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Climbing for Water - 7 Summits for Water project
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Climbing for Water - 7 Summits for Water project


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7 Summits for Water charity climbing project to raise 500.000,- Euro for water projects

7 Summits for Water charity climbing project to raise 500.000,- Euro for water projects

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. 2© Climbing for Water Foundation 2010 - 7 Summits for Water Project
  • 2. 3© Climbing for Water Foundation 2010 - 7 Summits for Water Project Preface The fight against and for water… We learned it as a child: water is the source of life! However, water availability has become a global key issue nowadays, being severely threatened by global changes, including a strong po-pulation growth, increasing water usage, intensive agriculture, deforestation, urbanization and climate changes. Our planet’s climate shows rising temperatures and resulting changing precipi-tation patterns. According to experts extreme events like droughts, floods and water scarcity will become more frequent and intense. The warming trend is found to be greatest at mountains and at the poles, exactly the areas with a very vulnerable eco-system. A shift to higher snowmelt, less snowfall higher up and more intense rain fall at lower altitudes has been detected in several mountain areas. It increases the amount of directly available water, while decreasing the amount of long-term storage (snow and ice). Experts foresee situations in which the water storage capacity gets easily saturated. Lake outbursts, land- slides, rock avalanches and river bank breaks are likely to occur more regularly in future years, resulting in a whole set of further threats in mountains as well as areas downstream. Other moun- tain regions may suffer more from drying up ‘only’. Adaptation strategy planning is ongoing; one of the promising solutions being water capture and storage. Implementation can be very challenging, mainly because of geographical complexity. Nevertheless it’s key to fight against and for water. Let’s climb for water, together! As trekkers and climbers, we have seen water related problems in mountain areas ourselves. We believe that all mountain lovers, the trekking and climbing community especially, could and should help mountain areas and local communities in their struggle for water. Our treks and expeditions are used to spread awareness about these water problems and to raise funds to support local water projects. We believe that everybody in this world has the right to sufficient, clean and safe drinking water and sustainable water facilities. That’s why we climb for water! We strongly invite you to join us in our mission! This sponsor proposal explains to you the principles of our ‘7 Summits for Water’ project. We hope it will be the stepping stone to an inspiring, fruitful and effective project that supports water projects around the world. As Ghandi said: ” The future depends on what we do in present”. So, let’s make a difference, let’s climb for water; together! Eveline Wessels Chairman - Climbing for Water Foundation
  • 3. 4© Climbing for Water Foundation 2010 - 7 Summits for Water Project Interested to read more? Please, go to: / sponsor and fill in the request form. We will send you the full document right away! Thanks!