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Lesson plan #3
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Webquest - Plan#3

Webquest - Plan#3

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  • 1. Lesson plan #34th gradeTeachers: Micaela Brot, Carla PodwornyPattern of interaction: From groups to whole class.Topic: The life-cycle of the butterflyWarmer (5’)Ss will play the “Match it – sentence” game from the web page: http://www.spellingcity.com/.The teachers have previously introduced some key words (caterpillar, butterfly, metamorphosis,chrysalis, egg) that will be included in the game. Ss will have to find the sentence in which they can fitthese words and match them.Ss will access this link: Spelling GameWeb (25’)
  • 2. Activity #1 (7’)Spelling city: WordsearchSs will access the link and will play with this word search. They will have to find 8 wordsthat teachers have already introduced, related to butterflies and their life-cycle.Activity #2 (7’)Spelling city: HangMouseSs will access the link and will have to guess the word by picking letters.
  • 3. Activity #3 (15’)WebquestWe’ll finish working with the webquest “Caterpillars”We’ll work on point 5: Ss will have to go back to the book “The very hungry caterpillar”,find the stages of the life-cycle of the butterfly there, and relatingthe information they have gathered from the internet with the character from the book,they will have to make a poster explaining the process it undergoes. Ss will workaltogether on the poster.
  • 4. The process in the book:What next (10’)After having made the poster, teachers will divide the class into 4 groups. Each group willexplain briefly one stage of the life-cycle of the butterfly, as displayed on the drawings.Afterwards, teachers will collect Ss’ work on their word documents.