMILIES NEEDED – SHORT TERM Host families are needed for several students from Peru who will arrive mid-January and stay until approximately March 1. This is a great opportunity to experience being a host family without a long term commitment. This is also an excellent way to help NEWLHS. Please contact Kris Schumacher at or 920-680-0911 for details. DID YOU HERE THE ONE ABOUT THE NEW PIANO? We started asking for donations toward a new "digital" electronic piano for the sanctuary. Within three weeks, the entire $2,500 needed has been raised. Watch for the arrival and dedication of the new piano soon. A little background: We have the current piano tuned often as it gets out of tune due to the atmospheric conditions in the church. A digital piano NEVER needs to be tuned! Advances in technology also allow the new pianos to sound and feel just like a traditional piano. It will also have recording capabilities and an organ setting. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Six LCEF scholarships, $1,000 each, will be awarded to graduating high school seniors or current full-time post-secondary students at an accredited institution with at least one year of courses remaining. Candidates must be a member of a congregation belonging to The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod located in one of the following LCMS districts: Iowa East, Iowa West, Minnesota North, Minnesota South, North Dakota, North Wisconsin or South Wisconsin. The application deadline is February 28, 2015. Learn more and apply online at Concordia University, St. Paul is committed to making college even more affordable for students who hear the call to serve The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Already one of the most affordable schools in the 10-member Concordia University System, CSP is excited to announce the Twelve Disciples Scholarship. This scholarship provides the equivalent cost of tuition to three eligible first-year or transfer students enrolled in any of Concordia St. Paul’s undergraduate church work 5 programs. Students who are interested, should apply to the Concordia University Admission Office (651- 641-8230, 800-333-4705 or The scholarship priority deadline is March 15. Students must apply for all forms of financial aid by completing an application for admissions to Concordia University and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). See more details about both of these scholarships on the office hallway bulletin board. Do You Know Someone Who’s Hungry? Do you know someone, or a family, that doesn’t have enough eat? Let them know about the New Community Shelter’s nightly meal program. It’s open to everyone in the community and it’s free of charge. Plus, on weekends and holidays, there is a lunch program that is also open to anyone in need of a meal. In 2013, the Shelter served more than 107,000 meals to community members, including more than 4,800 children. So please refer anyone who needs a meal to New Community Shelter, located on Green Bay’s near west side, 301 Mather St. The phone number is 437-3766. And, if you’re one of the many people who generously donate your time or treasure to the meal program, the Shelter thanks you!
  6. 6. THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS SHINES THOUGH 6 AT OSLC Our Saviour is a collection spot for the Salvation Army’s ‘Toys for Teens’ program; this is a spin-off of the ‘Toys for Tots’ program. A list of teen gift ideas can be found in the Narthex. These and other gifts for children (tots OR teens) can be brought to Our Saviour by Sunday, December 7. Many children in our area will receive no Christmas gifts outside of the Salvation Army’s programs. Toys for Tots/ Toys for Teens gifts should be unwrapped and unlabeled. The collection box is near the 2nd floor elevator. Another opportunity comes to us from Bornemann Nursing Home. In a change this year, we have provided a list, similar to the Toys for Teens list, which is at the Welcome Center. Gifts should be returned unwrapped and unlabeled and placed in the specially marked box on the 2nd floor no later than Sunday, December 7. We also have member families who are struggling to make ends meet. If you would be interested in adopting a family by providing gift cards or cash to purchase SCRIP cards, please contact Michelle at (920) 468-4065 or Let’s not forget that our CHICKS WITH STIX are working year-round to help those locally with winter hats, scarves and mittens as well as making wheelchair bags for local nursing home residents and dolls and pillowcase dresses for needy around the world. If you have winter knit items, please return them to the purple collection bin at Our Saviour by December 7. UPCOMING events Don’t’ be left behind! We have many events planned. Add these events to your calendar and plan to attend. December 7 10:00am Voters’ Meeting December 7 All Day Toys for Teens/Nursing Home Gifts Due December 12 5-6:30pm Monthly Fish Fry December 14 10:45am S.S. Christmas Pageant December 15 6:30pm GB Trinity Christmas Program December 17 5:30, 6, 6:30pm Live Nativity December 17 5-7pm Soup Supper December 24 1:30pm, 3:30pm Praise Band Led Worship Service December 24 5:30pm, 7:30pm Traditional Worship Service December 25 9:15am Traditional Worship Service December 31 6:30pm New Years’ Eve Worship January 5 4-8pm Trinity Night at Pizza Ranch - Fundraiser
  7. 7. GIFT CERTIFICATES – Looking for the perfect gift for your children or grandchildren? Consider a Camp Luther gift certificate. These certificates can be purchased in any amount and may be used for summer camps like Pathfinder, Trailblazer or Explorer. They can also be used to purchase items in our canteen. ORDER A CAMP LUTHER 2015 CALENDAR –Order our beautiful calendar online. These calendars feature pictures selected from our 2014 photo contest. What a GREAT way to enjoy Camp Luther year round. Did you know they make wonderful Christmas gifts! ? REGISTRATION FOR 2015 SUMMER CAMP – Summer camp dates will be up on our website soon. Register early for your favorite dates and housing locations. We will begin accepting registrations January 1, 2015. COTTAGE RETREATS THIS WINTER AT CAMP LUTHER – Enjoy a cottage retreat at Camp Luther this winter. Our cottages have everything you will need for a relaxing getaway in the midst of God's beautiful creation. Spend the day cross country skiing or snowshoeing then settle in for a cozy evening next to the fireplace. Stay for a weekend or a week. Camp Luther is offering a special rate of 25% off our regular rate from December 1– April 30. Check out "Cottage Retreats" on our website. FAMILY FLURRY RETREAT (Feb. 6-8) – Bundle up and bring the family for a weekend of winter activities and growing together in faith. Families can join in our staff led activities or do things on your own. There is something for all ages. Activities include tubing, broomball, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, Bible study and devotions. Camp Luther Contact Information: Visit Call MaryAnn at 877-264-CAMP (2267) Camp Luther is a subsidiary ministry of the North Wisconsin District-LCMS. Our mission is to build up believers in Christ for service to the church and witness to the world. 7
  8. 8. A FAMILY EVENT THAT CELEBRATES THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! Thursday December 18 5:30 to 8:30 PM ROCK—K RANCH Greenleaf, Wisconsin From Wrightstown, take Hwy 96 (East). Rock K Ranch is 2 1/2 miles east of Greenleaf on Highway 96. LIVE NATIVITY IN THE BARN Every 30 minutes. Starts at 5:30 PM. SPECIAL MUSIC & CAROLING in the Barn. FREE HAYRIDES Wagons leave every 20 minutes starting at 5:30 PM. Dress warmly. It’s a 40 minute round trip through woods to bonfire and back. BONFIRE IN THE WOODS Warm up & sing by the fire. WARMING SHED EVENTS: * * 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. “The Magic of Christmas” (with ventriloquist, puppets, illusions and more) FACE PAINTING FREE HOT CHOCOLATE, CIDER AND COOKIES HOT DOGS & CHIPS FOR SALE Questions? Call Alleluia Lutheran Church: 920/532-3892 ALL EVENTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE. DONATIONS ARE WELCOMED. Sponsored by Alleluia Lutheran Church, Greenleaf
  9. 9. Do you have a great writing Idea? Let's get together! STARTING JANUARY 5 Christian Writing Group At Our Saviour Lutheran 120 S. Henry St. Green Bay FirstMonday of themonth at 7:00 p.m. For more information, contact Deb or Stephenie.
  10. 10. Green Bay Lutheran School Association/Trinity Update Question: Why operate a Lutheran school? Answer (from the Lutheran School Portal To Nurture the Children’s Faith - Faith is nurtured by daily proclamation of the Gospel, teaching children the Word of God and how to read and understand that Word on their own, and by modeling and challenging students to live the Christian faith. We live in a changing society where instant gratification and pleasure are gaining importance, while traditional family and moral values are declining. A society where the dehumanization of people (born and unborn) is constantly assaulting us. In the face of these societal changes one thing becomes evident – the importance of having a Christian worldview and strong Christian faith. On a daily basis the teachers and staff at Green Bay Trinity work with parents, developing a strong faith foundation in their children by “nurturing mind and spirit”. It is a foundation rooted in the absolute truth that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself and was raised to forgive our sins and grant us eternal life. For as St. Paul points out in his letter to the Romans, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this; while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) It’s a foundation that teaches that what is right and what is wrong is identified in God’s Word and that such a foundation is timeless, consistent and reasonable for “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8) As an Association we have the opportunity to provide that Christian worldview to families in the greater Green Bay area. Assist us in fulfilling our mission of reaching all children in the community by spreading the word about Green Bay Trinity Lutheran as an option. Encourage families to look us up on the web (, on Facebook (, and on Twitter ( Suggest they contact the school at 655-4673 to set up a visit or attend the Open House in January. “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given” (Isaiah 9:6) - Do you have plans on Monday evening, December 15? The students of Green Bay Trinity invite you to attend their Christmas program at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary at Our Saviour. Hear the Christmas message as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Trinity Athletics - Come out and support the Trinity basketball teams! Here is the Eagles schedule for the month of December. Unless otherwise noted, games start at 4 pm (“C” girls) with the final game tipoff at approximately 7 pm (“A” boys). Game dates are also available at Friday, December 5 At St. Martin Clintonville Saturday, December 6 & 7 Boys & Girls “A” tournament at Fox Valley Lutheran Monday, December 8 At Zion Wayside (Girls “A” – 4 pm, Boys “A” – 5 pm) Friday, December 12 At Pilgrim Green Bay Tuesday, December 16 At Assumption Pulaski (Girls “C” – 4 pm, Boys “C” – 5 pm) Friday, December 19 Home vs Sacred Heart Be part of the excitement and cheer the Eagles to victory! Trinity Auction - The Trinity Auction is on Saturday, February 21, 2015. This year’s theme is “The Love Boat” with some exciting new aspects of the event being planned. Please prayerfully consider supporting the auction by attending, becoming an event sponsor, and/or donating “new” items to this major fundraiser for Trinity Lutheran School. Look for more information on this special event soon. We are still looking for an auctioneer for this year’s event, if you know someone who would be available and willing to donate their time please contact myself via email or the school at 655-4673. December GBLSA Board Meeting - The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 22 at 6:30 pm. If you would like to address the Board, please contact me to be placed on the agenda. As always please keep the Association and GB Trinity in your prayers, asking that God would guide us to do His will. God’s Blessings! Brad Van Lanen, GBLSA President
  11. 11. Advertisements in the business directory help Our Saviour defray the cost of ‘The Voice” each month. If you would like to advertise, please contact Michelle in the church office at (920) 468-4065 or Please support the sponsors who support us. “Our Saviour’s Voice” is published monthly by Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Vacancy Editor, Michelle Burhite. Please feel free to contact the church office with constructive suggestions and/or comments at Thanks to those who have already commented! We are always seeking more congregational input and submissions. OUR SAVIOUR STAFF Senior Pastor – David H. Hatch (920) 609-0248 Associate Pastor – Greg Hovland (920) 544-3614 Church Office – Michelle Burhite (920) 468-4065 Preschool Director – Christina Scholz (920) 468-3596 11
  12. 12. December 2014 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 3:15 pm BB practice 6:30 pm Elders 2 7am Bible Study 9am Bible Study 10:30am Staff Meeting 3:15pm BB Practice 7pm Choir Practice 3 6pm Praise Band 6pm Confirmation 7pm IMPACT 4 12:15pm Worship 3:15pm BB Practice 6:30pm Trad Worship 5 6 8am Men’s Open Gym & Bible Study 9am SS Christmas Pageant Practice 7 7:45am Trad Worship 7:45am Bible Study 9:15am Praise Worship 9:30am Bible Study 9:30am Sunday School 10am Voters’ Meeting 10:30am Bible Study 10:45am Trad Worship 8 3:15 pm BB practice 7:30pm Packers at Lambeau 9 7am Bible Study 9am Bible Study 10:30am Staff Meeting 3:15pm BB Practice 7pm Choir Practice 10 6pm Praise Band 6pm Confirmation 7:30pm Youth Board 11 12:15pm Worship 3:00 pm Fish Fry Prep 3:15pm BB Practice 6:30pm Trad Worship 12 5pm Monthly Fish Fry 13 8am Men’s Open Gym & Bible Study 9am SS Christmas Pageant Practice 14 MITE BOX SUNDAY 7:45am Trad Worship 7:45am Bible Study 9:15am Praise Worship 9:30am Bible Study 9:30am Sunday School 10:30am Bible Study 10:45am SS Christmas Pageant 6pm NEWLHS Concert at Redeemer Church 15 6:30pm Trinity Christmas Program 7;00pm Board of Education 16 7am Bible Study 9am Bible Study 10:30am Staff Meeting 3:15pm BB Practice 6pm PS Christmas Program/Family Night 7:15pm Choir Practice Preschool Christmas Break until January 5 17 5-7pm Soup Supper 5:30pm Live Nativity 6pm Live Nativity 6pm Praise Band 6:30pm Live Nativity 18 12:15pm Worship 3:15pm BB Practice 6:30pm Trad Worship 19 4pm Trinity BB Games 20 8am Men’s Open Gym & Bible Study 1:00pm Gym Rental 21 7:45am Trad Worship 7:45am Bible Study 9:15am Praise Worship w/Holy Baptism 9:30am Bible Study 10:30am Bible Study 10:45am Trad Worship 22 5:30pm Gym Rental 6:30pm GBLSA 7pm Stewardship Trinity Christmas Break Until January 5 23 7am Bible Study 9am Bible Study 10:30am Staff Meeting 7pm Choir Practice 24 Christmas Eve 1:30pm Praise Worship 3:30pm Praise Worship 5:30pm Traditional 7:30pm Traditional Michelle-Vacation NO SCRIP 25 Christmas 9:15am Worship OFFICE CLOSED 26 Michelle-Vacation NO SCRIP 27 8am Men’s Open Gym & Bible Study 12:00pm Gym Rental 28 7:45am Trad Worship 7:45am Bible Study 9:15am Praise Worship 9:30am Bible Study 10:30am Bible Study 10:45am Trad Worship 12pm Packers at Lambeau (time subject to change) 29 Michelle-Vacation NO SCRIP 30 7am Bible Study Michelle-Vacation NO SCRIP 31 New Year’s Eve 3:30pm BB Practice 6:30pm Worship Michelle-Vacation NO SCRIP Jan 1 OFFICE CLOSED Jan 2 5pm Trinity BB Practice Michelle-Vacation NO SCRIP Jan 3 8am Men’s Open Gym & Bible Study