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Plan #2


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Assignment #2 - Hot Potatoes - Lesson Plan 2

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Plan #2

  1. 1. Micaela BrotCarla PodwornyLesson Plan #22nd formBook:Communicative goal:Distinguishing between summer and winter clothesGrammar focus: “I am /He/she is wearing…”Vocabulary focus: Clothes (Bathing suit, cap, jeans, jacket, sandals, scarf,shorts, skirt, t-shirt, wolly hat)Recycled language: SeasonsREVISION CLASSRoutines: (5 minutes)T will sing the hello song along with the students. Then, she will ask what theweather is like, and they’ll sing the weather song.Activation (5 minutes)Ss will play the game “What’s missing?” T will stick clothes flashcards on theBB. She’ll elicit the name of each. When the T indicates, Ss close their eyes.When she says “ready” Ss can open them. They have to look at the BB andguess what flashcard is missing.Application: (25 minutes)Activity #1: Let’s sing the song. (5 minutes)Description: We’ll listen to a song on clothes. First Ss have to spot the clothesthat are mentioned. Afterwards, they’ll sing the song all together.
  2. 2. Activity #2: Order the words. (10 minutes)J-mixDescription: Ss have to put the words in order to form sentences.
  3. 3. Activity #3: Complete the crossword! (10 minutes)J-crossDescription: Ss have to look at the hints and complete the crossword.Reflection (5 minutes)Underline the clothes in the following sentences: a) I am wearing new jeans. b) Sheila is wearing a horrible bathing suit. c) Peter is wearing a red cap. d) Jenny is wearing a cool skirt. e) Mark is wearing an awful t-shirt.