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Presentation at Education Entertainment Intl conference, held in Delhi, November 2011

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  • My childrens new after school care environment
  • Learning about Living is a project that runs in Nigeria, it was co-created in 2007, for which we led the process and has now reached above 120,000 young people with combined eLearning and mobile strategies, 120 teachers, in 5 states and a number of teacher training colleges, My pet peeve that folk hearing that we were designers assumed we had chosen the colours on the cd cover, and i always said no, we design the learning experience, the usability the logistics of the useage, the needs of all the relevant actors, its the whole process, So that got me to ask the question what is actually our role as a designer and is it perhaps that we get the right people together, do we perhaps design the solution network in our attempts to think holistically about all the linsk in the chain of the solution
  • Really happy to see the initiatives pouring in, the crowd really took part
  • The team, this node in the network has become perhaps the most important one
  • The team, this node in the network has become perhaps the most important one
  • 05/26/10 05/26/10
  • The most popular phones in Nairobi amongst youth from the informal settlements, who have some income are in the Nokia 5300 Xpress range.Traffic is so bad that you can sit in a Matatu for as much as 3 hours a day, at home there is noTV and this phone with its huge SD card for all your MP3’s, videos and of course facebook access is worth the large investment
  • Co-design-ee5-emer

    1. 2. What do we do? Butterfly Works is a social design studio (ngo status) for * digital learning programs * mobile games * online social campaigns for young people on life topics. We believe in a co-design approach: working with users on contents and methods. Supported by the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs and working often in partnership with Oxfam Novib (partners).
    2. 4. And You! What social change question are you working on? And how might digital tools help? . .
    3. 5. How can we make the Nigerian 'Family life & HIV education' curriculum . . -Interactive -Easy to implement -Teacher and youth friendly -Usable in and out of school -Country-wide relevance -Offer support to individuals
    4. 6. Co-design workshop
    5. 7. The 4 V irtual peer educators, (social learning, modelling)
    6. 8. A website & cd-rom with 25 Lessons with 'Info-cartoons', games & mobile helpline (Behaviour change)
    7. 9. How can we recognise the efforts of grassroots peace workers in Kenya and encourage more local inter-community efforts? Conditions: Verrry small budget Has to reach rural rural
    8. 10. National competition, sms to enter
    9. 11. Open source, Ushahidi platform, Bloggers spread the word, Facebook, Local language Radios
    10. 12. The Building Bridges team, call or sms they call you back
    11. 13. How can we improve education quality in secondary schools in Afghanistan and keep girls at school ?
    12. 14. Work in progress . . . video
    13. 15. How can we increase understanding and reflection about the causes of conflict and poverty? For teenagers in East Africa
    14. 18. Get H20, mobile game, (experiential learning, stages of change)
    15. 19. What social change question are you working on? And how might digital tools help? . .
    16. 20. Answer these questions: email answers to [email_address] for suggestions on relevant mobile tools What media channels are you currently using for your campaign and what are the main messages and impact you wish to reach? Is your user: (semi) Literate? Urban / rural? / all have the same language? / age range? / busy? /gender? / interests? Perceived need: Do users want / need the info? Who might have relevant knowledge / advice? Where are they? / do they speak the same languages? / what access to tech have they? Content: Is it taboo? Time pertinent? (emergency) /other?
    17. 21. Keep in mind: * it's probably more similar to other media than you think * it's cheaper * it's all dialgoue Harness the power in your network