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Churchill dmb bay area_strategy

  1. 1. partnership<br />Music as a vehicle for social change<br />
  2. 2. "IF THERE IS SOMETHING TO BE CHANGED IN THIS WORLD,THEN IT CAN ONLY HAPPEN THROUGH MUSIC." JIMI HENDRIX<br />Music has always been a reflection of the greater collective consciousness. More musicians are leading the way on things like change, creativity and social innovation.<br />It’s 2010, people are getting more involved and are becoming very aware of what’s going on in the world, and how every person can make a difference.<br />Today's young adults are extremely "cause" conscious and say that it's important to tie marketing campaigns aimed at them to social movements, such as the environment or education or other cause-related initiatives that could affect social change.<br />
  3. 3. Spark social change with your lyrics!<br />Enabling fans to make a positive impact in partnership with DMB and a worthy cause.<br />
  4. 4. Connect with the audience on a deeper level to express the greater purpose behind the music.<br />Intentions<br /><ul><li>Help Dave Matthews sell tickets by generating buzz.
  5. 5. Help a local non-profit in their fight to make social change.
  6. 6. Leverage DMB’s passion for social issues to engage the public.</li></li></ul><li>Who are we talking with?DMB fans in their 20s and 30s.Digital identities are a huge priority.Share as much as possible through social media and blogging.Care about making an impact in the world, usually by joining organizations, participating in marathons, volunteering, donating items and money, and supporting companies that are socially conscious.Creative – love photography, video, painting, writing, singing or playing music, or other creative endeavors.Have something to say.<br />
  7. 7. Who do we partner with?<br />The economy has taken a toll on most all non-profits that help people in need. Right here in the Bay Area there are more families than ever living in poverty. They’re lacking in food, shelter, education, health care, employment, and general wellness for their families.<br />Remind folks that the Bay Area leads change and we stand for opportunity and equality for all people. Prove it to the country by committing to endpoverty in our Bay Area neighborhoods and cities.<br />
  8. 8. Tipping PointCommunity<br />
  9. 9. What Tipping Point is all about<br />Ending poverty in the Bay Area. Poverty is preventable, not inevitable.<br />They raise millions and give grants to only the proven most effective agencies in the Bay Area that end the cycle of poverty for families – grantees are rigorously screened.<br />Have about 25 grantees that provide individuals and families with real help in the following areas: education, employment, housing and child/family wellness. These are critical for stopping the cycle of poverty.<br />Offer not only financial support, they give other real help too! They identify experts who can provide the professional services the grantees need for their operations to be even more effective. Provide assistance in the form of technology, strategic planning, legal assistance, development, board placement, human resources, capital projects &real estate support. <br />Tipping Point’s been around for 4 years;making a HUGE impact already!<br />
  10. 10. 100% impact, 0% overhead<br />Tipping Point’s board of directors are full of people committed to making change and using every dime raised to fund change. (The board underwrites all operating and fundraising costs.)<br />Just a few of the board members and leaders making poverty preventable with the Tipping Point community:<br />Katie Schwab, Jed York<br />Gideon Yu<br />Ronnie Lott<br />
  11. 11. community<br />Tipping Point<br />Thousands of donors and influential Bay Area leaders and residents in the community who donate and volunteer.<br />Events – benefit concerts, example: this year John Legend at the Warfield in San Francisco.<br />Believe in measuring their good intentions with tangible results. Organization is growing at an extremely fast pace due to real results in preventing poverty and changing people’s lives. Founded in 2005, already raised over $10 million where every dollar has gone to creating results and changing lives. On their way to being widely known.<br />Please visit their website and while you’re there, click on their press kit link to find out all about what they do and how they are truly creating change for people in the Bay Area.<br />Tipping Point Website<br />
  12. 12. Strategic<br />partnership<br />Dave promotes the agency and urges Bay Area fans to get passionate about ending poverty. Introduces folks to the Tipping Point community and invites people to start making social change right near home. (25% of Bay Area folks don’t make enough for basic needs.)<br />Gets people enthusiastically involved in the campaign and contest through internet engagement, creating buzz for the cause, and primarily for Dave Matthews’ visit to the Bay Area this summer.<br />
  13. 13. Campaign<br />Who says poverty is inevitable? Our generation knows anything is possible when we get together to create change. We are creative with endless ideas for how to improve the world. We just need the space to express ourselves… and a listening ear. That’s what this music is all about, inviting people, with the campaign’s Big Idea to…<br /> Spark social change with your lyrics.<br />
  14. 14. Contest!<br />How it works for fans:<br />DMB fans get inspired and create song lyrics for a song, which has to be about poverty and it’s effect on us… and they get the chance to have DMB turn it into a real song! (If DMB so decides… if not, another incentive can be strategized, maybe just win the tickets – see below.)<br />Lyrics must (generally) answer one of the following questions:<br /><ul><li>How can we end poverty?
  15. 15. What does a world without poverty look like?
  16. 16. How does poverty hurt us all?</li></ul>2 winners get 20 tickets to a private backstage concert with DMB, which is held before the main shows on August 25 & 28. (1 winner picked by public, 1 picked by DMB.) Top 10 finalists win 4 tickets each and choose date to attend. DMB will either show the winning video(s) or perform the winning song at this private show. <br />DMB fans as well as the general public get to vote for winning songs, thus creating the buzz on the internet that will generate the interest in DMB’s Bay Area concert dates…<br />
  17. 17. Contest details…<br />Fans will upload their videos of lyrics, spoken or sung, onto a YouTube channel, where the contest will be administered and set up for fans to vote on their favorites. By sharing submissions this way, fans can seek feedback, and get excited about the cause as well as the tour. Contest will be heavily promoted online on Facebook, Twitter, the DMB Web site, Tipping Point site, and Live Nation site. Also partner with magazines such as GOOD and others to spread the word. The new DMB phone app will be very useful too for helping fans in the Bay Area connect around the contest and further generate buzz for the concert.<br />
  18. 18. How it works for Tipping Point:<br />A limited # of tickets for this private backstage concert will be available for sale through Tipping Point’s, DMB’s and Live Nation’s Web sites for the highest bidders or for a set price. The sales become a donation that DMB would offer to Tipping Point at the beginning of the concert as a check presentation, when the need to fight poverty, even here in the Bay Area, can be reiterated.<br />Tipping Point, by selling the tickets to the highest bidders on their site, would be promoting the DMB brand to a highly influential circle of people within the Bay Area. Tipping Point would also offer a side contest for all the social workers that work within their large group of grantee organizations that are dispersed around the Bay Area. The workers that share the most touching stories of how they’ve helped change someone’s life win tickets to the private concert as well. In these ways, Tipping Point is not only lending a cause to help DMB connect with Bay Area residents, through the YouTube contest, but they are also actively promoting the DMB concert to a large captive audience.<br />Tipping Point would run a booth at the concert and offer games and giveaways for the folks who sign up to get info about VolunteerMatch that day.<br />
  19. 19. Why folks will love this campaign<br />Because it’s an interactive world now. We’re less interested in being passive listeners and participating with the band and music we love is the ultimate dream. It’s an opportunity to be creative, make an impact, become famous, and have fun too… A great summer project for fans… with a chance to win!<br />How this helps Tipping PointGreat partnership opportunity with a globally admired music brand. Grants attention to boost the agencies awareness in the Bay Area and momentum to a growing and deserving community. Demographics of fans align too! <br />*PR for both Tipping Point and DMB, spotlighting the combined effort of non-profits and the music industry to combat the rise in poverty in the Bay Area, addressing how since we’ve been in this recession there’s more people suffering.<br />How Dave Matthews Band benefits<br />Chance for band to lead the future of fan interaction in a complex media landscape where fans are seeking more connection. Creates buzz for the tour with digital chatter and energy all across the Internet. Radio and TV messages grant attention with purpose. Tipping Point promotes DMB through the Bay Area, fans feed the excitement for the tour in the digital space, and DMB sells more tickets, and do more of what they love: support worthy causes & perform for the masses!<br />everyone wins<br />
  20. 20. Thank you! Presentation by Christina Churchill, Academy of Art, May 5, 2010<br />