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Plan the Way Foundation - Overview


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This presentation provides information about the different programs, resources, and services Plan the Way Foundation offers to students and parents to help them in the areas of college & career planning and financial literacy.

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Plan the Way Foundation - Overview

  1. 1. Plan The Way FoundationLeaving a Legacy for the Future
  2. 2. OUR FOUNDATION 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization Educational programs for JHS / HS students and parents on topics of college & career planning and financial literacy Additional educational opportunities and resources through business partnerships Free college planning guidance to parents, 1 on 1 No cost to schools, parents or students Following your dreams takes perseverance. So does getting into college.
  3. 3. F.U.N. Program 7th and 8th grade students and their parents/guardians One session per month 45 – 60 minutes followed by social time Student portfolio builder with each topic – students rewarded for completing all activities School / Church / Parish can choose from a variety of session topics Reaching level 100 takes motivation. So does getting into college.
  4. 4. Aug: Teacher meeting and program introduction Sept: Parent & Student Kickoff meeting / Planning For CollegeSc Oct: What Is My Education Worth and How Will I Pay for It?h Nov: Plan To Reach Your Goalso Dec: No workshop or exerciseo Jan: Credit & Debt – Understanding and Usingl Feb: Budgeting-Finance and TimeY Mar: Banking- Understanding servicese Apr: Social Media – Everyone is Watchinga * STAPLE TOPICS May: Transitioning To High School and Beyond * TBD TOPICSr June: “NEXT STEP” Awards Dinner This is a Sample Outline Fighting for your country takes courage. So does getting into college.
  5. 5. REALITY CITY An event designed for teens to educate them about handling finances and how the decisions they make will impact their career opportunities and lifestyles in the future. Select career Receive monthly income Purchase necessities, entertainment, etc. Balance check book Talk to business professionals about careers MAKE LIFE DECISIONS Painting a masterpiece takes vision. So does getting into college.
  6. 6. COLLEGE & CAREER/BUSINESS EXPO This event will allow students and parents to talk to a varietyof colleges and businesses in person or virtually via the internet. Virtual college tours Live college representatives Discuss careers with a variety of businessmen Breakout sessions on various college and career planning topics Real people - Real careers - Real answers Giving your time to volunteer takes character. So does getting into college.
  7. 7. CLASSROOM / AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM This is a series of courses designed for middle school students thatwill fit into the normal class schedule or an after-school/summer program (Topics can be chosen to best meet the needs of the audience presenting to) College & Career Planning Financial Literacy Running a marathon takes determination. So does getting into college.
  8. 8. STUDENT ENRICHMENTThese programs are designed to give students the opportunity to build character anddevelop the necessary life skills to be a positive influence in their communities by: • learning about different career options • understanding real life work situations • being involved in the community to help serve others Shadowing Volunteering Mentoring Giving a speech in front of the entire school takes confidence. So does getting into college.
  9. 9. ADULT ENRICHMENT PROGRAM This is a series of educational workshops for adultson college planning, financial topics and other important life topics .  College Planning Series  Women Only! Series  Financial Fitness Series  Retirement Series  Protection Series  Special Interest Series Learning to play the piano takes hard work. So does getting into college.
  10. 10. GIVING BACKThese programs are designed to give back to the students, families, and teachers. Scholarships  Each school  General fund Student / Family Assistance Teacher / Classroom Assistance Mentoring another student takes patience. So does getting into college.
  11. 11. FUNDRAISING These events are designed to raise money to help sustain our various programs, provide scholarships to students, and to encourage volunteering. Business Sponsor program Social events Golf outing St. Patrick Day Dinner/Dance “Next Step” Awards Dinner Individual donations In-Kind Donations Grants Getting back up after you fall takes pride. So does getting into college.
  12. 12. Plan The Way Foundation, Inc. 637 Ohio Pike Suite G Cincinnati, Ohio 45245 513.753.1290 (O) 513.753.1289 (F) 888.345.4506 (TF) |