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Generation Y
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Generation Y


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Generating Y Sara Al- Thihli Badriya Al-Hinai
  • 2. Outline
    • Who is GenYES
    • The importance of Generation Y
    • What most influences Generation Y?
    • How to manage Generation Y
    • Generation Y—why worry?
    • Projects for developing GenYES.
  • 3. Who is GenYES
    • Generation Y is the generation that was born between circa 1980 - 1994. This range of dates varies from source to source, however for our study we will take that the oldest of Generation Y is currently aged about 27 and the youngest being about 13. On a world wide basis, the use of the term Generation Y seems to be restricted to the Western World
  • 4. The importance of Generation Y
    • A company vision that seeks to make a positive difference in the world...Generation Y has a core need to make a difference and affect the world for the better " Work needs to matter - make it matter "
    • A set of shared values that are actually lived….. the company walks its talk!
    • Flat organizational hierarchies...Generation Y value abilities and skills more than positions
    • Divestment from dictatorial regimes...Generation Y are not well suited to command and control type management
    • Valuing the development of people...Generation Y want their work to help them to ful fil their potential and dreams
    • Ethical and sustainable operation...Generation Y are highly supportive of CSR
    • Affinity groups for shared learning and working....Generation Y love to learn, share knowledge and work in teams
  • 5. The importance of Generation Y
    • The importance of Generation Y in the workforce
      • The demographics show that the Generation Y are a prominent section of the workforce - currently 20% of the workforce and rising to 40% in 2010. Employers are starting to realise that with the upcoming Baby Boomer shortage through retirement that in the future they have no choice but to accommodate Generation Y if they want to retain a robust competitive advantage.
      • In the next few years, Generation Y workers will be in the position of asking for what they want from their work from their employers.
  • 6. What most influences Generation Y?
    • Peers:
      • While the Builders’ Generation are most influenced by authority figures and Boomers
      • make decisions based on data and facts, post-modern youth are more likely to make a
      • decision based on the influence of their own peers. Our research has further confirmed
      • that the biggest factor determining the choice a teenager will make is the experiences of
      • their core group of 3 to 8 friends. Rather than making independent decisions based on
      • core values, they live in a culture encouraging them to embrace community values, and to
      • reach consensus.
  • 7. What most influences Generation Y?
    • Pragmatism:
      • It is understandable that young people today are less idealistic than generations past due
      • in part to the media and pop culture that fills their life. The most popular song of the
      • 1940’s was Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” (1942), for the 50’s it was “Rock around the
      • Clock” (Bill Haley and his Comets, 1955), and the 60’s it was the Beatles’ “I want to hold
      • your hand” (1963)vi. A quick listen to the music of choice for Generation Y reveals what
  • 8. What most influences Generation Y?
      • different times they live in. Much is made of the dark lyrics of Eminem and Marilyn
      • Manson, but these are just public examples of the popular and pervasive genre. The
      • influence of music is second only to the influence of TV and movies in Gen Y culture.
      • George Barna has found that when teenagers were asked, “What/who has a lot of
      • influence on your thinking and behaviour?” one quarter of the influence on their lives is
      • from TV and moviesvii .
  • 9. What most influences Generation Y?
    • Preference:
      • For previous generations, the modernism mindset ruled and so people grew up believing
      • that technology was good and to be trusted, medicine could overcome any problems
      • humanity faced, and together we could create a great future. However in these postmodern
      • times, technology is often not trusted let alone held up as the answer. AIDS and
      • other pandemics continue to defy the experts, and the scientific method has given way to
      • virtual reality. The concept of absolute and inherent truth has been banished as truth is
      • deemed to be relative to one’s own background and understanding. The culture today
      • asserts that any philosophy, religion, or practice is as valid as any other as long as it
      • doesn’t hurt anyone else, and it is tolerant of the beliefs of others.
  • 10. How to manage Generation Y
    • Listen to them and provide them with feedback
    • Generation Y want to experience leadership as soon as possible
    • Generation Y want to experience leadership as soon as possible
    • Get them on the leading edge of what the organization is doing
    • Encourage problem solving
    • Make their work matter
    • Do not reject Generation Y workers because they seem difficult to manage
  • 11. Generation Y—why worry?
    • They live online
    • They’ve been indulged
    • College students embrace new media
    • They are more socially conservative.
    • They operate at high speed
  • 12. Projects for developing GenYES.
    • bridging the experiences of Generation Y and the Silent Generation using the Internet :
      • Description of the project
      • Aims of the project
      • Likely outcomes
      • Project Plan