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This is a slideshow for a sales pitch that I must deliver as part of an interview process.

This is a slideshow for a sales pitch that I must deliver as part of an interview process.

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  • 1. Android for Business
    A Better Choice
  • 2. Why is Android Right for Your Business?
    Open and Free Operating System
    Inter-Application Integration
    Security and Administrative Capabilities
    Lower Barrier of Entry
    Multiple Devices- Both Phones and Tablets
  • 3.
  • 4. Open and Free OS
    App Development
    Runs on Java programming language
    The Software Development kit (SDK) is easy to use and familiar to programmers
    Allows for customization and integration of applications that do not require 3rd party approval
    Greater developer freedom and application choice
    Allows Flash Player viewing
    Motorola Droid with QWERTY keyboard
  • 5. Inter-Application Integration
    Integrate user experience across applications
    Allows trust relationships between apps
    More tightly knit user experience
    Allows for widgets – Real-time data on home screens
    Email widget
    Contacts > Email > Calendar > Documents
  • 6. Security and Administrative Capabilities
    Complete administrative capabilities available for enterprise customers
    Customizable security features
    Ability to Remotely wipe all data from lost or stolen mobile devices
    Require a device password on each phone
    Set minimum lengths for more secure passwords and require passwords to include letters and numbers
    Ability to assign additional security to specific applications on the device
  • 7. Low Barrier of Entry
    Java script programming is more common and therefore less expensive than a closed system such as iOS
    There are no costly licensing fees or development tools
    The Open OS eliminates back-end developer fees charged by the provider
    A larger selection of handsets built and sold through multiple vendors leads to competitive pricing
  • 8. Multiple Devices - One OSPhones and Tablets
    Android OS is designed to work on both handsets and tablets
    Tablets take advantage of cloud storage for enhanced performance and mobility
    The multi-tasking, Linux-based, properties of Android OS are ideally suited to this environment
    A single OS over multiple platforms eliminates the need for redundant training
  • 9. The Android Operating System:
    • The fastest growing mobile OS in the country
    • 10. An open operating system that allows you to customize the end user experience
    • 11. True application integration for a streamlined interface to increase productivity
    • 12. Security and administrative tools to secure data and limit corporate liability
    • 13. Lower cost than competing platforms
    • 14. A wide variety of devices and carriers to ensure that your employees are using the most efficient tools at their disposal.