The passive


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Short powerpoint to help explain in class the grammar point. Exercises are incluided.

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The passive

  1. 1. THE PASSIVEWhen we do not know who did it, or we do not want to tell
  2. 2. WHY DO W E USE THE PASSIVE ? We use the passive because we do not know who performed theaction. Ex: Mr Jones has been killed. We use the passive because we do not want to say who performedthe action. Ex: The pizza was eaten last night. We also use it when we think what happened is more importantthan who performed the action. Ex: The treasure was found.
  3. 3. THE AGE NT COMPL E ME NT ( MR. BY) When we want to mentionthe performer of the action, weuse the agent complement at theend of the sentence, alwaysintroduced by the preposition“by” Ex: My brother was killed byhis wife.
  4. 4. HOW IS THE PASSIVE ? The form of the passive is:• The verb to be in thecorresponding tense +• The past participle of thecontent/action verb.Ex: is/are (present simple of “tobe”) used (past participle)
  5. 5. FORM OF THE PASSIVE-1 PRESENT SIMPLE: is/are + past participle. PRESENT CONTINUOUS: is/are being + past participle. SIMPLE PAST: was/were + past participle. PAST CONTINUOUS: was/were being + past participle. PRESENT PERFECT: has been + past participle. PAST PERFECT: had been+ past participle. FUTURE: will be + past participle. CONDITIONAL: would be + past participle.
  6. 6. FORM OF THE PASSIVE-2 PERFECT CONDITIONAL: would have been + past participle. PRESENT INFINITIVE: to be + past participle. PERFECT INFINITIVE: to have been + past participle. PRESENT PARTICIPLE/GERUND: being + past participle. PERFECT PARTICIPLE: having been + past participle.
  7. 7. EXAMPLES Exercises are used to learn. My brother is being rescued at this moment. Mary was found yesterday. The doctors were being asked at the same time. The goal has been achieved. The mystery had been solved before you arrived. The answer will be known in ten years approximately. He told me the mystery would be solved at the end of the class.
  8. 8. EXERCISES From active to passive:• Aprender inglés fácil• Saber inglés• Better English Other exercises:• Geneva Upper High School•
  9. 9. Fin