Maximzing Your Social Recruitment Efforts


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This presentation outlines how your organization can be optimized for social recruitment focused on LinkedIn.

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Maximzing Your Social Recruitment Efforts

  1. 1. Maximizing Your Social Recruiting Efforts By:
  2. 2. Agenda 2 Branding Training Metrics
  3. 3. Social Recruitment Landscape Today Digital Media • Mobile usage • Sites that share people’s opinions (Trip Advisor, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc.) • Sign into other applications via Social media Recruiter • Building candidates pipeline • More on line searching • Emphasis on brand (professional & company) Job Seeker • Served up jobs while on social sites • Easier to apply to jobs via social networking site (Sign in w/ LinkedIn) 3
  4. 4. Professional & Company Branding • Recruiters are the number one front line brand ambassadors for your company. • Candidates look up Recruiters via LinkedIn to find about them. How do you want their profiles to represent them and the company? • Take a ways: – Introduce a LinkedIn brand standard for Recruiters – Add branding elements within current work experience 4
  5. 5. Training • Take a ways: – Assess the skill level of your team. – Develop a training plan. – Identify your system champions and ask them to present success stories/ new things they are doing. – Identify skill gaps and use training to bridge the gaps. This may be 1:1 with certain individuals. • Do Recruiters have the appropriate skill set to execute your strategy? • Don’t rely on a self-service approach. Engage vendors to work with your Recruiters to build their skill set. e.g. Boolean search training. • The more confident Recruiters are, the more comfortable they will be to execute. 5
  6. 6. Metrics How do we know if we are successful? • Social recruiting means thinking about how and what you measure in different ways. • Metrics should be part of your strategy to: – Anchor accountabilities – Educate users/ communicate success – Refine strategy 6
  7. 7. Use Metrics to Anchor Accountability • Guidelines around what will be measured. This sets expectations around ROI • Anchor accountabilities by creating benchmarks and frequently measuring against them • Build transparency by communicating results. Identify those who need more help and who your super stars are • Focus on quality vs. quantity 7
  8. 8. Use Metrics to Communicate & Educate Take a ways: • Engagement: Followers, In Mail acceptance, views • Branding: Reach, Number of employees, shares • ROI: #Hires, CPH, #applications, #searches, #InMails Rethink about what you are measuring. Hires are not the only measure of success. 8 Dispel assumptions through metrics: • Candidate Pool • Who are we hiring?
  9. 9. Use Metrics to Refine Your Strategy What is the data telling us? Take data from reporting and use to refine your strategy. 9
  10. 10. Thank You 10 Questions