Booze. Black Forest & Book


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My presentation for Tamilnadu Project Management conference 2013 themed “Deliver True Value with effective Project Management" on 22-23, June 2013 at Hotel Savera, Chennai.

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Booze. Black Forest & Book

  1. 1. The Booze The Black Forest The Book
  2. 2. EXPERIMENT• Conducted on Normal human beings over the past 5 years• Normal Human Beings as in Educated, Salaried, well dressed, Englishspeaking etc• People who pay taxes, walk on pavements, follow traffic rules – Justnormal People• Students, Working Professionals and even Adults• The choice were expressed in show of hands or throughuncontrollable excitement on seeing the objects on the tableparticularly the Black Forest• The Numbers mentioned have been rounded off for convenient sake
  3. 3. 65%Wanted the Black Forest35%Wanted the Whiskey
  4. 4. Not choosing the book wasnot the surprising thingNO ONE SAW THE BOOK THAT WAS THE FUN PART
  5. 5. So why did people chooseBlack Forest?Its yummy. Its seductive. ????
  6. 6. Pleasure was centralThe cake gave immense pleasure to see and to eat too.There is nothing painful in a piece of cake.Its easy Its tasty
  7. 7. Pleasure out weighedpainThe pleasure promised by whisky was worth the painPain = the taste.
  8. 8. The book, considered to be THREAT, hence best ignored.The book did not fall into the pleasure or pain category …hence ignored.If you categorize something as a threat the brain will help youto ignore itTHREAT
  9. 9. The key findings•Human beings love to process pleasure and rejectpain•Its stupid to gravitate towards pain only a Masochistwill do it•So its perfectly normal to process pleasure•Black Forest is defined as something that givesintense pleasure•The pleasure Booze gives is worth the pain•Books (language) in Threat zone hence ignored
  10. 10. What if we did the sameexperiment in thefollowing places ???
  11. 11. Road Side
  12. 12. PRISON
  13. 13. Zoo
  14. 14. How different are we?Are we governed more and more by our instincts and Emotions ???Where has our intellect gone?
  15. 15. With out language you will reverse evolve
  16. 16. Language = Handling text & speechsounds
  17. 17. •Don’t look at Language as a an activity to fill yourbrain bucket with knowledge•Language processing is not just sitting withbooks all the time its about listening too.•Focus on language because its an exclusiveactivity of the Human species•Get emotionally aroused with Languageacquisition.
  18. 18. What are benefits of Languageprocessing• The Human brain is created for Language(to process words andspeech sounds)• Thinking Brain evolved from the parts that was involved in emotionsand feelings. So we have evolved to what we are with Language let usnot go on reverse gear• Language is a higher order activity for the Brain,perhaps the toughest challenge for the brain to handle.It requires many cortices to work• The five broad skills that language gives – Listening accuracy,Memory, Attention, Processing & Sequencing can make one a betterhuman being
  19. 19. Readers BrainNon Readers Brain
  20. 20. What are the Direct benefitsActivates the following• Sensory Cortex – Used in getting information (BASIC)•Back Integrative Cortex – Helps make Meaning ofInformation•Front Integrative Cortex – Creating new Ideas fromthese meanings•Motor Cortex – Ideas are translated into action
  21. 21. Human brain is PlasticWe can recover our language Brain atany point it time in our life
  22. 22. What does plastic mean?•Brain is not clay that you can change it easily•Its not metal that it cant be changed•Plastic would mean with consistent workyour Brain will change
  23. 23. Learning-Induced BrainPlasticityUsing Language to change the brain
  24. 24. How can you do it ?• You sleep till 8 am every day• You decide to wake up for amorning walk at 4.30 am• So you set your alarmSLEEP IS PLEASUREALARM IS PAIN• You use Pain to disrupt Pleasure
  25. 25. How to fail?• Go to bed the usual time• Wake up to the Alarm• Mute the Alarm• Go back to sleepDO IT CONSISTENTLY FOR 3 WEEKSThe sound of the Alarm will putyou into deeper sleep.The ALARM LOSES ITS positionof a disrupter of sleep
  26. 26. Failure Explained•A new activity needs preparation•Any new activity needs emotional arousal•Consistently failing becomes a behavior pattern•Your Brain, which is plastic, changes itself toassimilate FAILURE•The Brain defines FAILURE as a pleasurableactivity•YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DEFINES PLEASUREAND PAIN TO YOUR BRAIN
  27. 27. YOUR ENCOUNTER WITH SNEHA• She is in a party and you want to talk to her• She is leaving and you think you missed the chance• Suddenly she walks straight at you, whispers somethingin your ears• You are excited.(She gave you her phone number. A day, time and venue tomeet next)The place was noisyYet you heard all that she whispered in your earsYou will not need to set an alarm that will alert you on theday you are supposed to meet her.
  28. 28. Why doesmeeting Snehanot need anAlarm?Reason :Intense Emotional Arousal
  29. 29. Failure SuccessEmotional Arousal is the key
  30. 30. Emotional Arousal is the keyThe same emotions that gets aroused forlow challenge activities need to beactivated for Language Literacy.So have an intense LOVE or DESIRE or LUSTfor something use that on LANGUGEAfter all thinking Brain evolved from theparts that was involved in emotions andfeelings.
  31. 31. RememberIF YOU DON’T MOULDYOUR OWN BRAINyou lost you mind..
  32. 32. summary• We love pleasure and Reject pain• Language is Threat hence ignored• Language is a higher order activity for the humanbrain. Our brain has evolved with language and forlanguage and responds best to language• Language separates us from other species• Brain is Plastic hence it keeps changing.• Taking on high challenge activity such as readinghelps sharpen the cognitive intelligences.• Emotional Arousal is the key• If you don’t mould your brain yourself – you have lostyour mind/