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Team Meeting
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Team Meeting


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This is a CYSA tool for helping coaches have a productive team parent meeting.

This is a CYSA tool for helping coaches have a productive team parent meeting.

Published in: Sports, Health & Medicine

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  • This presentation is a tool to help coaches make their team parent meeting a positive and informative experience for everyone. The outline will offer some general items that most coaches will want to cover so the season starts with a shared understanding of what to expect. Please feel free to use what is helpful or modify the slides in a manner that works for you. THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS TOOL : California North Youth Soccer (Board of Directors) Chris Hayes (Recreation Representative, District III) Corey L. Nelson (Recreation Committee Chairperson) Karl Dewazien (CYSA-N Director of Coaching) Sandy Movahed (Recreation Representative, District III) Scott McDougal (Mustang League President, District III)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Team Meetings Made Easy Courtesy of the California Youth Soccer Association-North Recreation Committee July 2007
    • 2. EARTHQUAKES Team Meeting “GO QUAKES!” August 2007
    • 3. Agenda
      • Welcome and Introduction
      • About the Coach
      • Philosophy
      • Assistant Coach
      • Parents
      • Players
      • Practice
      • Game Day
      • Spectators
      • Volunteers
      • Dates
      • Paperwork
      • Teamwork
      • Questions?
    • 4. Welcome & Intros
      • Welcome to the team
      • Purpose of tonight’s meeting
      • Everyone say “hi” and give your name and your child’s name
      • Parent/Coach Promise: Kids First!
    • 5. About the Coach
      • My name is << insert name >>
      • Why I want to coach this team
      • Experience
        • Coaching history
        • Player experience
      • Responsibilities
        • Teach players the game, skills, team work
        • Set positive sportsmanship example
        • Provide fun and supportive environment
    • 6. Philosophy
      • Sportsmanship
        • Attitude on winning and losing
        • Display true sportsmanship on and off the field
      • Mutual Respect
        • Of and from ourselves, teammates, opponents, officials, coaches, parents
      • Dedication and Commitment
        • Being on time to practice, working hard to improve and support the team, respecting everyone’s time and skill that they give to the team
      • Teamwork over Individualism
        • Each player/coach/parent is an important and unique person that should be ready to contribute to the achievements of the team.
    • 7. Philosophy (cont.)
      • Goals for the Season
      • Personal Development
        • People grow over time at different intervals. The team is a changing dynamic of abilities and skills.
        • Soccer offers recreation, personal growth, opportunities in teamwork
        • KEEP IT FUN!
    • 8. Assistant Coach
      • My name is << insert name >>
      • Why I want to participate on this team
      • Experience
        • Coaching history
        • Player experience
      • Responsibilities
        • Assist the head coach
        • Oversee Goalkeeper training
        • Reinforce the goals of the Coach
    • 9. Parents
      • Volunteer to help the team
      • Help with practices when needed
      • Learn the “Laws of The Game” (
    • 10. Players
      • Appropriate gear
      • Equipment
      • No jewelry
      • Water/Snacks
      • Positive Attitude
      • Willingness to try
      • Playing time
    • 11. Volunteers Needed
      • Assistant Coach
        • Help coach with team management
        • Support coach’s model
        • Deputized as coach (as needed)
      • Team Parent
        • Facilitate communication between parents and coach
        • Help parents understand their role and the expectations of them
        • Arrange season-end team party
        • Oversee photo day
    • 12. Volunteers Needed (cont.)
      • Goal Setup/Tear Down
        • Orchestrate the goal setup/storage
      • Snacks Coordinator
        • Schedule families to bring snack to games
      • Pickup Patrol
        • After game clean up
      • Fundraising
        • Organize fundraising efforts
      • Banner
        • Create team banner
        • Bring to games
    • 13. Practice
      • <<< insert day, time, location >>
      • It is important that everyone come to practice prepared: water, equipment, positive attitude and ready to fully participate
      • Come to practice on time
      • Pick up players on time
      • Practice at home (parents and kids)
    • 14. Game Day
      • Arrive 30 minutes early
      • Arrive with proper gear, water and ready to play (no jewelry)
      • When injuries occur
      • <<< insert rainy day options >>
      • Safety first!
      • Goals MUST be staked down or no game.
    • 15. Spectators (anyone watching)
      • Respect the game and the players at all times
      • Provide a positive attitude and actions towards the game, players, coaches, and referees at all times
      • Respect opponents and celebrate both teams for their efforts
      • No alcohol, smoking, or foul language or gestures are permitted.
      • Remember that the game belongs to the players and the spectators are guests
    • 16. Dates
      • Season
      • Tournaments
      • Photo Day
      • Season End Party
    • 17. Paperwork
      • Player passes
        • Player photo
      • Paperwork
        • USYS form 1601 completed and signed
        • Form 1628 completed, signed, and approved
        • Parent-League agreement signed
        • CYSA Parent Guide received and read
    • 18. Team work
      • << Enter thoughts of how the parents and coaches work together towards the success of the team goals, just as the players work together on the field as a team .>>
    • 19. Contacts
      • Coach
        • <<insert name>>
        • <<insert email/phone>>
        • Best ways/times to get a hold of me
      • Age Group Coordinator
        • <<insert name>>
        • <<insert email/phone>>
      • League
        • <<insert phone>>
      • Field Conditions
        • <<insert phone/info>>
    • 20. Questions?
      • Thanks for coming to the team meeting today.
      • Everyone’s enthusiasm will make this a great season!