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In house magazine of FUTURE FOCUS INFOTECH

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  1. 1. #FFIJOBS Twitter I Hi-FFI LYF on Facebook I Focusite on AUGUST 2011 Breaking News Chennai Team has started work from its new office @ work @ ffi premises from todayAnnual Day Iffy & DuffyGallery Comics Escalate !!!New Joinees What to do?Back Bytes Fun center C H NF OTE Private circulation only - Mind it T U N E S I f US C E FOR U FUT
  2. 2. My Dear Focusites, Greetings. I really wonder if those memories of the annual day is still lingering in your mind. In case the activities of the day have crowded your mind and covered up all those wonderful memories then this issue is intended to bring them to the forefront once again. This issue is titled”Work @ FFI”. For those 45 of those who haveEditorial joined the FFI team recently need to know what”Work @ FFI” means. If you see the logo of FFI you would get to see a ring and 4 lines. There are many different interpretations to this logo. Originally when this logo was designed we had the target in mind. Focus on the target that was the message it was meant to convey. But like all other stories this story seems to be forgotten. Its time we get back our original script. Focusing on the job at hand and it doing with a positive frame of mind, is the key to success. We need to understand this clearly. The business we are in is not like supplying some equipment or software or selling some log-ins to access some job site. Any business can be only as good as the ‘people’ it has, and we are in a business of providing ‘people’ for organizations that impact the growth of our economy, so in other words we play a crucial role in the growth of our nation. Our clients come to us with a hope that we would provide the best people for them. They entrust with this important task. And YOU not called to just fill some vacancy YOUR task is to provide the best solution for the client needs. This cannot be done if we work mechanically. Our heart needs to be in what we do. We have to have a positive frame of mind. In short we need to be happy. Kaleidoscope was planned to instill that happiness and joy. I wish that each one of you refuse to allow the challenges to get the better of you. You must be have fun and be happy in all situations. These challenges can range from pressure to perform to difficult interactions. Stand firm refuse to give up your peace. You must always remember that in order to provide the best results you have to be buzzing with life on an individual level. Finally experience the goodness within you, only then can you deliver the best experience to your customer. MVS Mani.
  3. 3. ba lo o l n s
  4. 4. NEW BORNS WELCOME IN THE WORLD Geethalakshmi D Management Trainee SBU – Wipro Andreea Allwins daughter 22 Jan11 DOJ 7-Mar-11 Jagadeesh K Kanishka Vinoths daughter 6th Jun11 Sr.Executive DeliveryBangalore DOJ 18-Mar-11 Swapna Hetal NEW COUPLES Senior executive HR – BCS Corporate DOJ 28-Mar-11 TOGETHER Welcome to the Saravanan weds Raji 6 Jun11 Jaya Sheela B Focus Family Yugandhar Reddy AND WELDED Sr.Executive DeliveryBangalore Country Manager Delivery(SP)Corporate DOJ 5-Apr-11 DOJ 18-Apr-11 Sonali Das WEDDED Management Trainee Pune Dnyaneshwar weds Dhanashree DOJ 20-Apr-11 16 May11 Ramesh C Sr.Software EngineerSDC Abhilasha Singh Management Trainee Pune DOJ 19-Apr-11 THEY ARE ONE. DOJ 25-Apr-11 Priyanka Singh Management Trainee Pune Aquin Mathews Idicula Assistant Manager – BR DOJ 25-Apr-11 Sirisha Darla Hyderabad Executive – Delivery Hyderabad Prakash weds Sonali 11 Dec10 DOJ 26-Apr-11 DOJ 6-May-11
  5. 5. Amit B More Nidhi Nagi Amrita Banerjee Executive DeliveryPune Sr. Executive Delivery Manager – Delivery DOJ Kolkatta DOJ 28-Jun-11 Srividhya T Executive Delivery Chennai DOJ 11-Jul-11 DOJ 15-Jun-11 Devi M Management Trainee Kamlesh Chakrabarty Repoware ProjectSr. Executive Delivery Pune 11-Jul-11 DOJ 14-Jul-11 Arti Soni Manager – BR Delhi Jitendra Kumar Nayak Executive HR – BCSBangalore DOJ 18-Jul-11 Jainish Singh Sonal Kour TraineeMumbai Sr. Executive Delivery Hyderabad DOJ 13-Jul-11 Amol Ramjanam Prasad Office Assistant Pune DOJ 1-Jul-11 DOJ 1-Jul-11 Ajmal khan Pathan Assistant Manager – BR DOJ 11-Aug-11 Radhika R Sr. Executive Personnel Lavanya Corporate Konica Verma Trainee Repoware Project Executive Biswajit Das DOJ 1-Jul-11 HR – BCS Delhi DOJ 14-Jul-11 Executive Kolkatta DOJ 1-Jul-11 DOJ 14-Jul-11 Welcome Shaikh Mustafa Ismail Executive Administration to the Thajudeen S Mumbai Sr. Executive Delivery UAE DOJ 11-Jul-11 Renu Sharma Executive DeliveryDelhi Focus Family DOJ 18-Jul-11 DOJ 27-Jun-11
  6. 6. Ramendra Pratap Singh Pavithra E R Sr Executive Administration Delhi Sr Executive HR BCS Chennai Raajaram K 27-Jul-11 Senior Consultant Corporate Reshma Lotlikar Ashish Kumar Pandey Senthil M Executive Delivery Mumbai Manager – DeliverySr Executive – CommercialCorporate Vivekanandhan Emarose Sr Executive Delivery UAE Operations 26-Jul-11 24-Aug-11 1-Aug-11 24-Aug-11 Welcome to the Focus Family Saurabh Pandey Neha Jain Sr Executive Delivery Sr Executive HR – BCS Delhi 25-Aug-11 Manasa Veena Vinod Kumar M Executive DeliveryHyderabad Trainee SDC 9-Aug-11 2-Aug-11 Senthilnathan Kathiresan D Assistant Manager – Delivery Bangalore advertisement You are a COP a REFEREE , now catch them doing the right thing. K Kard ‘em Deserves to be K Karded ... go do it How to K Kard ?? send ‘em to If your impressed by someone write about that person and send it to
  7. 7. Sridhar Babu R Suresh V Senior Executive – Delivery Team Leader SDC Hyderabad DOJ 28-Apr-11 DOJ 13-May-11 Benedict Gnaniah Sr. Manager – Corp Comm & PRCorporate Lalsa Kumari DOJ 27-Apr-11 Executive Delivery Bangalore 2-Sep-11 Esther D Priya E Sr Executive – Delivery Software Engineer – TestingSDC CSG Tech Search DOJ 19-May-11 DOJ 3-Aug -11 Sajitha BExecutive – Profile Conversion Repoware Projects Suganthi V 5-Sep-11 Executive – Delivery Mumbai DOJ 6-May-11 Maria Rosary Dulsy J Manju V Executive – Delivery Sr. Executive IT – Infrastructure Ashwin Kumar A S CSG – TechSearch Bangalore Trainee SDC DOJ 30-May-11 DOJ 1-Jun-11 8-Sep-11 Jagadesan A Executive Delivery CSG – TechSearch DOJ 8-Jun-11 Rahul Wagh Mohanakrishnan M Veena M Assistant Manager HR – BCS Executive IT – Infrastructure Welcome Executive Delivery Hyderabad Corporate 29-Aug-11 to the DOJ 13-Jun-11 DOJ 8-Jun-11 Focus Family
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  12. 12. To come up in life take the stairwayR ecently I uploaded a picture of my early school days (taken in1967) on Facebook and Were is the soap,tagged a friend of mine was Escalate the shampoo, the issue ESCALATEin that picture . There was a to MD of the towel ???whole lot of discussions the Hotelaround it, childhoodmemories came gushing inlike an avalanche. For 2years of my life I was innursery class, what they callkindergarten now, and then Igrew up. Then I had theopportunity to work withsmall children in myprofessional life for twoyears, thereby recapturing Swapna : “Hello can you please Talking about Beauty Pageant, Ichildhood days. Just to be speak to the client NOW?” remember Sushmita Sen’s (Misswith children around, their Universe)in an interview sayingshrieks, their innocence, Person X : Sure I will call in 10 that the secret for her good lookstheir proclivity for fun and minutes should be attributed to herplay will make one feel a lot taking the staircase and not theyounger. Move over Botox Swapna : You dont seem to lift or the escalator. We mightand Everyuth there are understand, I told you the issue has have to agree with her for thebetter ways to stay young. I been escalated so please call movement of the legs to climb 6suggest that each of you immediately before the client calls floors demands stamina. Nowspend loads of time learning you. any weakling can take a lift butfrom kids, they have a lot to only the strong and robust neverteach. There is no problem with this would want to take the easy way conversation in itself. The issue to the top.Y et we reject the fun is when I get to hear the word part but we carry that ESCALATE so often. The context I realize why, as kids, the ones little immaturity of a is certainly a fire situation so that who sneaked or carried tales inchild within us.I get to see E word is actually turning out to other words escalated an issuewhen I hear this word be a bugbear of sorts. I even to the teacher were always‘escalate’ so very often. My stopped going to those fancy bullied and scorned. Tough onesgood friend in the cabin next malls these days, for I am do handle their own problems,to mine keeps throwing this developing what is called the they dont run away from it.line in her tele conferences. Escalaphobia (fear of escalators). They face it head on, openEither she is using it I used to love taking the chested and also have thestrategically to get her work escalator, or just watch a group gumption, skills to solve them.done or she is actually on escalate. There is grace in the Not so with mere mortals whopins and needles most of the movement, I picture how smooth use various methods totime - I dont know. But lets the honey dripping conversations gentle on her and give Casanova, Don Juan and Wilther the benefit of doubt, & Chamberlain may have in a Moral: To be professionally fit take the stairway to the top.believe that her job is tough. beauty pageant.
  13. 13. “The Careless Clown" FUN I will never have kids. I hear they take 9 months to download You must check your emails more often. I fired you 3 weeks ago Put about 100 bricks in some Particular order in a closed Room Do you love music? with an Open window. Then send 2 or 3 candidates in The room and Yes but never mind close the door. Leave them alone can continue playing and come back After 6 hours and then analyze The situation.IFFY & DUFFY If they update their hobbies list in their resume to read, “Iam very good at arranging bricks”. Alert Apple was a small John Scully was not BCS. company when Steve Jobs interested because wanted to hire Pepsi was a much John Scully who larger company If they take a picture and upload on was working with Pepsi Facebook. Put them in Corp Comm If they say they have tried Different combinations, yet Not a brick has Been moved. Put them in sales. If they have already left for The Jobs tried convincing day. Put them in marketing. him for many months. THEN HE TRIED THE If they are staring out of the BEST RECRUITMENT Window. Put them on strategic LINE EVER Moral of the story: Planning. He told “Steve do you Recruitment cant want to sell be done with fingers. And then last but not least. If they sugared water You need great lines !!! are talking to each Other and not a or change the world” single brick Has been Moved. Congratulate them and put them In top management
  14. 14. VOLUNTEERING FOR FFI UAE OPERATIONS And FFI is UAE now.. our first international operations happened inSOCIAL INITIATIVES US of A . The place is buzzing with the Focusites raking in new business.. go for it guys.. the World belongs to youAs part of the NasscomFoundations BusinessResponsiblity initiative FFIteam volunteered trainPeople with Disabilities(PWD’s). The trainingprimarily focuses on howone needs to prepare for ajob. M EA 100 ++ G IV E Thats the new theme for the FFI Kolkota Social Media Workshop diary for Teens took place at MVS Mani, rafting through the rough waters FFI Chennai. 23 childrenis growing up from 6 schools participated in this 3 day program. The on his visit to Bali recently. He says its scary when there is drop and you see the raft program covered a host of heading towards a rock. The ones there Social Media related issues. to assist you actually ends up scaring you. In this pic you see a 10th std student - Pranav - talking Then the most amazing thing happens about Open Source. He was When confronted with intense danger the youngest faculty. All you actually catch yourself finding solutions Faculty members responded very fast. And its fun of the highest order to our appeal on twitterCelebrates first Birthday.The buzz has started soon A - Am - Ami - amit - amita - We have started a whole lot of activity on the Social Media Front. Our Facebook group only for Focusites is called HI-FFI LIFE BACK BYTING amitabhafter.... Come on guys .. You can connect with us on Twitter atshow them who you are :) FFI JOBS FFI Chennai (H2) has moved into a swank big office in We have some Youtube activity the best address in chennai happening too.. then we have slideshare, empire avenue, and a Facebook Group for Consultants only... You know why Amita is laughing? There is a rumor that the BIG B said something .... most of us have this What is special strong feeling that the BIG B commented on her good looks.. FFI with mobile tech edge of this pic? You can guess right and become a CROREPATI.. lets see FFI soon on web 2.0
  15. 15. To Fetch or Shoot is the question Job portals basically do the fetching work. Accomplished recruiters rely on their own shooting skills to get the right candidate. They know how to do it. This contest is for the sharp shooters in Future Focus Infotech. Winner gets CROSS PEN(SHARPS H O O T E R SCONTEST Winners National Siva Sankari Corp Santosh Kumar Hyd LOADS OF FABULOUS Delivery Centers PRIZES TO BE WON Sangeetha--- Hyd I Krishna -Chennai I Maria - NRC Jayalakshmi – Del I D Esther Corp I Jayachitra Bangalore GO GET IT Fo cusi t es o nly For RIGHT.
  16. 16. 100 p e r c e n t M EA 100 ++ G IV E ++ 100 Corporate OfficeFuture Focus Infotech Pvt Ltd 3, II Street, Haddows Road Chennai - 600006. Phone:+91 44 43931900