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  • Forms/Clauses database (Wang terminal)Judges database (dBase IV)CLE database (dBase IV)DMS, CMS, CRM evaluation/implementation (PC Docs, Imanage, NetDocuments, Interaction, Salesforce)Intranets (mainframe Unix systems, Cold Fusion/MS SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle)Research portal Brief Bank (print volumes - print indexes, DMS)Computer company - Ideas to patents systemFIDO – Precedent database (ISYS Web)West kmDeals database (Elite/Interaction (Matters)/SydneyPlus)Expert witness database (Interaction (Contacts)/SydneyPlus)Judges (Interaction)
  • Predicting what’s next can make one appear foolish
  • No matter the technology, it still takes people making a connection to share knowledge. The individual receiving the knowledge must internalize it for a true transferIs mobile the right access point?
  • Final sla 2013 sharesite presentation

    2. 2. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEPresentersCatherine Monte, Chief Knowledge Officer, Fox Rothschild LLPNola Vanhoy, Director of Practice Innovation, Alston & BirdNina Platt, Senior Director of Legal Market Services, LAC GroupCaroline Jones, Reference Librarian, Crowell & Moring LLP
    3. 3. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEHow I came to KM - Nola• Started as Engineering/Sciences Special Librarianand then became a Lawyer (Both MSLS and JD arefrom UNC – Chapel Hill)• Started a Knowledge Services group a little over 14years ago for a law firm• Director of Practice Innovation – past eight yearsOversee KM, software development, softwaresupport, and technology training for the Firm.• Have served in various organizational KM committeeand leadership roles. Currently Chair of the LexMundi KM Subcommittee
    4. 4. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZE• Began as a paralegal• Masters in library science at Columbia University• Worked in London based firm with KM culture• Co-founded KM peer group at ILTA• Chief Knowledge Officer at Fox Rothschild for 13years. Projects include intranet, clientextranets, expertise, Enterprise Search, custompractice tools. Teams include library, CI & riskresearch and technical solutions team.How I came to KM - Catherine
    5. 5. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEHow I came to KM - Nina• Accepted job as Information Specialist at a firmeven though I didn’t understand the jobdescription – managing Tax group km• Master of Science in Library and InformationScience – Dominican University• Wrote the first articles on KM in law firms• Co-founded ILTA KM Peer Group• Currently Senior Director, Market Intelligence &Research Services
    7. 7. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEHistory/Background in the Legal Market• Legal industry struggled trying to defineKnowledge Management and implement KMinitiatives• Definitional challenge is still an issue• Early initiatives centered around:– 1st generation intranets– Developing Communities of Practice– Document assembly and precedent banks
    8. 8. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZENola’s Early Initiatives• Model Documents – early HotDocs work andother templates in Forms bank• Databases for deals within the firm, firstexperience was using the library catalog for adeals database when there was anotherdatabase tool with web interface• Early portal development for firm’s Intranet• Precedent bank development
    9. 9. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZECatherine’s Early Initiatives• Firm Intranet• Forms Bank for Labor Department• Outside Counsel Database• Expert Database• WestKM for Litigation• Risk Mitigation Research & GC Support• Competitive Intelligence Research
    10. 10. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZENina’s Early Initiatives• Forms/Clausesdatabase• Judges database• CLE database• DMS, CMS, CRMIntranets• Research portal• Brief Bank• Computer company- Ideas to patentssystem• FIDO – Precedentdatabase• West km• Deals database• Expert witnessdatabase• Judges
    11. 11. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZECurrent Trends in Legal KM
    12. 12. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZE• Acceptance of KM as part of law firm/legaldepartment world• Roles expanded– Research (beyond legal to include risk, etc.)– CI– Project Management: AFAs and Fixed Fees• Projects include:– portals, expertise location, enterprise search (big datachallenge)Current Trends in Legal KM
    14. 14. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZESystems Have it, and KM is fully responsibleModels/precedents collection 52%Legal Research/opinions collection 48%Intranet or portal 37%Enterprise-wide search (e.g., Recommind) 30%Web 2.0 collaboration tools, e.g., wikis, blogs, teamsites 30%Concept-based search (i.e. WestKM, Real Practice) 26%Matter pages on firm intranet - for aggregating information about mattersfrom different systems and making it accessible, might contain financialinformation, team lists, matter calendar25%Experience management (i.e. system to search across multiple repositories totrack experience)24%Extranets 23%Competitive Intelligence 20%Expertise location (i.e., self-selecting expertise identification) 20%ILTA KM Survey – Top 10 Projects
    15. 15. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZECatherine’s Current Initiatives• SharePoint Upgrades• Intranet• Teamsites• Client Extranets• WestKM Upgrade• Attorney Expertise / Skills Revamp• Competitive Intelligence- Strategic Level• Project Management- Admin
    16. 16. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZENola’s Current Initiatives• Today the KM work in my firm centers around:– Strategic Business Development and Risk– Efficiency– Effectiveness• Not always clear what is and isn’t a KM Projectbecause of software responsibilities
    17. 17. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZENola’s Current Initiatives -Process and Technology• In US firms, technology drives a lot of KMinitiatives. Currently we are working on:– Enterprise Search– Firmwide University– SharePoint Upgrades– Mobile Apps Deployment and How Attorneys Work– Extranets– Competitive Intelligence
    18. 18. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZENina’s Current Initiatives• SharePoint• Intranet• Teamsites• Social Networking - Yammer• Research management system• CRM - Salesforce• Project Management
    19. 19. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEFuture Predictions – Legal KM
    20. 20. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEThis telephone hastoo manyshortcomings to beseriously consideredas a means ofcommunication. Thedevice is inherently ofno value to us. Amemo at WesternUnion, 1878Future Predictions – Legal KM
    21. 21. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZETransmission ofdocuments via telephonewires is possible inprinciple, but theapparatus required is soexpensive that it willnever become a practicalproposition. DennisGabor, British physicistand author of Inventingthe Future, 1962Future Predictions – Legal KM
    22. 22. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEFuture Predictions – Legal KM• Early adopter predictions/hopes/dreams– We will store and retrieve our firms collectiveknowledge (to improve the delivery of legal services)– Partners and administrators will implement feestructures and compensation plans that make sharingand reusing knowledge work– We will create an environment where sharedknowledge is valued• Nina Platt, 1997
    23. 23. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEFuture Predictions – Legal KM• Morphing of KM (PWP) + DM (WIP) + RM(client/firm files) products into one ex. SharePoint• KM + IM + PM + CM = LPM• Mobile access to content dwarfs intranet accessbefore Intranet/Portal advances as a moremature KM platform• Placing information in context to set the stage forknowledge creation will increase with the use ofBig Data
    24. 24. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEFuture Predictions – Legal KM• Knowledge capture, transfer, and reuseimproves but lack of meaningful metadatacontinues to be a problem• Use of collaboration with clients and othercounsel grows• Findability trumps search• Personalization – knowledge at point of need –Tell me what I need to know!• KM moves deeper within workflow
    25. 25. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEFuture Predictions – Legal KM• Unfortunate predictions– Metadata continues to be undervalued byorganizations not willing to pay for the best internalsearch– Expert and expertise location still struggles– Social networking continues to search for a homewithin law firms
    26. 26. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZENina’s Future Projects• Integration of Salesforce, SharePointdocuments, and Yammer with SharePointdashboards• Enhancements to research management system• Alerts management system• Project management/Process improvement
    27. 27. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZENola’s Future Projects• Enterprise Content Management– Information Silos– Experience Projects– Enterprise Search– The DMS is Email, Email is the DMS ?• Knowledge about People and Clients– E.g. Integrating email metrics with the firm’s CRMsystems (e.g. Contactnet)– Push applications to the desktop with metrics onClients (e.g. internal apps, Company Profiler)
    28. 28. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZENola’s Future Projects• KM’s Role in Legal Workflow and ProcessImprovement– Using Social Connectors/Tagging forCommunities/Groups– Mobility and BYOD• Recession --How do we respond to the changingworld of law firm competition?– Fee Arrangements and the role of KM– Building on Client Collaboration Projects in thecurrent Pipeline– More interface between KM and Project Management
    29. 29. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZE• SharePoint Integration – Advanced• Enterprise Search• Mobile Apps Store / Mobile Practitioner• Client Extranets– Watermarking and Statistics• Project Management – LegalCatherine’s Future Projects
    30. 30. CONNECT • COLLABORATE • STRATEGIZEmanagementcollaborationSharePointworkflowdatafunctionalitysearchresearchinterfaceintegrationsolutionswebsystemssocial usersitedesignexpertiseapplicationcreativeEnterpriseSearchknowledgestreamlineOn-call resultstrainingCLE’sroutingefficiencydeskbookssupportanalysisextranetsFoxNetdevelopmentpartnershipsanswersinsight trendsopportunitiesProjectmanagement