Emerging trends and Challengesin IT industry


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The emerging trends in IT industry along with the challenges.

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Emerging trends and Challengesin IT industry

  1. 1. Agendas AGENDA• Introduction• Emerging Trends in IT• Socialization of Technology• Innovation• Challenges
  2. 2. Overview of IT-ITeS Market• IT-ITeS business is expected to touch 100 billion USD in 2013• Domestic IT services may touch $ 10.2 billion from $ 9.1 billion in 2013- Gartner• Contributed 7.5% of GDP• ITeS Segment has Potential to Create 3.1 Million Jobs by 2013
  3. 3. Emerging Trends in IT Growth of E-Commerce in India Cloud Computing & Awareness Mobile Applications and its usage
  4. 4. Socialization of TechnologySocial NetworksE-Banking & E-CommerceOpen Source Tools & PlatformsKnowledge management Portals
  5. 5. State of Social Media• In less than a decade, social media has rapidly integrated itself into our everyday personal and professional lives.• Awareness of social networking sites is very high Facebook is close to 100%, Twitter reaches 80% awareness and Google+ is known by 70%, LinkedIn has relatively low awareness with 4 out of 10 internet users familiar about it, It has strong niche position in B2B market• 7 out of every 10 internet user is on at least one social networking sites• This implies that more than 1.5 billion users use social networking sites.
  6. 6. Social Media has changed the face of communicationBoost of Smart phones:51 % of the Internetusers have smart phoneswith data subscription onit. This has changed theway of gathering data,interacting, doingbusiness and lot more
  7. 7. 50% post information aboutproducts, brand and/or companiesare on Social Networks 53% of smart phone user compare prices during Product Experience shopping via Smartphone Promotions Contest News Advertisements
  8. 8. Implications… Huge growth potential Create content for mobile Design websites, blogs for mobile viewing Make it easy for viewers to act on that content in a social manner
  9. 9. Social Networking Portals having Maximum Number of Users
  10. 10. State of E-Commerce in India• India’s online users grew by 50% in July 2012• There were 12.5 Crore unique visitors, half of whom spend time on internet from home or work, the rest half from shared computers.• 75% % internet users in India are in age group of 15-34 years (Male- 45.6% & Female 29%)• India is one of the youngest online demographic globally
  11. 11. Fig. Insights of Online User Demography and Time spent by them Source: Internet
  12. 12. Some Top E-Commerce Portals of India
  13. 13. State of E- Commerce in Retail in India• Among Indian e-tailers, Flipkart.com was the most visited website with an 11.5% outreach to online users. 7.4 million or 74 lakh users.• Snapdeal.com had a marginally lower outreach of 11.1% and audience on 6.9 million or 69 lakh users in a month.• Lifestyle shopping portals Jabong.com and Myntra.com had similar levels of traffic as both websites garnered 5.3 million or 53 lakh unique visitors
  14. 14. Fig. Unique users/visitors on E-Commerce Portals in India Source: Internet
  15. 15. State of E-Commerce Transactions• Direct Debit is the most commonly used payment type accounting for over 58% of the overall payments in India. 7% of all transactions were paid by Cash on Delivery, a payment mode gaining popularity.• Across the Travel and Retail e-commerce domains, the average transaction value during the quarter April to June 2012 was $31 or approximately Rs. 1660.• Most visited portal was IRCTC, SBI was most preferred bank for direct debit followed by ICICI and HDFC.
  16. 16. Snapshots of E-Banking Portals
  17. 17. Fig. E-Commerce Transaction Statistics Source: Internet
  18. 18. Knowledge Management Portals
  19. 19. Some Open source Tools
  20. 20. Innovations That Drives Technology• Social Analytics• Business –Ready Storage• API’s• Search Engines• Touch Computing• Voice Control• Mobile Payments
  21. 21. Challenges• Obsolescence• Complexity• Data Storage and Retrieval• Human Resources• Budgets• Productivity
  22. 22. The future is definitely brightas more and more studentsare opting for the IT jobsthus bringing their ownideas to contribute in asignificant way. Future of Indian IT Industry