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  • 1. Thierry Zylberberg Executive Vice President Orange Group General Manager Orange Healthcare February 2014 Orange Healthcare Orange Healthcare
  • 2. interne Orange2 health reality 2x 2030 doubling of the proportion of people over 80 66% of seniors have at least two chronic conditions 1 | (e)-health realities 75% of healthcare costs are due to chronic conditions
  • 3. 3 Orange Healthcare reminder of the 3 areas of Orange Healthcare expertise services for healthcare professionals remote healthcare monitoring services preventive services professionals to patients patientprofessionals to professionals Orange Healthcare 2 | Orange Healthcare
  • 4. 4 Orange Healthcare  data as a management tool to measure, analyze, manage quality and security …  data as a work tool to coordinate, manage the care journey, share patient information data …  efficient healthcare requires data management and so will be increasingly connected  medical software  devices …  HCP  modalities  patients Orange healthcare ecosystem Orange: integrator and partner for an end-to-end solution Orange sees data as a founding element of healthcare Orange serving medical data suppliers collection transfer hosting restitution analysis (BI, big data) Orange serving medical data suppliers collection transfer hosting restitution analysis (BI, big data) 2 | Orange Healthcare
  • 5. 5 Orange Healthcare Orange Healthcare use cases 3 | use cases
  • 6. 6 Connected Hospital: end to end solution inside and outside the hospital health data, secured and easy access, in and around the hospital hospitality services smart hospital: security, asset tracking… in/outside hospital: collaboration of health professionals cloud imaging reception services health professionals are mobile hospital at home and patient follow up medical compliance identification of health proOrange Healthcare 3 | use cases
  • 7. Orange Healthcare 3 | use cases
  • 8. 8 medical compliance Orange and Janssen are tackling the medical compliance problem Orange Healthcare 3 | use cases  50% of chronic disease patients the treatment  insurance losses are considerable  major barrier: complexity of modern medication regimens did you know?  improves quality of life  free for users  discrete reminders patient benefits  insure the drugs continue to be reimbursed  close follow-up to patient health for client
  • 9. 9 challenges and opportunities 4| challenges and opportunities Orange Healthcare
  • 10. 10 interoperability and scalability data overflow for health professionals 4| challenges and opportunities challenges and opportunities Orange Healthcare 1/ 2/ reimbursement case regulation 3/ 4/
  • 11. 11 Orange Healthcare thank you!