The Experience Generation
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The Experience Generation



The World is changing at a pace we can't fathom. And the ones to inherit it - Millennials - Generations Y and Z - are learning to cope with it - the loss of old identities, the creation of new ...

The World is changing at a pace we can't fathom. And the ones to inherit it - Millennials - Generations Y and Z - are learning to cope with it - the loss of old identities, the creation of new identities - in different ways. What drives them? What makes them tick? What do they want from life.

This is the first draft of what is a (very large) work in progress. But if you're looking for an answer, it may just start with one word. Experience.

In a world where identity is a function of not where you came from, but where you've been, what you've seen, who you've spoken to, what you've touch-felt-tasted-heard-experienced



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The Experience Generation The Experience Generation Presentation Transcript

  • A Psychological Schematic of the Experience Generation #workinprogress
  • e megapixel has demysti ed context in the World •  e imagination is superseded by our newfound ability to experience •  e internet and the megapixel made the imagination obsolete for most of us •  Everything is mapped, de ned, visible •  e world is naked and we are free to take advantage of it •  Everything is connected, tangible, available
  • e aeroplane and the internet have globalized context •  Context is no longer localized •  You could nd Gothic architecture in 21st Century Santiago; you could get authentic Swiss Gruyere cheese in Shanghai; you could sip authentic Chardonnay in Nasik •  A Hollywood lm could be #1 in Mumbai •  We all construct our identity by opting-in to what appeals to us View slide
  • Identity lies at the intersection of the real and the extraordinary •  Cinema often serves as a re ection of who we are, and who we hope to be •  As a generation we have seen the resurgence of the epic in Hollywood •  e Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Eragon, Twilight, e Chronicles of Narnia, Kung-fu Panda, Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Gladiator and so on •  Closer home, our landmark movies center on gritty realism (Satya, Company, Rang de Basanti) or hopeful optimism (Munnabhai MBBS, ree Idiots) •  is leaves us with the understanding that there is more to life than was thought before •  at living is a discovery of who we are •  at we are meant to be all that we can be View slide
  • Welcome to the hyperreal world of Inception, e Dark Knight •  High de nition means high interactivity •  e hypertextuality fundamental to the web has made our stories hyperreal – more real than real •  Inception exists as an idea, a movie, a website, on Facebook, in PR, as a series of comics (designed after the movie) – an intricate web of content for the devoted fan to piece together •  Modern stories are no longer just the book, the movie or the TV show; but the before and the after and behind-the-scenes, too
  • Ga Ga over Gaga; surrender to the beat •  Music lies closer to the soul than any other medium can •  Lady Gaga makes culture accessible again. Like Twilight, she contemporizes and brings epics down to an ‘easy listening’ level •  Jalebi Cartel pull you into the beat – bring you close to your primal side •  Linkin Park engage you with an existential angst and a hopeful riff •  Jay-Z shows you the path to success – to de ne yourself as an individual •  Strings – guitars, violins and so on – involve us, make us cognizant of ourselves; while beats – drums, electronic – are more primal and help us lose ourselves •  Our music blends with us, making us complete
  • e new de nition of the self has tangibilized context •  High-de nition means high-touch •  e iPod made content mobile •  e iPhone, the App Store and the social web made content hyperreal •  Everything is sensorial, everything is sensual, everything is tremendously interconnected •  is is the beginning of the new UX and the semantic web •  We touch, we share, we delight in experience – it is the sharing that de nes us