Darth vader costume for star wars fanPeople love to play the villain at times, and get to feel the power of thedark side w...
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Darth vader costume for star wars fan


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Darth vader costume for star wars fan

  1. 1. Darth vader costume for star wars fanPeople love to play the villain at times, and get to feel the power of thedark side when they are going to a costume ball. There is always thisdark attraction with the dark characters that are portrayed in such films,and some people just like to have the same presence as them. Thereare many people who absolutely love star wars, and never forget to goto their conventions to find the latest trinkets that come out in themarket. They get to collect all the comics, and the video games thatcome out in the market to go into the reality of the star war’s legend. Inthe past, there used to be an MMORPG based on Star wars galaxywhere people could play out their characters. Yet such games are onlyfun till people are sitting in front of their computer terminals. Going tocostume balls is a bit more enjoyable when they get to enact the partsthey like the most. There are many people who love to have the darthvader costume to feel the dark presence of the jedi turned bad. It is thethought that they can possess the same kind of mental abilities that thewarrior possessed, and cause the same kind of fear into other people.Playing with the light sabers is like adding sprinkles on top, and joiningin with people who love have the same interest.There are women who love to be an elf like they have seen in the lordsof the rings, and love to look for a good Elf costume that would makethem look their best. It is the allure of looking as beautiful, andmysterious as an elf princess that takes women to play an elf. Yet, thereare also men who love to have the same pointy ears, and have ainnocent look at such costume ball. May be sometimes they have anangle because they want to join in with the cute girl elfs in the party, andwho can blame them? They are cute! This is the time when they get tolet go of their inhibitions, and live out their fantasies that they havealways thought about in their minds. They can even get magic rods andwings if they want to have that magical feeling. We all want to be a partof a fairy tale, and there is no reason that you can play out your dreamsin such occasions. Many people love to role play, and you can createyour own personal character to play it out. Most people tend to join roleplay clubs for such an occasion, and they play out their own storesbefore hand.