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In this Powerpoint lesson you will learn some great English phrases to use in your conversation.
Learning Objectives
To be able to ask for repetition
To be able to make requests
To be able to give invitations
To be able to ask for and to give directions
There is also a You Tube lesson available

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Conversations 1

  1. 1. By Anna.English.Teacher.2010 <br />Conversations 1<br />anna-english-teacher <br /><br />
  2. 2. Learning Objectives<br />To be able to ask for repetition<br />To be able to make requests<br />To be able to give invitations<br />To be able to ask for and to give directions<br />
  3. 3. Asking for Repetition<br />Here are some phrases and expressions asking for repetition or clarification in English.<br />Excuse me?<br />Could you repeat that?<br />Could you say that again?<br />What did you say?<br />What was that (again)?<br />Did you say . . . ?<br />I'm sorry. I didn't catch that.<br />What did you say your name was? It's Cathy Henderson.<br />Did you say Andersen or Henderson? Henderson, with an H.<br />Is "Cathy" spelled with a C or a K? It's C as in Cadillac.<br />And what was your address again? 72 West Sunshine Blvd., Suite 501.<br />Sorry, I didn't catch the last part. Do you want me to repeat it?<br />I can't hear you very well. Maybe you should turn down the radio?<br />
  4. 4. Requesting <br />Here are some phrases and expressions for requesting in English.<br />(Simple imperative verb): - Help me.*<br />Please + verb (more polite) - Please help me.<br />Can you . . . ? - Can you help me?<br />Will you . . . ? - Will you help me?<br />Could you (please) . . . ? - Could you help me?<br />Would you (please). . . ? - Would you please help me?<br />Would you mind (V+ing) . . . ? - Would you mind helping me?<br />Could you possibly . . . ? - Could you possibly help me out here? (very polite) Would you be so kind as to . . . ? - Would you be so kind as to help me (with this)?<br />1. Give me a paper towel. Here you are.<br />2. Please mail this letter for me. Okay. I'll stop by the post office on my way home.<br />3. Would you please turn down that music? Sorry. Is it bothering you?<br />4. Will you type my term paper for me? Sure. When do you need it?<br />5. Would you give me a ride home? Sorry. I'm not going in that direction.(Could you . . .)<br />*This is also used in commands: Example, Go to your room!<br />
  5. 5. Invitations <br />Here are some phrases and expressions for inviting in English.<br />Do you want to . . .?<br />Do you wanna . . . ?(informal)<br />Would you like to . . .? (more polite)<br />How about (V+ing) ?<br />How would you like to . . .?<br />1. Do you want to dance? No thanks. I'm kind of tired right now<br />2. Would you like to go hiking this weekend? Sure, I'd love to. What time should we meet?<br />3. How about going swimming on Friday? Ah. Can I get back to you on that?<br />4. How would you like to play golf tomorrow? Sounds like a great idea. Where do you want to go?<br />
  6. 6. Directions<br />Here are some phrases and expressions for asking directions in English.<br />Where is (the) . . . ? <br />How do you get to (the) . . . (from here)?<br />How do I get to (the) . . . ?<br />Can you tell me how to get to (the) . . . ?<br />Can you give me directions to (the) . . . ?<br />What's the best way to get to (the) . . . ?<br />1. Excuse me. Is there a grocery store around here? Yeah. There's one right across the street.<br />2. Can you tell me how to get to Phoenix? Sorry. I don't live around here.<br />3. Where's Tanner's Leather Shop? It's on the corner of Holly and Vine. Next to the library.<br />4. How do you get to the bank? Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left when you get to Maple Street. Stay on Maple for half a block. It's on the left hand side.<br />
  7. 7. Directions<br />Here are some sample phrases and expressions to use in giving directions in English.<br />(First,) go down this street (for ____ blocks).(Then,) turn left/right at the traffic light.(After that,) go straight on _____ Street until you get to the ______.(When you get to the _____,) turn left/right again.(Then,) stay on_______Avenue for about _______ yards/meters.It's on your left, next to the __________. You can't miss it!<br />Where is the bank?<br />It's on Main Street.<br />It's next to the post office.<br />It's between the bakery and the barber shop.<br />It's on the corner of Ninth Street and Pine (Street).<br />Where's Lagoon?<br />It's in Davis County, near Kaysville.<br />It's on I-15, between Farmington and Kaysville.<br />It's ten miles north of Salt Lake City.<br />
  8. 8. Directions<br />How do you get to the sporting goods store?<br />(on foot)First, go down State Street until you get to 4th South.Then, turn left.Then, go down 4th South for three blocks.It's on the right side of the street next to Wendy's.<br />(by car)<br />Take State Street to 4th South.At 4th South, turn left.Stay on 4th South for about three blocks.The sporting goods store will be on the right, next to Wendy's.<br />How do you get to (your house in) Lehi?<br />Take I-15 south about 20 miles. After you cross the mountain, watch for the signs to Lehi.Take the first Lehi exit.When you get off the freeway, make a right turn at the stop sign.Follow the road (15th East) for five blocks.Make a left turn on Royal Drive.Continue on Royal Drive until you see the big oak tree.My house is on the left hand side.It's a two-story, red brick house with a large front yard.You can't miss it!<br />
  9. 9. Contacting Anna-English-Teacher <br />I offer reasonable priced Private English Lessons via Skype .<br />Please feel free to contact me to arrange for a free trial lesson.<br />Please visit and fill in the form. <br />You can also contact me via <br /><br />anna-english-teacher<br />