NEU CPS Student newsletter: June 2014


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NEU CPS Student newsletter: June 2014

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NEU CPS Student newsletter: June 2014

  1. 1. Student Newsletter In this issue Student_Spotlight Spring_2014_Academic_Calendar Summer_2014_Registration Add_Drop_Policy FACT Graduation_Information Appointment_Calendar Walk_in_Advising_Schedule LGBT_Pride_Month LGBTQA_Resource_Center Forward_Your_HuskyMail Academic_Integrity_Resources Veteran_Services_Specialist Academic_and_Writing_Support_Services International_Student_Resources Wellness_Resources Yelp Questions Student Spotlight June 2014 Each month the College of Professional Studies celebrates the unique and exemplary path of a selected student. The June 2014 selection is Li-Ying Chen, who is pursuing an M.S. in Project Management. What was your background before you came to the College? I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, where I completed my undergraduate studies. After working in finance and retail for about five years, I decided I wanted to pursue a graduate degree in the U.S. What made you choose Project Management at the College? I researched programs at a number of American universities but I was most impressed by Northeastern’s reputation. Even abroad, the Northeastern brand is synonymous with co-op opportunities. I also liked that most of the College’s instructors bring a wealth of practical experience to the classroom. Most of them work directly in the fields they teach or own their businesses. I knew that this meant I would be learning the latest and most pragmatic information and skills. You’ve participated in more than 200 appointments with tutors at SMARTHINKING, the International Tutoring Center, and the Northeastern Writing Center. What motivated you to use these resources? In my very first class, the instructor made a note on the syllabus encouraging students to take advantage of SMARTHINKING to polish our writing skills. The first time I logged in, I was impressed by the convenience of being able to access tutoring help online. If I have writing questions, I can just drop in and get an answer instantly. Or, if I don’t have the time to wait for an available online tutor available, I can send my questions in writing and get a reply from the SMARTHINKING tutor later on. When I want face-to-face tutoring, I go to the International
  2. 2. Tutoring Center (ITC) in the basement of Snell Library. They have many tutors with different teaching styles and students can find a tutor that is a good match for them. I also use the Writing Center. They offer walk-in hours at the library, which means students can get a same-day appointment. You have maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA since you began the Project Management program. How much of a role has tutoring played in your academic success? A significant role! I don’t know that I would have been able to earn straight As without tutoring support. As a student whose first language is not English, I have had to make extra efforts to fulfill my highest potential. I would really encourage all students to take advantage of these wonderful resources. Who are some of the instructors who’ve had the greatest impact on you at the College? They have all been terrific and very supportive. From Brendan Sullivan, I learned how to be a good negotiator, to address complex communication challenges, and to politely persuade others. Iffat Khan taught me about different styles of leadership and how these can shape the culture of an organization. Heidi Gregory-Mina showed me how to think outside the box and view things from different perspectives. She helps students understand their personality types so that we can know ourselves better and decide our next steps. Chris Brooks helped me to think before I act. David Ethier helped me to become a better decision-maker and to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Based) goals. Jacques Alexis gave me foundational Project Management knowledge. When you are not focused on school what kinds of other activities do you do? I volunteer to teach computer literacy to elderly people. Many of them are lonely and some are not able to get around very easily. For them, learning how to email can be a link that connects them to family and friends all over the world. How do you plan to apply your degree in the future? Right now I am looking for internship and co-op opportunities. I would love to find a place at a Fortune 500 company. I believe that I have a lot to offer: a sense of purpose, a motivation to succeed, and a desire to do things right the first time. Ultimately, I hope to work in project management or strategy management in the financial field. Spring 2014 Academic Calendar
  3. 3. To view a listing of dates and deadlines for the Spring 2014 quarter, please click here Summer 2014 Registration Registration for Summer 2014 classes is open. The Summer 2014 quarter will begin on Mon, June 30. Add/Drop Policy You can add or drop courses through your myNEU account. Students who wish to add a course that has already begun should consult with the instructor to determine the feasibility of catching up and succeeding in the course. It is the right of any instructor to refuse permission for a student to add a class that is already in progress. Students who drop a course before the add/drop deadline will not be charged for the course and will not have a W recorded on their transcripts. Once the add/drop deadline has passed, students may withdraw from a course up until the Saturday before the term ends. A W grade will be noted on the student’s transcript and the student is responsible for 100 percent of the tuition charges and applicable fees. Faculty-Advisor Communication Tool (FACT) FACT is an early-warning tool that provides faculty with a method for providing feedback to advisors and students for early intervention, coaching, and assistance. Faculty members are expected to submit warnings around the mid-point of each term/session. Graduation Information The College will conduct one graduation ceremony in 2014 on Friday, June 6 for students who have their degrees conferred on any of the three conferral dates listed below: Jan 24, 2014 (students who finished by the end of Fall 2013) April 17, 2014 (students who finished by the end of Winter 2014) Sep 25, 2014 (students who finish by the end of Summer 2014) If you will complete your degree requirements by the conclusion of
  4. 4. the Summer 2014 term, please submit your online graduation application via your myNEU account. For more information about Graduation 2014, please click here. Appointment Calendar To make an appointment with your Student Success Specialist: 1. Click here and log in using your myNEU credentials. 2. Choose "College of Professional Studies" from the "Find a Calendar" drop down menu. 3. Click on the name of your adviser from the list. 4. Select an appointment date and time. Walk-in Advising Schedule The Office of Academic and Student Support Services is open from 9:00 AM through 7:00 PM, Monday through Thursday and 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM on Fridays. Meetings with advisers during some of those hours take place by appointment only. If you show up at a time outside of designated daily walk-in advising slots below, you will be directed to make an appointment with your adviser. Walk-in advising is available during the following times: • 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Monday through Friday) • 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (Monday through Thursday) • 4:00 to 5:00 PM (Fridays) During these walk-in times, students can have an express (15- minute) meeting with the Student Success Specialist on duty. To avoid waiting and to ensure that you will be able to meet with the Specialist designated to serve students in your particular program of study, your smartest course of action is to make an appointment in advance with your adviser. To find a list of advisers by program, click here.
  5. 5. LGBT Pride Month Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (LGBT Pride Month) is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. The Stonewall riots were a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. In the United States the last Sunday in June was initially celebrated as “Gay Pride Day,” but the actual day was flexible. In major cities across the nation the “day” soon grew to encompass a month-long series of events. The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally. For more information, click here. LGBTQA Resource Center Northeastern University’s LGBTQA Resource Center provides information, support and other resources for the Northeastern Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, and Ally community. The LGBTQA Resource Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Curry Student Center, in room 328. The Center is a place students can come to socialize, relax between classes, study, and learn more about opportunities for students who identify as LGBTQA within the Northeastern Community. There is also a LGBTQA resource library students can use for research or entertainment. All of the Center’s training sessions, programs, and resources are available to the entire Northeastern community, including College of Professional Studies students, faculty, and staff. For more information, click here Forward Your HuskyMail Official university correspondence is sent to students' HuskyMail accounts only so you should make a habit of checking your account regularly. You have the option of forwarding your HuskyMail to a secondary email account:
  6. 6. 1. Log into your HuskyMail account through myNEU 2. Click Settings in the upper right corner 3. Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab 4. Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to 5. Enter in your desired e-mail address to receive forwarded HuskyMail 6. Select the action messages should take after being forwarded Academic Integrity Resources For information and resources related to academic integrity, including links to the Interactive Academic Integrity Checklist, please click here Veteran Services Specialist Northeastern University's Veteran Services Specialist, Andy McCarty, is available to assist veterans, military service members, and their dependents. Walk-in hours are 8:30am - 4:30pm, Mon-Fri. in 354 Richards Hall (Student Financial Services). You can also email Andy at: Academic and Writing Support Services Has someone suggested tutoring to you, or you're considering it, but don't think you really need it? Even if you think you'll do well,, tutoring can take you from good to great. If f you've already made it on to the Dean's List, regular tutoring can help ensure that you stay there! For information on academic support resources, including SMARTHINKING, the Writing Center, the International Tutoring Center, and the Math Center, please click here International Student Resources Global Student Success (GSS) supports the development and needs of international students at Northeastern University. To register for various resources and services, please click here. Wellness Resources WeCare The WeCare program is a support system to aid students during times of difficulty or crisis. For more information, click here. Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service The Center serves a vibrant and diverse community of religious,
  7. 7. spiritual and related groups that meet regularly on campus. For more information, click here. University Health and Counseling Services University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS), located on the first floor of the Forsyth Building, Suite 135, provides medical and behavioral health services. For more information, click here or call 617.373.2772 Visit the College on Yelp One of the best ways for prospective students to learn about our programs is through our students’ experiences: What advice would you recommend? What have you learned from your classmates and faculty? Help our prospective students by visiting our Yelp page And follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Questions? You can locate request forms, academic resources, policies and procedures, and program information by visiting the College’s website