MCCHS Informal Cricket match


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Remembering those days sitting in class toggling the eyes between the teacher and the cricket match…. MCCHS had the best team. The 1975 batch was witness to the the best of MCCHS sport. On 15th Sept few of us gathered to play the game again … a bunch of guys from the 1988 batch had come along too… Well it rained overnight leaving the ground unplayable.. but we dint really care. We guys are used to playing in the rain.. so we got down to playing.

Bottom line we had great fun

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MCCHS Informal Cricket match

  1. 1. 15th September 2012 True MCCHS style indeed…Its not who plays or wins it’s the fun that matters.
  2. 2. The out field was flooded becos of overnight rains and ……the pavilion bears a forlorn look.. There was disappointment in the air.. But seriously WHO CARES 
  3. 3. Discussions happening … Officials … players .. Ground staff … giving their two paisa opinions something nobody really cared to listen
  4. 4. Decision to stuff the pot bellies were first taken … Halwa.. Murruku and that cocunut stuff made the rounds.. Palanisam’s goodies from Madurai kind of kicked off the day …
  5. 5. Palani after feeding all of us .. Got on to his task of… He knows end of day the scorer is important
  6. 6. Match fixing caught on camera….. But he was spared… the madurai halwa worked…
  7. 7. Are they are all in it together…????? The Madurai Mafia… Ashok .. Palani .. Saravanan … Local lads Selva and Baljit seem to have struck a deal
  8. 8. The tournament Director .. Sayeed Cassim… He is the Lalit Modi of this tourney ….
  9. 9. Its all falling in place.. The big conspiracy
  10. 10. So they have decided to play …
  11. 11. Chandy Jacob so you though Alfy chilled out eh? Now watch the action
  12. 12. Behind the wickets
  13. 13. Beside the wickets..He was all over the place buzzing
  14. 14. Trials …
  15. 15. All Realzzzzz
  16. 16. Stunts.. He could have played on .. He threw hiswicket away cheaply… You know why 
  17. 17. SelvaaaaaThe fittest guy in action …I really dint see him eating the halwa
  18. 18. See the intenseconcentration …
  19. 19. Ashok Babu Ramalingam spared no limb while inschool … a good athlete…
  20. 20. Finally it was a fixed match .. Un official match
  21. 21. Who is to be blamed for allthis .. Wait for the enquiry findings… But you have missed this edition .. Make sure you make it for the next ..
  22. 22. That’s the 1975 group with the seniors… We were all in to gether.The school was great fun.. We enjoyed it more because we were actually disturbing the kids whowere writing the quarterly exams. Guess what we had the LIME JUICE.. No sundal 
  23. 23. We missed those who could not make it