Falcons - 2009 - volunteer positions


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Falcons - 2009 - volunteer positions

  1. 1. Wanted Coaches / Assistant Coaches team Organize weekly practice sessions. Organize/discipline lines during games. Assist Head Coach and replace in case of absence. Check equipment during warm-up.Assist during training camps.Set game day line-ups.
  2. 2. Wanted Team Managers team Coordinate with coach coordinator and ensure there are coaches for every practice. Ensure liaison between coaches, parents and committee over any issue. Ensure team roster is up to date and inform secretary of changes. Ensure players are aware of club issues, games via e-mail, etc. Keep records of team player awards.
  3. 3. Wanted House League Coordinator house league Organize the season in-house championship. Define teams of matching strength with input from coaches. Update rules of HL Championship in close coordination with coaches. Ensure tracking of statistics and results. Set up referees for each game. Inform Web Site Coordinator for posting of results.
  4. 4. Wanted Tournament Coordinator off ice Liaise with tournament coordinators of other clubs. Set up schedule for tournaments hosted in Abu Dhabi. Arrange officials: referees, score keepers, speakers. Ensure ice time for games and tournaments in coordination with the committee. Inform other participating teams/clubs about timings, schedules, special issues. Allocate and mark changing rooms to participating teams on day of tournament. Organize trophies and "best player" certificates. Ensure food/catering options. organize with ice rink restaurant bar for opening times.
  5. 5. Wanted Hockey Camp Coordinator off ice Works in close coordination with coach coordinator. Assist in finding instructors, arranging schedules and defining programs on and off the ice. Liaise with Dubai/Al Ain for dates/fees. Liaise with other clubs for visiting players. Keep track of registration. Set list of players.
  6. 6. Wanted Score Keepers / Speakers off ice Record goals, assists and penalties. Announce scorers on PA system at games. Operate the clock. Play music between the games or during intermissions.
  7. 7. Wanted Equipment Coordinator off ice Ensure proper stock of jerseys and socks. Coordinates with production company and/or ice rink shop. Monitor limited stock of specialty items (neck guards).Track merchandise to be ordered, and secure approval from president and treasurer. Order required material. Keep inventory up to date.
  8. 8. Wanted Media Liaison off ice Contact local media (newspapers, radio stations, English and Arabic) in coordination with president. Inform media (newspapers) of upcoming events/games. Ensure sponsors are mentioned.
  9. 9. Wanted Web-Site Administrator off ice Update and maintain web-site in regular intervals. Update schedule and coach list on an appropriate basis. Liaise with president and/or secretary for regular updates.
  10. 10. Wanted Year End Gifts / Awards off ice Obtain quotes, determine YE player awards and provide YE pictures/plaques/etc. for sponsors; organize banquet.
  11. 11. Wanted Photographer off ice Document special events and provide pictures to website administrator.
  12. 12. Filled President Lennart Bardh Executive Call for and chair meetings to conduct club business. Define club philosophy and review with Committee. Ensure procedures are in place to follow club philosophy. Point of contact for UAE Hockey Committee (Dubai/Al Ain/AD/Oman). Approve expenses. Recruit non-elected positions. Special roles Ice rink liaison. Validate Schedule
  13. 13. Filled Vice President Jorgen Joero Executive Ensure club philosophy is followed. Ensure procedures are in place to follow club philosophy. Assist/act as backup to President’s roles. Special roles Liaison with Chamber of Commerce for Club status
  14. 14. Filled Treasurer Shelley Abusukheila Executive Ensure financial accounts are accurate, legitimate. Reconcile payments, receipts, invoices, request for funds. Prepare financial statements in Excel format for regular meetings.Estimate future cash flows/shortfalls. Check and pay monthly rink invoice.Collect registration fees.Disburse checks. Responsible for managing bank account. Open club account .
  15. 15. Filled Secretary Rita Raciti Executive Dispatch agenda/Arrange meeting room. Record meeting minutes. Send out (e-mail) general announcements in coordination with president. Maintain Committee data base. Maintain player database. Maintain UAE Committee database.
  16. 16. Filled Sponsorship Coordinator (s) Jim Buckingham / Maher Ali Executive Head organization of the Club's sponsorship efforts. Ensure proper follow-up, recognition letters to sponsors, appreciation. Recruit parent's involvement in sponsorship activities.
  17. 17. Filled Head Coach Mitch Schaufler Executive Recruit coaching team. Develop player skills/set practice program in coordination with coaches. Set game day line-ups. Assist and coordinate training camps in coordination with special coaches. Incorporate club philosophy in player/game decisions. Select rosters for games and explain to players.