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Webquest - Evaluation of websites

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Evaluation of websites

  1. 1. Evaluation of websites1) Caterpillar’s anatomy:http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/butterfly/activities/printouts/caterpillarprintout.shtml1- Accuracy: Enchanted learning wrote this page. It’s a site in which you can become a subscriber and access to all its content.2- Currency: this page is up-to-date. Its information coincides with other sources. This page was last updated in 2010.3- Content: this site offers our learners all the information they need to complete theactivities supplied by the teacher.4- Functionality: there are four other links to which students can have access for moreinformation. They work perfectly well.In these sites you can find a wide variety of pictures, diagrams and activities forchildren.2) Facts on caterpillarshttp://www.ehow.com/info_8088319_caterpillars.html
  2. 2. 1- Accuracy: this article was written by Claire Louise who was a top contributor. ClaireLouise started writing professionally in 2007. She has written for the "NewcastleMorning Herald" and had diet and fitness-related articles published in "Slimming andHealth" magazine. Louise holds a Bachelor of Communications from the University ofNewcastle.This page is called eHow – Discover the expert in you.The information about the life of the caterpillar coincides with other articles.The references used in this page are:Switcheroo Zoo: CaterpillarButteryfly House: Frequently Asked Questions about CaterpillarsTrek Nature: Cinnabar caterpillarEncounter South Africa: South African Cuisine - A Melting PotUniversity of Florida: Stinging and Venomous Caterpillars; D.E. Short, D.H. Habeck andJ.L. Castner2- Currency: this site was last updated in 2012. Its content is really up-to-date and it isthe same information as you can find in other web pages.3- Content: its content is very easy to read so that students can understand it withoutmuch difficulty. It includes a lot of links to navigate and to find more information onthe topic. Its images are from real natural life, activities for children, crafts and videos.4- Functionality: all the content from the page works without any difficulties and quitefast.3) More about caterpillars:http://kids.sandiegozoo.org/animals/insects/butterfly
  3. 3. 1- Accuracy: this page belongs to the San Diego Zoo. It’s an excellent page to look forinformation about insects and all the information it provides is written by experts onthe subject.2- Currency: this page was last updated in 2012. Its creators modify the informationconstantly.3- Content: the first impression children will get while searching this page will befantastic. As you open it it’s full of colors, images from all types of animals, it has realsound from these creatures all the time, real videos, real photographs, games,activities and all the information about the zoo. Children will be spending a lot of timein this page because its information is really easy to follow and it’s really interesting.4- Functionality: this page is full of links which students can visit without stoppingsearching for information or playing games. Videos, photos and its real sound are ofhigh quality.4) The life-cycle of the butterfly – video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8sAHQYvVf0&feature=fvsr
  4. 4. 1- Accuracy: this is a video uploaded in you tube. It was taken from the ‘Turtle diary’page. You’ll find over 1,000 interactive educational games, kids video resources,science and experiments. It was created by educators for parents and teachers.2- Currency: It was last updated in 2012. Its information coincides with other pages.3- Content: this site was created for children to enjoy learning by playing games usingthe internet and the computer. It also contains worksheets, jigsaw and couple games,arts and crafts and kids stories on any topic you want to work on.Teachers can also find lesson plans.4- Functionality: this page is full of colors, videos and activities which work perfectlywell. Students won’t find any problems when navigating this site.5) The body of the butterfly:http://www.english-online.at/biology/butterflies/butterflies-and-moths.htm
  5. 5. 1- Accuracy: this page was created by Klaus Rosmanitz. He studied English andGeography at the University in Graz, where he received a Master’s Degree in 1981. Hehas had over 25 years of teaching experience at the Bundes-Oberstufengymnasium inDeutchlandsberg, Styria. In the past years, he has been working on special projects likeEnglish across the Curriculum.2- Currency: this site was last updated on August 2012.3- Content: This website is specially designed for learners of English. The articles arecarefully chosen and rewritten, so that they can be more easily understood. Eacharticle has a vocabulary list at the end. There are a few hundred topics and specialnews articles in various categories. It has many exercises for children to complete,videos, news articles and photos related to the topics searched.4- Functionality: all these site’s features work well and every link being offered by thispage does not present any difficulty to surf.6) Butterflies’ anatomy:http://teachers.greenville.k12.sc.us/sites/aproches/INSECT%20PROJECT/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=21- Accuracy: this is a blog created by a teacher for her students. She graduated fromuniversity with a Bachelor’s of arts degree in early childhood in 2007. The informationfound in this blog is taken from others and every piece of information agrees.2- Currency: this site was last modified in 20093- Content: this blog offers great websites to surf about literacy, games for kids,animals’ activities, world’s pictures and videos, etc. All these links work well.4- Functionality: this site offers projects students have made on insects and you canopen each of them without any difficulties.
  6. 6. 7) The life-cycle of the butterfly - Information and videoshttp://www.thebutterflysite.com/life-cycle.shtml1- Accuracy: this site is frequently visited for the most complete and current butterflyinformation on the internet. These butterfly pages contain articles written by Masterof Science degreed Entomologist Randi Jones as well as butterfly links to sites all overthe web for EVEN MORE information on butterflies.2- Currency: All information is updated frequently. It does not say the last time it wasupdated.3- Content: in this site you can explore 12 butterfly topics with over 125 pages packedfull of butterfly information. You can also check out all the fun, butterfly activities andcoloring pages. Read fun facts to amaze your friends or learn about butterfly biology.There is a butterfly activity page that you can explore for fun projects like rearing LIVEbutterflies, coloring pages, pictures on butterflies, winter activities with butterflies andreal videos about the life-cycle of the caterpillar. There are also some useful butterflylife cycle and monarch butterfly links suggested from other pages.
  7. 7. 4- Functionality: the videos and its sounds work well. The quality of the images is ofhigh-definition. All the links suggested by the page are not broken.8) Longman Dictionaryhttp://www.ldoceonline.com/1- Accuracy: this site was created by Pearson Longman2- Currency: it was last updated on May 2012. All the information provided by this sitecoincides with the other pages.3- Content: it provides:Dictionary Search - Fully searchable contents of the A-Z text of the Longman Dictionaryof Contemporary EnglishEnglish Pronunciation - Selected headwords pronounced in British and AmericanEnglish (Buy the full CD-ROM version for pronunciation of ALL headwords, includingnames of people and places)Example Sentences - Selected example sentences pronounced, to help improve theintonation.Reading and writing solutions - Words, phrases and meanings. Longman writingassistant. Word combinations. Collocation and word focus boxes.4- Functionality: all its examples and links provided to the learners are very easy tofollow and open.9) The Wordsmyth Dictionaryhttp://www.wordsmyth.net/
  8. 8. 1- Accuracy: In the early 1980s, while Robert Parks was on a Fulbright Fellowship inJapan, he did some consulting with a Japanese electronics company. They wereinterested in adding functionality for students to their computers. He eventuallyagreed to develop a dictionary for them. Our editing manual and procedures involveduse of both primary and secondary sources. Dr. Parks direction, a group full-timeeditors (whose number varied from two to four during the project) and a staff ofwriters, eventually numbering over twenty, worked in Ithaca for over five yearsproducing an original American English Dictionary. This was a distinguished group ofwriters and editors, many of whom held advanced degrees.2- Currency: it was last updated in 2012. All the information provided by this sitecoincides with the other English dictionary pages.3- Content: you can create a multiple choice quiz using words or definitions as clueswith fully customizable answer choices; take quizzes online- the process of creating aquiz is the same as always, but when youre done, you can choose to print it orto complete it online and get instant feedback; antonyms; real audio pronunciations;new images and animations; thousands of new example sentences; the WordsmythBeginners Dictionary-Thesaurus has very easy-to-read entries written with a simpledefining vocabulary of 2000 words.4- Functionality: all its examples and links provided to the learners are very easy tofollow and open.10) The Hangman gamehttp://www.hangman.no/
  9. 9. 1- Accuracy: the reference of the author is not mentioned (it’s a game).2- Currency: the reference of the date is not mentioned3- Content: in this application you can play existing games, play against a friend ormake your own word lists for online distribution. This game uses Flash. You can clickthe on-screen keyboard or use your actual keyboard to input letters.4- Functionality: this game does not present other links. The page works without anyproblems