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Yannick Moy's presentation on the Hi-Lite project at the ERTS 2012 event in Toulouse France. The paper "Integrating Formal Program Verification with Testing" can be found at ...

Yannick Moy's presentation on the Hi-Lite project at the ERTS 2012 event in Toulouse France. The paper "Integrating Formal Program Verification with Testing" can be found at http://www.erts2012.org/Site/0P2RUC89/7A-1.pdf



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Hi-Lite erts2012 Hi-Lite erts2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Integrating Formal Program Verification with TestingCyrille Comar, Johannes Kanig and Yannick Moy
  • Integrating Formal Program with Testing VerificationCyrille Comar, Johannes Kanig and Yannick Moy
  • Integrating Formal Program with VerificationCyrille Comar, Johannes Kanig and Yannick Moy
  • Motivation
  • Cost of testing• Cost of testing greater than cost of development• 10% increase each year for avionics software (Boeing META Project)• Uneven repartition: 20%  80% of effort! 80%• Uneven quality: 80% of errors traced to 20% of code (NASA Software Safety Guidebook)• Need to reduce and focus the cost of testing
  • DO-178C: formal methods can replace testingFormal methods […] might be theprimary source of evidence forthe satisfaction of many of theobjectives concerned withdevelopment and verification. 2011: Formal Methods Supplement (DO-333)
  • Myths of formal methods• Myth 4: Formal methods require highly trained mathematicians• Myth 5: Formal methods increase the cost of development• Myth 6: Formal methods are unacceptable to users• Myth 7: Formal methods are not used on real, large-scale software (Anthony Hall, Praxis Systems, 1990)
  • Practice of formal methodsSince 2001, Airbus has beenintegrating several tool supportedformal verification techniques intothe development process ofavionics software products. 2009: Formal Verification of Avionics Software Products (Souyris, Wiels, Delmas, Delseny)
  • Cost of verification 20%  80% of 20%  80% of 80% testing effort 80% formal effort Hi-Lite goal: using formal verification first, then testing… 4% 16% testing 80%formal … to reduce and focus the cost of verification
  • Proof + Test
  • Programming Contracts {P}C{Q} Hoare logic (1969)logic contracts executable contracts for proofs for testsSPARK (1987) Eiffel DbC (1986)Hi-Lite: executable annotation language???
  • Project
  • Ada 2012
  • Testing vs. Formal Verification prove pre of Q use Q code assume post of Qcover P constructs P calls Q P calls Q P P Q Q assume pre of Q actual body of Q prove post of Q or stub…local exhaustivity argument: global soundness argument:each function covered P all functions proved enough behaviors  all assumptions justified explored Q R
  • Combining tests and proofs P is tested P calls Q How so we justify assumptions made P during proof? Q Q calls P Q is provedverification combining tests and proofs should be AT LEAST AS GOOD AS verification based on tests only
  • Caution: contracts are not only pre/post! strong typing parameters not aliased )… parameters initializeddata dependences
  • Combination 1: tested calls proved P is tested P calls Q during testing: check that Pprecondition of Q Q is respected Q is proved assumption for proof: precondition of Q is respected
  • Combination 2: proved calls tested P is tested during testing: check that Ppostcondition of P Q is respected Q calls P Q is proved assumption for proof: postcondition of P is respected
  • Testing + Formal Verification tested P proved Q R provedlocal exhaustivity argument: global soundness argument:- test: function covered - proof: assumptions proved- proof: by nature of proof - test: assumptions tested Testing must check additional properties Done by compiler instrumentation
  • GNAT toolsuite executable GNAT GNATtestcompiler unit testing aggregated verification results GNATprove unit proof
  • Conclusion
  • Airbus 5 “must-have” of formal methods• Soundness• Applicability to the code• Usability by normal engineers on normal computers• Improve on classical methods current work• Certifiability
  • Benefits of openness .org • announcements • public: • all code • meeting slides  meeting minutes • dev docs • articles / docs  technical work • user docs  69 members • private:  management  partner code external collaborations with industry and academia
  • Project Partners
  • www.open-do.org/projects/hi-lite