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Learn more about the continuing education offerings at Central Penn College

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Virtual Open House Presentation

  2. 2. Mission Since 1881, Central Penn’s mission is to provide an education that prepares its graduates to obtain employment or advancement in their chosen field, continue their education, and be contributing members of society. Core ValuesIntegrity | Professionalism | Service | Respect | Educational Focus
  3. 3. YOU WILL: LEARN ABOUT CENTRAL PENNParticipant Poll: What are your biggest questions and concerns about going back to school? A. How can I find the time with my busy schedule? B. How much will it cost? What financial aid and scholarship options are available? C. What credits will transfer? How can I get my transcripts evaluated? D. How long will it take me to finish my degree? E. All of the above! F. Other? “The secret to getting ahead is just getting started.” ~ Mark Twain
  4. 4. Central Penn College “Brand Promise”Central Penn provides an education that eliminates boundaries, opens new horizons and turns potential into career success. Click screen to start video
  5. 5. YOU WILL: LEARN ABOUT CENTRAL PENNParticipant Poll: Why are you considering furthering your education? A. Career change B. Career advancement and/or promotion C. Personal accomplishment “The secret to getting ahead is just getting started.” ~ Mark Twain
  6. 6. YOU WILL: LEARN ABOUT CENTRAL PENN The success of our graduates demonstrates the value of a Central Penn education; you too can get ahead and become a leader in your field!Based on our most recent One-Year Graduate Survey, 83.7% of ourgraduates were employed in their chosen field or continuing their education within one year of graduation.
  7. 7. YOU WILL: LEARN ABOUT CENTRAL PENN Central Penn “At a Glance”● Regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education● Offers bachelor and associate degree programs● Locations in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lehigh Valley and Online; onsite degreecompletion programs at partner institutions● Evening and online classes to meet the needs of a busy adult● Concentrated, quarterly terms year-round – with start dates in January,April, July, October – allow students to get where they want to go faster● Experienced faculty who work in the field they teach● Average Class Size: 16
  8. 8. The “Big Eight” Philosophies Appearance Attendance Conduct Drug and Alcohol Use Grades Hands-on Education Service/Community Service Technology
  9. 9. YOU WILL: LEARN ABOUT CENTRAL PENN Central Penn provides a proven educational experience that is career-relevant.Central Penn Program Offerings:•8 Bachelor of Science Degree Programs 125 credits *New for Fall! Organizational Leadership bachelors degree!•7 Associate in Science Degree Programs 77 credits•3 Associate in Applied Science Degree Program 62 credits•Concentrations to target your degree to your field 18-24 credits Academic Catalog
  10. 10. YOU WILL: RECEIVE SUPPORT WITH CENTRAL PENNNeed Help Deciding What Career and Degree Programs are Best for You? Talk with an Admissions Counselor today!
  11. 11. YOU WILL: LEARN ABOUT CENTRAL PENN Central Penn OnlineCentral Penn offers the convenience ofonline education with a high standard ofacademic quality! Online education hasproven to be a very popular choice forindividuals looking to further their education.Central Penn currently offers 12 degreesfully online!Central Penns online classes areasynchronous. Students can attend class anytime, from anywhere in the world –conveniently fitting school into already busyschedules. Access to a Sample Online Class Login/Password: “demo” Click image to try it now!
  12. 12. YOU WILL: RECEIVE SUPPORT WITH CENTRAL PENN"It can be very intimidating to return to college,especially for adult learners who have been out ofthe classroom for an extended period. We fullyunderstand that you will have specific concerns,and our faculty are fully prepared to assist you asyou transition back into college. Your success isour success, and we will provide numeroussupport systems and learning resources in orderto help you achieve your educational goals." Mike DiVecchio, Central Penn Instructor Chat with Mike now!
  13. 13. YOU WILL: LEARN ABOUT CENTRAL PENNParticipant Poll: How long have you been thinking about going back to school? A. Less than a year B. 1-2 years C. 5 years or more “The secret to getting ahead is just getting started.” ~ Mark Twain
  14. 14. YOU WILL: RECEIVE SUPPORT WITH CENTRAL PENN“Returning to school as an adult wasintimidating. Although I would never change it,having a full-time job and family kept me frommoving forward in my career. Imagine mysurprise when I found that Central Penn Collegecould help me make my dream of getting mybachelor’s degree a possibility. The flexibility ofthe coursework allowed me to complete mydegree while still meeting my responsibilitieselsewhere. The education I received alsoprepared me for master’s degree work. Central Michelle Meiser,Penn taught me “I can” do anything I set my Adult Student and Graduatemind to, and “I will” always be grateful for that! Chat with Michelle now!
  15. 15. YOU WILL: MAKE IT WORK WITH CENTRAL PENN● Convenient: Evening classes only one night a week an online classesprovide the flexibility necessary to get ahead while still being able tomanage the demands of a busy life.●Accelerated: 11-week terms offered year-round allow you to accomplisha degree – and advance your career – faster.●Transfer Credits: Credits from other institutions are evaluated to applytowards a degree.● Affordable: Central Penn understands your need for anaffordable education. In addition to Financial Aid opportunities such asgrants, loans and scholarships to those who qualify, Central Penn also offersa Deferred Tuition Agreement Plan, 3-Month Payment Plan and specialtuition rates for active-duty Military.
  16. 16. YOU WILL: See what others See what others GET AHEAD are saying about are saying about Central Penn by Central Penn by WITH CENTRAL PENN searching searching #CentralPenn on #CentralPenn on Twitter! Twitter!●Work/Life Experience: Earn up to 9 credits for associate degrees and18 for bachelor’s degrees. Use experience at work to save time and moneyas work/life experience credits are only charged at one-third credit tuition.●Lifetime Career Services Benefits: Use your Central Penn degree totake your career to the next level.● Personal Support: One-on-one assistance throughout the enrollmentprocess – even a free application – to make it easier to take the first steptowards finishing a degree.
  17. 17. YOU WILL: GO FARTHER WITH CENTRAL PENN Did you know? Did you know? Central Penn’s Central Penn’s next term begins next term beginsEasy Enrollment Process: October 8th! October 8th!• APPLY online for free.* *Your Admissions Counselor will provide a User Name and Password to Apply• Complete “Getting to Know You” Form• Print and complete Transcript Request Form (s) (both college and high school transcripts)• Print and complete High School Attestation Form• Contact your Admissions Counselor for instructions on sending forms to Central Penn• Begin Applying for Financial Aid Questions? Our experienced Admissions Counselors are here to help!
  18. 18. The majority of The majority of YOU WILL: Central Penn Central Penn students receive students receive FIND ASSISTANCE some form of financial some form of financial assistance, including assistance, including WITH CENTRAL PENN grants, scholarships, grants, scholarships, loans or work-study loans or work-study positions. positions.With a little help, the cost of a college education can be more affordable than you think! Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  Central Penn Financial Aid Worksheet  Download Here Federal Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling and MPN Application  Questions? Our experienced Financial Planning Coordinators are here to help!
  19. 19. YOU WILL: RECEIVE SUPPORT WITH CENTRAL PENN“I know enrolling to college is a crucial decisionin one’s life and two questions usually areassociated, “How am I ever going to afford andpay for college and how can I obtain funding?”You would be surprised to see that there areFederal Educational Grants and Loans thatstudents, if eligible, can obtain for paying for theireducation. If enrolling to Central Penn College isthe right decision for you, I would be more thanhappy to discuss Federal Financial Aid optionswith you and any tuition and financial questions Bill Rhinier,you may have; I look forward to speaking with Financial Planning Coordinatoryou soon!” Chat with Bill now!
  20. 20. YOU WILL:FIND ASSISTANCEWITH CENTRAL PENN • Central Penn’s 3-Month Payment Plan • Employer Reimbursement • Military Benefits • Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) • Alternative Loans • Scholarships • FAQs
  21. 21. YOU WILL: FIND ASSISTANCE WITH CENTRAL PENN Special Virtual Open House Textbook Grant Opportunity!$100 Textbook Grant offered exclusively to participants of this webinar valid for the October 2012 term.* Contact your Admissions Counselor today! *Degree seeking students only. May not be combined with another grant or scholarship offer.
  22. 22. YOU WILL:RECEIVE SUPPORTWITH CENTRAL PENN Beth Romanski Corporate & Community Outreach Coordinator Phone: 717.728.2409 Fax: 717.728.2490 Email: My role is to provide you with the personal support you need to makeeverything about continuing education easy. I look forward to learning about your specific needs, questions and goals. Together we will come up with a realistic plan – a path to success – for you to achieve them! Do you have questions about Central Penn or this webinar? Call or email me today!
  23. 23. YOU WILL: OPEN NEW DOORS WITH CENTRAL PENNIntegrity | Professionalism | Service | Respect | Educational Focus