Oracle LabPas for Phase I Clinic Automation


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Oracle LabPas for Phase I Clinic Automation

  1. 1. Live Demo: Oracle LabPasfor Phase I Clinic AutomationOctober 18, 2012Param SinghVice President,Clinical Trial Management SolutionsBioPharm SystemsEd DoughertySenior Sales ConsultantOracle Health Sciences GBU
  2. 2. Welcome & IntroductionsParam SinghVice President of Clinical Trial Management SolutionsBioPharm Systems• CTMS practice head since 2007– Expertise in managing all phases and styles of clinical trials– Leads the team that implements, supports, and enhances Oracle’s LabPasand Siebel Clinical solutions• Extensive Siebel Clinical implementation experience– 11+ years of experience implementing Siebel Clinical– 15+ implementations– Spearheaded the creation of the Siebel Clinical “accelerator” ASCEND
  3. 3. Welcome & Introductions (cont.)Ed DoughertySenior Sales ConsultantOracle Health Sciences Global Business Unit• 17+ years of experience in Life Sciences– Primary focus: clinical development– Facilitates client understanding of Oracle Health Sciencesapplications through presentations, demonstrations, and workshops– Prior to joining Oracle, worked for Medidata, leadingimplementations of their EDC solution and helping to define theirproduct strategy
  4. 4. Welcome & IntroductionsCTMS Practice ServicesImplementationsManage implementations of SiebelClinical, Siebel Clinical ASCEND, andOracle Health Sciences LabPas.IntegrationsBuild interfaces between Siebel Clinicalor LabPas and other clinical and non-clinical systems.TrainingDevelop and/or deliver standard andcustom training classes and materials.Process GuidanceProvide insight, advice, and solutionsto specific clinical trial managementissues.
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda• Welcome and Introductions• What is LabPas?• Who needs LabPas?• Why choose LabPas?• Live Demonstration of Oracle Health Sciences LabPas• Q&A
  6. 6. What is LabPas?• Sophisticated phase I clinic automation system– Allows organizations to create, manage, and automate many tasksinvolved in Phase I clinical trials, such as:• Recruiting clinical study volunteers• Electronically capturing and edit-checking data at the source• Sharing real-time data with sponsors and investigators– Benefits of LabPas include:• Shortened recruitment timelines• Better data integrity• Improved compliance
  7. 7. Who needs LabPas?• Organization that runs multiple phase I clinical trialssimultaneously and wish to:– Reduce costs– Increase efficiency– Improve compliance– Gain a competitive edge• Examples:– Independent phase I clinics– Clinical research organizations (CROs)– Academic research organizations (AROs)– Pharmaceutical companies with their own phase I clinics
  8. 8. Why choose LabPas?• Compared to competitors:– Greater security– Scalable– Supports multi-clinic organizations– SaaS/Hosted option available– Backed by Oracle• Reasons to believe:– First product to host a multi-clinic CRO– Chosen by 3 of the Top-5 CROs, after considering all available solutions
  9. 9. Oracle Health Sciences LabPas
  10. 10. Q&A
  11. 11. ClosingThank you for attending!This webinar will be posted on www.biopharm.comwithin 24 hoursParam Singh of 877-654-0033+44 (0) 1865 910200Ed Dougherty of 800-633-0643