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PNC Integrated Marketing 3.0_CAMA_April12
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PNC Integrated Marketing 3.0_CAMA_April12


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  • 1. Achievement:Solving Integrated Marketing Challenges to Bring PNC to ChicagoAMA ChicagoTuesday April 12th 2011Matthew GracieSVP, Marketing Operations and Integration ExecutivePNC Financial Services Group 1
  • 2. Agenda1. PNC Acquires National City2. The PNC Achievement Story3. Achievement: Our Story over the last twelve months4. The Chicago Go-To-Market Strategy5. Integrated Use of Agencies6. Bringing Achievement into the Branch Environment7. What we Achieved!8. Bringing it all Together 2
  • 3. PNC Financial Services - OverviewHeadquartered in Pittsburgh PA. Industry Rankings:Serving customers for over 150 years Deposits $183B 6th Branches 2,470 5thOver 50,000 employees ATMs 6,673 5th„ Retail Footprint covering nearly 1/3 of the US population„ One of the largest bank wealth managers„ Leader in middle market corporate and institutional banking„ National mortgage capabilities„ Significant ownership of BlackRock„ Provider of the innovative, industry-leading Virtual Wallet productDid you know?PNC has more newly constructed green buildings (more than 100) certifiedby the U.S. Green Building Council than any company on Earth. 3
  • 4. PNC Acquires National City1. Transaction announced in October 20082. Customer and Market Entry over 4 waves starting November 2009. Chicago in Wave 4 ‟ June 2010.3. Converted 6 million customers ‟ Retail, Business, Corporate, Mortgage, Wealth Management, Cards4. Completed 46 million touches across 1,000 + synchronized customer communications ‟ mail, email, statements, calling efforts5. Converted nearly 1,400 retail branches across 9 states6. Achieved $1.8 billion in acquisition related cost savings7. PNC now the 6th largest bank in the USA measured by deposits. 4
  • 5. The Achievement Story„ Our marketing strategy for the launch of PNC in Chicago reinforces our leadership position by focusing on PNC’s proof points and emphasizing our brand ideals of Ease, Confidence & ACHIEVEMENT „ Our approach was designed to build brand awareness with speed and deliver precision, focus Achievemen t and creativity with strong acquisition, growth and retention tactics: — Consistent Brand executions — Promotions and offers that drive quality — Establish leadership in CFO (Cash Flow Ease Confidence Options) expertise — Continue focus in Wealth Management 5
  • 6. The Achievement Story„ Achievement is all about customers, not about us„ Achievement is different for everyone, and is very personal„ Achievement is every step along the way, not just the final destination„ Achievement is real, genuine„ Achievement is something people are already doing, to be celebrated and facilitated 6
  • 7. The Achievement Story Scalable Tangible Visceral FocusedRelevant to both Relevant to The reason why Refines thesaving $100 for immediate we get up in the company mantra an iPod and to short-term morning: into a call to investing needs as well as customers, action $100MM for a reaching long- employees,new production term goals shareholders, plant community 7
  • 8. Achievement: Our story over the last 12 months„ Let’s go to the video tape………. 8
  • 9. The Chicago Marketing Challenge Marketing Challenges Low Brand Awareness Limited Customer AdvocacyCustomers Simultaneous Market and Customer Conversion Customer Fatigue w/ Bank ConversionsCompetition Highly Competitive Market New Segments ‟ e.g.: Polish Medium Branch DistributionEmployees Employee Engagement ‟ Deal Lag 9
  • 10. The Chicago Go-To-Market Strategy Marketing Challenges Low Brand Awareness How will our brand resonate Limited Customer Advocacy with consumers?Customers Simultaneous Market and What are the market and media Customer Conversion opportunities? Customer Fatigue w/ Can we consistently apply Bank Conversions our GTM model?Competition Highly Competitive Market How quickly can we achieve New Segments ‟ e.g.: Polish operational readiness? Medium Branch DistributionEmployees Employee Engagement ‟ Deal Lag ……how do we integrate our solution? 10
  • 11. Our Integrated Solution …..secret! „ Tried and tested over many conversions, in diverse markets and conditions. „ Codified and well understood. PNC Marketing Playbooks „ Delivery Chain POV ‟ sets expectations up and down stream. Customer Communications „ Roles clearly defined internal and In Branch Experience vendors. Market/Media Analysis „ Highly connected to governance structure. Research „ Focused on known outcomes/reliable. Competitor Protocols „ …BUT flexible to each new Project Management opportunity 11
  • 12. The Chicago Go-To-Market Solution Marketing Challenges Integrated Solution Low Brand Awareness Plan for Ubiquity Limited Customer Advocacy Minimize Conversion DisruptionCustomers Simultaneous Market and Leverage tested launch model Customer Conversion used in integrations since 2005 PNC Marketing Playbooks Multi-media approach integrated Customer Fatigue w/ with Corporate Communications Bank Conversions and non-paid media activityCompetition Highly Competitive Market Competitor Response Process New Segments ‟ e.g.: Polish Multicultural Media & Outreach In branch Experience ‟ e.g.: Digital Medium Branch Distribution Engage in Launch ‟ Street Teams,Employees Employee Engagement ‟ Deal Lag Community Events, PLUS Training, Customer Contact Intranet 12
  • 13. The Go-To-Market Playbook PNC Customer/Market Conversion Playbook Introduce Impress & Inspire Invite Create Passive Create Active Cause Instigate Awareness Awareness Consideration Action Launch Campaign In branch BAU Conversion Campaigns Pre Disposition Customer Media Welcome Pre Conversion/ Post Conversion Market Entry Conversion 13
  • 14. The Chicago Go-To-Market Strategy 14
  • 15. The Chicago Go-To-Market Strategy 15
  • 16. The Chicago Go-To-Market Execution„ Included outreach to diverse populations…… 16
  • 17. The Chicago Go-To-Market ExecutionGuerilla Marketing Tactics„ To create multiple consumer touch points and generate top-of-mind awareness„ Create positive buzz in the community„ Bring “Achievement” to lifeMultiple levels of street team/customer engagement „Street team interaction ‟ distribution of PNC-branded premium items (ex: lip balm, snack bar, pom-poms at sporting events) „Enhanced street team interaction ‟ distribution of high-end premium items (movie passes, free coffee) „Event team interaction ‟ coordinated at a large market event ‟ ala Chicago Cubs ‟ that PNS is sponsoring or affiliated with ‟ (free ice skating day, free car wash day, free pedi-cab rides) 17
  • 18. Integrated Use of AgenciesDeutsch„ PNC’s Agency of Record since 2009„ Created a single brand platform ‟ maintain a long term brand view„ Integrated messages across media ‟ offline/online„ Integrated across lines of business ‟ corporate, retail, wealth„ Integrated within the company culture ‟ single stakeholder voice„ Design media plans and expression based on market opportunity value„ Take the design and brand voice lead from Deutsch and trans-create for cultural and language nuances 18
  • 19. Bringing Achievement into the Branches All PNC branches received a new merchandising system, which is designed to create a brand-building, selling environment„ Focuses investment on the teller line, where the large majority of customer visits occur„ Enhances visibility for the bank’s most engaging marketing materials„ Utilize multimedia: — “Shelf-space” for offerings — Targets at segment & local level 19
  • 20. Bringing Achievement into the BranchesProduct Promotions Line of Business Reinforcement Community Messaging Grow Up Great Multi-Lingual Local Rates Corporate Messaging Syndicated Content (News, Weather, Sports, Trivia)Transition Information Staff Introduction Green Branch Service Information 20
  • 21. Integrated Solutions Deliver Results…. PNC Brand Awareness Growth ‟ New Markets Market 1 ‟ High Opportunity 200% Market 2 ‟ High Opportunity 150% 100%Growth Since Launch Market 3 ‟ Mature 50% Market 4 ‟ Low Distribution Launch +1 Quarter +2 Quarters Quarter 21
  • 22. Bringing it all together!My message to you today…..….Solving Integrated Marketing Challenges is not difficult. It just requires: - A deep focus on your brand for all stakeholders - Great process ‟ keeps you safe and consistent - Understanding and focusing on your desired outcomes - Making sure everyone involved is clear on their roleWhat’s the most valuable thing you can do as a result of hearing this presentation…….? Document and communicate what you are good at! Seriously, spend the time to understand how you do what you are really good at. I know it’s a low tech answer…but it works! 22
  • 23. Achievement:Solving Integrated Marketing Challenges to Bring PNC to ChicagoThank You! 23