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What You Should Look for in an E-commerce Platform


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There are over 250 million online shoppers in North America. The convenience of shopping at home or even on a mobile device is becoming the norm. This includes searching, registering, and paying for …

There are over 250 million online shoppers in North America. The convenience of shopping at home or even on a mobile device is becoming the norm. This includes searching, registering, and paying for sports and recreation activities.

Taking your organization online with e-commerce can cut down on administrative time and expenses and make life easier for your clients. Before you dive in and purchase a solution, it's important to understand that your needs are unique and simply cannot be fulfilled by traditional e-commerce platforms.

This slideshare will help you navigate the many options involved in selecting an e-commerce solution that's right for you.

For more information on choosing an e-commerce platform, download our free ebook: Choosing an E-commerce Platform.

Published in: Software, Technology, Business
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  • 1. In today's tech-obsessed world, more and more people are going for products and services.
  • 2. This includes , , and for sports and recreation activities.
  • 3. Your needs are and simply cannot be fulfilled by traditional e-commerce platforms.
  • 4. There are over online shoppers in North America.
  • 5. The e-commerce platform you choose should offer a complete online store with an .
  • 6. Your clients should be able to purchase all activities, memberships, merchandise, virtual goods, tickets, etc…and give you a donation all in the .
  • 7. If the e-commerce platform deviates from the , it will confuse your clients and they will abandon the transaction.
  • 8. One of the biggest benefits to adopting an e-commerce platform for your organization will be the .
  • 9. However, it is equally important that the platform allows you to also be paid later by or .
  • 10. One of the most unique aspects of your organization is the fact that you interact with all the time.
  • 11. Therefore, the e-commerce platform you choose needs to support both .
  • 12. The e-commerce platform should support the way you present and sell your activities.
  • 13. • Pre and registration period • Prerequisite (gender, age, skill levels, etc…) • Schedule • Capacity • Resources (coach, place, etc…) • Restriction (competitive vs recreational)
  • 14. You might need to know if the participant has allergies, a medical condition, emergency contact information,and sometimes social security numbers if the activity is entitled to tax credits.
  • 15. The e-commerce platform you choose provides real-time information on availability and allows you to manage waiting lists for future cancellations or additional availability.
  • 16. Make sure the e-commerce platform you choose allows you to easily create and manage groups. It will significantly cut your administrative tasks and your clients will love being informed regularly.
  • 17. There are a lot of potential promotion opportunities specific to sports and recreation organizations that could be used to increase your revenues
  • 18. You should be able to automatically calculate the promotion at checkout and recalculate when there is a change such as a registration cancellation, merchandise return, etc.
  • 19. These should all be sent automatically by the e-commerce platform and they should include your specific information and terms and conditions.
  • 20. The ability to track accounts receivable, send account statements, write notes, add transactions, manage and create groups is an important feature you should look for.
  • 21. You need to easily track and analyze your sales, orders, and payments to see what activities, merchandise, etc… are selling — and which ones aren't.
  • 22. It is important that you can easily any report the platform offers to excel and/or your accounting software.
  • 23. The platform should allow you communicate one-on-one with your clients as well as mass email them
  • 24. For an SEO friendly store, your platform should support best practices like customizable H1, title and meta tags and SEO friendly urls.
  • 25. Your online store needs to deliver a consistent experience whether serving five concurrent users or 5,000.
  • 26. You should inquire if your platform provider application runs on a single code base or has to maintain separate physical infrastructure for each customer
  • 27. Make sure the platform you choose offers the best in data security, and has rock-solid procedures in place to guarantee the highest level of application security.
  • 28. Your provider should offer support by phone or by email. They should have an issue tracking system to ensure that every issue is tracked until it reaches a resolution that’s satisfactory to you.
  • 29. More importantly, your e-commerce platform provider should have great .
  • 30. Now it’s time to take the next step, and start compiling your list of “must haves” and “nice to haves.”
  • 31. Once these lists are complete, start interviewing and evaluating e-commerce software providers.
  • 32. Amilia provides organization management tools designed to meet the e-commerce needs of today's social organizations. If you would like more information on what Amilia has to offer or would like a free consultation for your organization visit today and request a demo!