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A list compiled for vendors and exhibitors at the HIMSS 13 conference.

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Healthcare analytics-vendors

  1. 1. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONAccess Hundreds of hospitals worldwide use Accesssolutions to integrate e-forms, electronicpatient signatures and clinical data into EHRswithout paper or user effort.AgileLife View the only zero-lift patient movementsolution - AgileLife. Patients are transferredfrom bed to wheelchair in approximately 90seconds through an ergonomic and safeconveyor system, without tugging, pulling orlifting.AHI of Indiana, Inc. The Upright fall prevention program (AHI ofIndiana, Inc.) incorporates the evidence-basedHendrich II Fall Risk Model (HIIFRM) with onlineeducation and resources to assess fall risk,prevent injurious falls and support nursesdeliver quality care. The HIIFRM is designed forstandardized use throughout the healthcarecontinuum and aligns with acute care plansettings for a streamlined approach to patient-centered care. Design and Build Pathways areprovided for easy build into your EHR.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 1 of 53
  2. 2. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONAirstrip Technologies AirStrip technology unlocks, transforms andmobilizes live and historical patient informationfrom existing monitoring devices and EHRsystems to access on mobile devices regardlessof operating system. The AirStrip platformsupports an enterprise-wide solution with liveand predictive analytics. AirStrip helpstranscend the geographic and technologicalbarriers that delay informed clinician action.Alego Health Alego Health is a national Healthcare andHealthcare IT Consulting Company specializingin EMR Implementation. Alego Health is aWoman Owned Business and is headquarteredin Cleveland, OH.Amcom Software, Inc. Amcom Software provides technology solutionsfor organizations that depend on speed,accuracy, and productivity to manage missioncritical, day to day, emergency and event drivencommunications. Amcom Softwares advancedsolutions are used by thousands of leadingcorporations and organizations in healthcare,education, hospitality, business andgovernment.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 2 of 53
  3. 3. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONAmerican College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) The American College of Clinical Engineering(ACCE), has established a code of ethics forclinical engineers, pursued peer recognition andcertification programs, and developed aheritage of publishing, teaching andhumanitarian programs designed to "give back"to society and to prepare the next generation ofpractitioners.Anvita Health Anvita Health™, a wholly owned subsidiary ofHumana Inc. (NYSE: HUM), is an industry-leading, health care analytics company thatprovides payers and providers with real-timeand batch mode clinical insights to identify gaps-in-care and drug safety alerts. The Anvita®Insight analysis engine is capable of analyzingmillions of members in sub-second time,against industry-accepted clinical guidelines,that help improve quality of care and decreaseavoidable health care costs.Apelon Apelon is a global clinical informatics companyfocusing on data standardization andinteroperability. Apelon helps leadinghealthcare enterprises, life sciencesorganizations and government agenciesimprove the quality, comparability andaccessibility of their information. Apelon offerssolutions and professional services forterminology development, management,mapping and deployment.Apixio Analytics_Vendors_Links 3 of 53
  4. 4. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONApollo PACS, Inc. Apollo PACS provides a market-provenapplication that enables clinicians andhealthcare institutions to capture, manage,access and share patient multimedia and dataacross a diverse array of medical specialties notcurrently addressed by todays radiology PACSsolutions. Apollo EPMM® provides healthcareprofessionals and organizations with an "open"enterprise-wide solution that leads to improvedoperational efficiency, patient safety, andclinical outcomes.Applied Pathways, LLC Applied Pathways provides a Web-based visualenvironment for clinical innovation and processimprovement. Subject-matter experts andbusiness analysts across ACOs, HIT/EMRsystems, payers, PBMs, publishers andmanaged care service providers can collaborateto model and manage complex rules, accessdata from EMRs, rapidly implement executablecare pathways for clinical decision support andcreate professional and consumer applicationsacross multiple technology platforms.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 4 of 53
  5. 5. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONApps for Docs Apps for Docs provides patient centric ClinicalDecision Support SaaS via Web App. Accessibleon PC and mobile platforms, it delivers real-time actionable data to the clinician in the officeand hospital setting. The comprehensive suiteof cardiovascular AUC and Device Therapy CORanalytics combined with patient centric reportsprovides procedural medical necessitydocumentation to improve quality and reducecosts.Archimedes, Inc. Archimedes is an independent healthcaremodeling company located in San Francisco.Our core technology is a mathematical model ofphysiology, diseases, interventions, andhealthcare systems. The Model is highlydetailed and rigorously validated, and is used byhealth plans, pharmaceutical companies, andresearchers to answer vital clinical andadministrative healthcare questions.Aspect Software athenahealth offers cloud-based revenue cycle,EHR and care coordination services that canhelp clear your path and advance your vision.Our cost-effective, continuously updatedambulatory services enable seamless clinicalintegration for all of your physicians. You getunprecedented business and clinical visibility tochart your progress. And with low capitalexpense, your balance sheet is safe from harm.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 5 of 53
  6. 6. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONAtigeo Atigeo provides compassionate technology for awiser planet. xPatterns, our cloud-based bigdata analytics platform, makes the worldsinformation more accessible and insightful,lowering the barrier to working with big data.For healthcare, xPatterns offers an analyticalplatform as a service enabling rapidimplementation of our intelligent coding tools,research discovery tools, and patient outcomeapplications that makes evidence-basedmedicine a reality.Azzly Bruan Medical For 150 years, B. Braun has developed a richheritage of knowledge and expertise fordelivering innovative healthcare products,medical devices and programs designed toimprove both patient and health-professionalsafety. Using its Sharing Expertise initiative, B.Braun collaborates with customers, partnersand employees to develop innovative products,services and education programs.Beacon Partners, Inc. Analytics_Vendors_Links 6 of 53
  7. 7. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONBedside Clinical Systems (BCS) Bedside Clinical Systems (BCS) bringsinnovations in paediatric healthcare from TheHospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada) to aglobal market. Healthcare professionalsworldwide look to BCS for the solutions that willhelp support their workflow needs and helpcritically ill children. BCSs team is dedicated toimproving the safety of children by presentingour flagship solution, Bedside Paediatric EarlyWarning System (BedsidePEWS).BluePrint Healthcare IT Founded in 2003, BluePrint Healthcare IT is aprofessional services and software firm workingwith hospitals, health systems, HIEs - public andprivate, local, regional and state -- and ACOs toaccelerate clinical and operationaltranformation in the areas of CareOptimization, Information Assurance, HealthInformation Exchange and IT OperationsOptimization.Bottomline Technologies Bottomlines data-driven data-rich solutionsfor patient access and financial processautomation are used by 900+ U.S. hospitals.Customers apply our products for patientregistration, mobile data and e-signaturecapture, and cash management to deliverpositive patient experiences, improve data andoperational efficiencies, and enhanceorganizational health.BRIT Systems, Inc. Analytics_Vendors_Links 7 of 53
  8. 8. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONCapsa Solutions Capsa Solutions provides your facility acomprehensive product portfolio of computercarts, medication workstations, and point-of-care hardware arms designed with uniqueadvantages over alternative choices. Capsa iswidely recognized as a single-source leaderacross the spectrum of healthcareenvironments for benchmark products tooptimize the benefits of your electronic healthrecords program.Cardiocom Cardiocom, the Experts in Telehealth, is anaward-winning leader in integrated clinicaltelehealth services. Cardiocom provides cost-effective solutions for complex chronicconditions including heart failure, diabetes,hypertension, COPD, asthma, CKD and ESRD.Using Cardiocoms advanced clinical telehealthservices results in the reduction of costlyhospital readmissions, improves patientoutcomes and the quality of care.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 8 of 53
  9. 9. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONCenterX CenterX is a comprehensive e-prescribingmessaging and directory service. We bring ourcustomers to the leading edge of e-prescribingtechnology in a way that reduces costs,improves efficiency, and most importantly,improves patient care. Our team has years ofexperience developing and implementing HITproducts for more than 70 organizations.Without conflicts or pressures from large parentcompanies, we freely collaborate with all ourpartners, regardless of their place in themarket.Cerner ChipSoft is an innovative and leading Europeanprovider of information technology solutions forthe healthcare market. Our solutions aredesigned to empower healthcare professionalsto improve patient safety, to create continuityof care and to provide a solid financial positionfor healthcare organisations.CitiusTech Architecture Analytics_Vendors_Links 9 of 53
  10. 10. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONClinical Solutions Clinical Solutions is a trusted provider ofscalable, multi-channel, decision support andexpert knowledge solutions, enabling cliniciansto reach out to patients and direct them to themost appropriate level of care. Clinical Solutionsoffers a unique combination of capabilitiesincluding integrated solutions, content,software, hosted solutions, and managed ITinfrastructure. Its solutions are used to serveover 100 million people across the world.CliniComp, Intl. CliniComp, Intl., a global provider of hospital-wide clinical documentation systems thatimprove the efficiency and safety of health careproviders’ highest-acuity workflows,has anunparalleled record of system uptime, includingmaintenance and upgrades.The CliniCompEssentris® complete inpatient EMR is comprisedof electronic charting and surveillance solutionsfor acute, critical, emergency and perinatalcare. Certified for Meaningful Use, CliniCompsupports customers 24/7 across 3 continents.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 10 of 53
  11. 11. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONCSC Connect. Care. Collaborate. CSC is a globalprovider of next-generation technologysolutions serving public and private sectorhealthcare clients in provider, payer, and lifesciences. Our products and services supportcoordinated care, providing superior returns ontechnology investments for our clients andimproving individual and population healthoutcomes for everyone.CSS Health Technologies CSS Health Technologies is a single sourcevendor for IT solutions, including our certifiedChartSmart EMR for small and rural communityhospitals. Our client servers are designed to bea complete, customizable solutionwith affordable pricing. Modules can be addedas necessary to manage growth, automatetasks and comply with ever-changinggovernement requirements. For over 25 yearsCSS has been recognized by its clients for thepersonalized relationships it provides.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 11 of 53
  12. 12. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONCTG Health Solutions CTG is a leading healthcare IT consulting firmproviding strategic, clinical, financial,operational, and technology solutions. Offeringadvisory services, strategic/tactical planning,vendor selection, implementation, legacysystem support, program/project managementand advance technology services, CTG can helpyou address regulatory mandates of meaningfuluse, 5010, ICD-10, HIE, electronic medicalrecords, accountable care and evolving healthreform.CureMD Healthcare CureMDs award winning ALL-IN-ONE Solution isdesigned to personalize care delivery, enhancequality and patient safety, optimize efficiencyand minimize cost. Our integrated platformincludes Practice Management, ElectronicHealth Records, CureBilling, Patient Portal andDRT. CureMD the solution of choice for agrowing community of physicians, payers andpatients.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 12 of 53
  13. 13. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONdbMotion The dbMotion™ Solution is a proven, connectedhealthcare, SOA-based interoperability platformthat enables healthcare organizations andhealth information exchanges (HIEs) tomeaningfully integrate and leverage theirinformation assets, driving improvements in thequality, safety and efficiency of patient care.Since 2001, dbMotion has transformed carethrough the creation of a virtual patient recordthat integrates patient information to connectcare providers and settings.Dell, Inc. Insight Dimensional Insight offers business intelligencesolutions that integrate disparate data sourcesinto one cohesive view so managers, analysts,and executives can access business-critical datain just a few clicks. Our reporting and analysissuite - The Diver SolutionTM- empowers usersacross your organization so they can accessdata quickly and Storage Systems (DSS) Partners have counted on DSS for decades tointegrate solutions for the nation’s largesthealthcare system, private hospitals andmedical facilities nationwide that continuallyimprove healthcare workflows - ultimatelyimproving patient care.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 13 of 53
  14. 14. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONDrummond Group, Inc. Drummond Group is a global software test andcertification lab that serves a wide range ofvertical industries. In healthcare, DrummondGroup tests and certifies EHRs, CSOS and EPCSsoftware and processes – designating thetrusted test lab as the only third-party certifierof all three initiatives. Founded in 1999,Drummond Group is accredited for the Office ofthe National Coordinator HIT CertificationProgram as an Authorized Certification Body(ACB) and an Authorized Test Lab (ATL).e-Healthline / The Los Rios Community College Dist E*HEALTHLINE / LOS RIOS COMMUNITYCOLLEGE DISTRICT * Integrated EHR forHospitals and Clinics - iMed© Cloud - MobilePlatform - HIE * E*HealthLine is a leader inmulticultural Integrated Healthcare InformationManagement, providing a complete spectrumof Global Professional Services and acomprehensive network of EHR Applications.Product training is supported by Los Rios RegionB Community College Health IT WorkforceProgram, a consortia of Community Colleges inAZ, CA, HI, and NV.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 14 of 53
  15. 15. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONEBSCO Publishing EBSCO Publishing is a leading provider of onlinemedical reference products including evidence-based point-of care resources including:DynaMed, Patient Education Reference Center,Nursing Reference Center, & RehabilitationReference Center, which integrate into EHRsystems and provide the latest evidence fordecision support - improving quality of care,patient safety and efficiency.eClinicalWorks eClinicalWorks delivers ambulatory clinicalsolutions for providers and communities,including EMR/PM software, patient portals,ACO/PCMH services, revenue cyclemanagement and community health records.With more than 220,000 providers and 410,000healthcare professionals across all 50 statesusing its solutions, customers include physicianpractices, out-patient departments of hospitals,health centers, departments of health andconvenient care clinics.Elekta Elekta is a human care company pioneeringsignificant innovations and clinical solutions fortreating cancer and brain disorders. Thecompany develops advanced tools andtreatment planning systems for radiationtherapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy, aswell as workflow enhancing software systemsacross the cancer care spectrum. Through itsproducts and services, Elekta aims to improve,prolong and save patient lives.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 15 of 53
  16. 16. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONElpas (Tyco Security Products) Elpas, part of the Security Products businessunit of Tyco, is a global provider of Passive &Active RFID/RTLS Safety, Security and VisibilitySolutions designed to meet the needs ofGovernment, Commercial, Institutional andIndustrial sectors. Elpas delivers a complete lineof real-time location based security solutionsthat help enhance individual safety, reduceproperty shrinkage, streamline operationalworkflows, lessen negligence litigation andfacilitate industry guideline compliance.Elsevier Elsevier, a global leader in medical and healthinformation, provides solutions designed toimprove healthcare quality while reducing cost.The Elsevier Clinical Decision Support businessdelivers on this promise at the point of carethrough actionable clinical content, careplanning and documentation, drug referenceand decision support, learning and performancemanagement, and data mining and outcomesanalytics solutions for provider, pharmacy andpayer organizations.Encore Health Resources Encore Health Resources helps implement andoptimize EHRs and complex clinical systems toget value from the data. We do this through ourtools, knowledge base and proprietaryapproach, and by employing healthcare ITprofessionals with deep operational experience.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 16 of 53
  17. 17. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONEndosoft EndoSoft is the leader in proceduredocumentation, workflow management andEHR software for the healthcare industry. Froma solo physicians office to large multi-sitemedical centers, EndoSoft applications aredesigned for a variety of clinical specialties.EndoSoft offers advanced proceduredocumentation, workflow and imagemanagement, EHR, E-Prescriptions, PracticeManagement and PACS.Epic Epics integrated software spans enterpriseclinical, access, and billing functions. It letshealth systems connect with patients and otherorganizations online. Epic is quick to implementand easy for doctors, nurses, and others tolearn. We serve large and mid-size physiciangroups, integrated healthcare organizations,childrens hospitals and academic facilities.Esri Esri is the world leader in geographicinformation system (GIS) technology. GIS is apowerful spatial analytic tool for hospitals andhealth systems. More than 121 national healthministries, thousands of scientists, andhundreds of hospitals use GIS for infectioncontrol, bed management, service area analysis,and data integration.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 17 of 53
  18. 18. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONEtiam Corp. ETIAM Corp is a leading provider of connectivityand medical imaging workflow solutions for thehealthcare industry. Products and solutionsinclude, image visualization, image integration,image sharing within and between institutionsusing secure cloud technology, imagedistribution, and integration with HIS, EMR andPACS applications.Euclid Technologies Offering high quality cost effective solutions onkey sectors of the healthcare delivery system.Euclid Healthcare Practice (EHP) is a premiumhealthcare consultancy providing practicalbusiness responses to the rapid reforms andchanges occurring in the U.S. healthcareindustry. Providing services and solutions toaddress challenges unique to key healthcaresectors: Payers, Providers and Pharmaceuticalsuch as CMS regulations for ICD-10 and HIPAA5010,ExitCare (Elsevier), Inc. Explorys is the leading cloud-based big dataplatform for healthcare. We provide reporting,business intelligence, data analytics, andpopulation performance management acrossthe continuum of care. Explorys applies thepower of massively-parallel data processing tosave lives and make great healthcareaffordable.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 18 of 53
  19. 19. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONExtension, Inc. EXTENSION® provides healthcare softwaresolutions that facilitate instant communicationbetween patients and clinicians. The results ofmore efficient communication are increasedpatient and staff safety and satisfaction,improved quality of care, reduced cost anderrors, and greater return on telephony andhealthcare IT investments.First Databank (FDB) First Databank (FDB) provides drug knowledgethat helps healthcare professionals makeprecise medication-related decisions. FDBenables our information system developerpartners to deliver a wide range of valuable,useful, and differentiated solutions. We offermore than three decades of experience inhelping transform drug knowledge intoactionable, targeted, and effective solutionsthat improve patient safety and healthcareoutcomes.Futrix Health Futrix Health = 360° Big Data Insights. FutrixHealth is a powerful solution for linkingdisparate healthcare data into a commonanalytical stream and allowing all user types todrill anywhere and get rapid insights andimpactful results. Users are empowered tocreate healthcare measures, cohort analysisgroups, and benchmarks from any datasource(s) and then freely analyze across allother sources. Version 7 includes the newEnterprise Viewer and Futrix Mobile.GE Healthcare Analytics_Vendors_Links 19 of 53
  20. 20. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONGenelex Medical Technologies Health, LLC GSI Health delivers care coordination solutionsto hospitals and health systems, Health Homes,and ACOs to collaborate and manage thepatient’s care as they move through thedelivery system. GSI Health’s care coordinationplatform is a clinical operating system deliveredin the cloud which includes an ApplicationMarketplace of apps that are smart,interchangeable, yet work together based onthe clinical and operational needs of doctors,hospitals, and patients and an optional HIEsolution.Health Care DataWorks, Inc. (HCD) Health Care DataWorks, Inc., a leading providerof business intelligence solutions, empowershealthcare organizations to improve theirquality of care and reduce costs. Through itspioneering KnowledgeEdge™ product suite,including its enterprise data model, analyticdashboards, applications and reports, HealthCare DataWorks delivers an Enterprise DataWarehouse necessary for hospitals and healthsystems to effectively and efficiently gaindeeper insights into their operations.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 20 of 53
  21. 21. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONHealthagen Healthagen is a division of Aetna that offershealth and related technology services toproviders, payers, employers and consumers.Healthagen brings together a wide range ofpayer-agnostic population health managementsolutions and health information technologycapabilities from its businesses that includeActiveHealth Management, Medicity andiTriage.Healthcare IT News (Tech Media - HIMSS) Published in partnership with HIMSS,Healthcare IT News is the industry’s leadingnews source, providing healthcare IT and otherexecutives the information they need toimplement and harness technology as a meansto enhance patient care. Jesse H. Neal award-winning coverage includes clinical and businessIT strategies, regulatory updates, and vendorand provider news. Content is published in printand online, as well as through mobile and socialmedia platforms.Healthcare Technology Online (HTO) Healthcare Technology Online (HTO) is apremier Internet resource for healthcaretechnology system news, implementationtrends, best practices, and product information.Our mission is to provide healthcareprofessionals with expert guidance ontechnology system selection, integration, andproject management.Hospira Healthcare & Life Sciences Analytics_Vendors_Links 21 of 53
  22. 22. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONICA ICA was established to take innovative solutionsdeveloped at Vanderbilt Medical Centerto thebroader healthcare market, and now delivers acomprehensive interoperability platform tohospitals, IDNs, IPAs, HIEs, payers and others.CareAlign® unites a wide range of informationsupporting analytics associated with transitionsof care communication, re-admissionsreduction, meaningful use requirements andPCMH/ACO, LLC The Enterprise Cloud EHR from iCare is anenterprise-class, Internet-optimized ElectronicHealth Record platform that’s changing therules of mission-critical infrastructure. Thispowerful cloud platform provides fullyintegrated EHR technology at a fraction of theprice of installed traditional software. WithiCare, you will focus on patient care, notsoftware.iCT Health FZ, LLC Witness a range of innovative life care solutionsthat connect and transform health informatics,healthcare management and clinicaltechnologies. Explore world class solutionsevolving from a deep knowledge of the dynamicglobal healthcare landscape.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 22 of 53
  23. 23. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONID Information & Documentation in Healthcare With over 35 years of experience in developingsoftware for the major coding systems and over1400 installations internationally, we areintroducing our coding software into the US,with an emphasis on ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM/PCS. We offer computer- assisted codingfeatures, such as semantic support; "hit" lists byspecialty, clinician, coder, etc.; anatomy charts/and an encoding wizard.iMDsoft iMDsoft is a leading provider of ClinicalInformation Systems for critical, perioperative,and acute care environments. The companysflagship family of solutions, the MetaVisionSuite, was first implemented in 1999. Hospitalsworldwide - including 4 of the top 10 UShospitals and 13 of the top 50 Europeanhospitals - use MetaVision to improve carequality, enhance financial results, supportresearch and promote compliance withgovernment, payor, and hospital protocols.Informatica Corp. Informatica Corporation is the leadingindependent provider of enterprise dataintegration software and services. UsingInformatica solutions, healthcare organizationscan access, discover, cleanse, integrate, anddeliver all enterprise data to improve healthoutcomes, meet compliance mandates,streamline operations, increase agility, andrefocus energy on the consumer.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 23 of 53
  24. 24. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONInformatics In Contex, Inc. Searching for and consolidating relevant clinicalcontext from patient content is the most time-intensive and burdensome activity currentlyfacing physicians and administrative staff. IICscloud-based Digital Physician Assistant usesintelligently extracted relevant clinical contextfrom all available patient content utilizingappropriate use criteria to facilitate fasterworkflows from electronic referral andautomated prior authorization, to clinicaldecision support, and billing.Innovative Workflow Technologies, Inc. (IWT) IWT is an innovative and experienced softwareprovider serving healthcare facilities who counton us to enhance workflow efficiency andpatient safety. Our PICASO and CareTVsoftware solutions focus on improvingworkflow, patient safety and patient self-service for your facility. Other applicationsinclude: SAM, our user provisioning system;PIMS and inventory management system;BedReady application and many other solutionsto fit your facilitys needs.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 24 of 53
  25. 25. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONInovalon Inovalon, Inc., is a healthcare technologycompany that combines advanced dataanalytics with highly targeted interventions toachieve meaningful impact in clinical outcomesand financial performance across the healthcarelandscape. Our unique achievement of value isdelivered through the effective progression ofTurning Data into Insight, and Insight intoAction®.Intel, Corp. Transformative technologies help turn data intoknowledge and knowledge into a connected,community-based, people-centered healthcaresystem. Intel helps drive that transition bydesigning end-to-end solutions, bothindependently and in partnership withecosystem partners, that help solve healthcarechallenges to benefit people worldwide.InteliChart InteliChart introduces a comprehensiveapproach to healthcare interoperability andhealthcare information exchange (HIE). TheInteliChart HIE Suite is comprised of theInteliChart Integration Engine, InteliChartPhysician Portal, InteliChart Patient Portal, andthe InteliChart Personal Health Record (PHR).5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 25 of 53
  26. 26. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONIntelligent InSites Intelligent InSites helps transform healthcareoperations with a real-time operationalintelligence platform that improves care,enhances the human experience, and increasesefficiency. Through its open, secure, andscalable platform, Intelligent InSitesautomatically collects and processes data fromany RTLS system, environmental sensors, EHRsand other HIT systems, then deliversmeaningful information to the right person, atthe right time, on the right device.Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. Founded in 1994, Chicago-based IntelligentMedical Objects (IMO) combines cutting-edgecomputer science with medical expertise tohelp clinicians, HIM professionals, and patientsgather, organize, and retrieve relevant healthinformation quickly and easily. IMOs clinicalterminologies and applications connectclinicians with reimbursement, decisionsupport, patient education, and research.Interface People, LP Our organization is comprised of experts in boththe MEDITECH Magic, Client Server and 6.xplatforms. IPeople has revolutionized theMEDITECH industry by providing affordable,high quality products and services that provideeasy access to and management of MEDITECHshealth information system.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 26 of 53
  27. 27. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONIntersystems Corp. InterSystems is the worldwide leader insoftware for connected healthcare. Ouradvanced data management, integration, andactive analytics technologies enable hospitals,IDNs, and regional or national HIEs to capture,share, analyze, and act upon their data.InterSystems products are used by thousandsof hospitals and labs worldwide, including all ofthe top 10 hospitals on the Honor Roll ofAmericas Best Hospitals as rated by U.S. Newsand World Report.iPatientCare, Inc. iPatientCare or previously known as MCS-Medical Communication Systems, is known forits ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified Completeand CCHIT 2011 Fully Certified EHR andintegrated Practice Management, PatientPortal, Health Information Exchange, andiPhone/iPad/SmartPhone based mobile Point-of-Care solutions. iPatientCare EHR has beenserving hospitals, health systems, andthousands of physicians for more than 10 yearsthrough SaaS/ASP or on-premises hosting.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 27 of 53
  28. 28. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONiTriage iTriage is a fast-growing, leading digitalhealthcare platform with more than 8M mobiledownloads. It offers a convenient way to helpconsumers determine what might be wrongand where to go for treatment. For providers,iTriage delivers a unified mobile and Websolution that drives visibility, consumerengagement, patient traffic, improved carecoordination, enhanced patient experience andmeasurable ROI.Jvion During this year’s conference, Jvion willshowcase our latest ICD-10 financial risk; codetranslation; and fraud, waste, and abusesolutions. Stop by our booth to see how Jvionhas delivered client insights that have savedproviders and payors millions in potentialrevenue losses, and for the chance qualify for afree ICD-10 financial risk assessment.KLAS KLAS is a research firm on a global mission toimprove healthcare delivery by enablingproviders to be heard and to be counted.Working with thousands of healthcareexecutives and clinicians, KLAS delivers timelyreports, trends, and statistical overviews torepresent the provider voice and act as acatalyst for improving healthcare technologyvendor performance.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 28 of 53
  29. 29. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONKronos, Inc. Kronos helps organizations of all sizes unlockopportunities to control labor costs, minimizecompliance risk, and improve workforceproductivity. Our easy-to-own time andattendance, scheduling, absence management,HR and payroll, hiring, and labor analyticssolutions and services provide completeautomation and high-quality information anddeliver the experience our customers expect.Kryptiq Corp. Kryptiq specializes in software that activateshealthcare, making information actionable,dynamic and meaningful across teams, systems,and organizations. Embedded within the clinicalworkflow, our products help providers track andimprove disease management among patientpopulations; connect to a patient’s entire careteam; engage patients in their day-to-day care;and enable Meaningful Use, ACOs and PCMHs.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 29 of 53
  30. 30. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONLDM Group LDM ( is a leading provider ofbehavior based prescription managementprograms. LDM provides timely and clinicallyrelevant healthcare messaging through itspatented process which serves to improvepatient compliance and outcomes. As atargeted healthcare communication companyLDM connects prescribers, pharmacists, andpatients. LDM’s network is made up of eRx,EMR, and EHR applications, chain andindependent pharmacies, and sponsors ofhealthcare related educational materials.Liberty Solutions, Inc. Liberty Solutions, Inc. is a health careinformation technology company specializing inapplication and clinical transformation services.The experienced professionals at LibertySolutions, Inc. can help you implement IT increative ways to achieve exceptionaloperational and clinical efficiencies Liberty isprimarily focused on Cerner Millennium®,Allscripts™, Siemens®, Epic®, Eclipsys®,MEDITECH and McKesson applications.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 30 of 53
  31. 31. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONLincor Solutions, LTD Lincor Solutions empowers providers toimprove patient outcomes, enhance HCAHPSscores and achieve meaningful use objectives.Touchscreen technology in the patient roomstreamlines working practices by providingbetter clinical access to patient data. Patientengagement and satisfaction is improved witheducation & communication services deliveredusing a powerful multimedia service deliveryplatform. Lincor supports millions of patient andstaff interactions in over 110+ hospitalsworldwide.Lumeris Lumeris provides the information technology,guidance, and operational services necessaryfor hospitals and health plans to transform theirorganizations into high-performing accountabledelivery systems. The depth and breadth of oursolutions — combined with the company’sextensive real-world experience in accountablecare — make Lumeris the ideal partner for anyhealth care organization seeking the significantbenefits of a better connected, aligned, andinformed accountable delivery system.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 31 of 53
  32. 32. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONM2 Information Systems, Inc. MicroBloggingMD from M2 InformationSystems, Inc. is a secure text messaging andclinical alert technology for acute careproviders. The system is designed to improveand facilitate team-based medicine. Clinicaldata is viewed and shared across the enterpriseusing the secure microblog in combination withtext messaging. MicroBloggingMD may helpcare teams with early identification of somehospital acquired conditions, thus reducing costand improving care.MedeAnalytics Founded in 1994, MedeAnalytics deliversperformance management solutions across thehealthcare system—including hospitals,physician practices and payers—to ensureaccountability and improve financial,operational and clinical outcomes.Medecision, Inc. Medecision is the leading provider of healthcaremanagement solutions serving national,regional and local health plans, insurers andcare delivery organizations, more than 74,000physicians and 44 million consumers. Workingwithin the framework that patients, careproviders and health plans are all drivingtowards better health outcomes, Medecisionand its Aerial™ solution helps connect allstakeholders to liberate the highest quality andmost cost-efficient care.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 32 of 53
  33. 33. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONMedicBright Technologies MedicBright Technologies-A Michigan BasedCompany. We are one of the fastest growingHealthcare, Technology, and Service firms inMichigan. Our mission is to provide ourcustomers with high quality of products andservices to improve their business throughadvanced technologies and reduce the cost.MedicBright is founded to focus on customers.We use advanced technologies to architect,design, and implement high-quality and cost-effective solutions to meet our customersunique needs.Medicomp Systems, Inc. Medicomp Systems innovates and continuouslyimproves medical information technologies thatprovide clinicians with the power and freedomto focus on the patient. Medicomp’s EHR toolsare dynamic and easy to use, based on the wayclinicians think and work, and provideimmediate access to the total patient picture.At the heart of every product is the powerfulMEDCIN® Engine, a robust clinical data engineused by clinicians and hospitals throughout theworld.Medisolv, Inc. Medisolv is a leading provider of clinical andfinancial intelligence and the only vendor tohave successfully submitted quality data to theCMS eMeasures reporting pilot. Our uniqueplatform leverages EHR data for qualityreporting to The Joint Commission and CMS forboth Meaningful Use and traditional CoreMeasures.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 33 of 53
  34. 34. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONMedical Information Technology, Inc. (Meditech) Medical Information Technology, Inc.(MEDITECH) is a medical software and servicecompany. Our information systems are installedin health care organizations in the UnitedStates, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Weserve hospitals, ambulatory care centers,physicians offices, and home health careorganizations.Medseek, Inc. The MEDSEEK Influence strategic healthengagement platform provides acomprehensive set of web and mobilecapabilities to enable healthcare organizationsto significantly influence healthcare consumerbehavior, drive revenue and contain costs. Itprovides the personalized information and toolsorganizations need to engage patients as activeparticipants in their health, so they can livelonger, healthier lives.Meta Healthcare IT Solutions Meta offers a fully integrated electronic healthrecord (EHR) suite that serves to improvepatient safety, cost-efficiency and decreasedclinician workload. Meta has met with customersatisfaction and growth, stemming frominnovative enhancements such as barcodeeMAR with Event Manager®, Matrix®,Intellidocs® nursing documentation, and CPOE.With streamlined databases and policy-compliant report generator analytics, Meta is aprovider of product and service excellence.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 34 of 53
  35. 35. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONMobile Pundits Having developed ‘Award Winning MobileProduct’ & ‘Number 1 App in Category’, MobilePundits is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified, leadingprovider of Outsource Healthcare MobileDevelopment & Mobile Testing services fromIndia. Our Mobile Development expertiseinclude: • iPhone & iPad Development •Android Development • Windows PhoneDevelopment • HTML5 & PhoneGapDevelopment As a Partner of DeviceAnywhere,Mobile Pundits also delivers testing servicesusing their mobile quality platform.MTBC Since 1999, MTBCs web based EHR, end-to-endrevenue cycle, practice management andpatient engagement solutions have helpedstreamline the healthcare experience forproviders and patients in over 40 states. Ourcomprehensive, yet amazingly affordable, suiteof software and services optimize clinical andbusiness workflows and improve your bottom-line. MTBCs success has been recognizednationally by both the Deloitte Technology Fast500 (2009-12) and Inc. 500-5000 (2010-12)5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 35 of 53
  36. 36. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONMZI HealthCare MZIs EZ-ANALYTICS provides real-time, usableBig Data Analysis in a true Business Intelligenceand Predictive Model platform: Predictutilization, costs, profits and readmissions withJohns Hopkins ACG Model; Track 500 QualityMeasures, integrating Disease Registry of thetop 21 chronic diseases; Stratify patients by100s of parameters, providing analysis fromcorporate to patient level. EZ-ANALYTICS - Yoursophisticated Software Solution forcoordinated, accountable care.NetApp NetApp® clinical data storage solutions help youimprove patient care by providing simplifiedand centralized medical data and image sharingand archiving. Visit us to learn more about howwe’re facilitating an agile data infrastructure.Discover NetApp’s passion for helping healthorganizations around the world go further,faster.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 36 of 53
  37. 37. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONNetLearning NetLearning, a part of HealthcareSource,provides training & assessment solutions forhealthcare professionals working in all areas ofhealthcare. Award-winning LearningManagement System that is user friendly.NetLearning is there for you during an auditwith unique reports functionality. CompetencyManagement product, NetCompetency,connects educational & competencyassessment activities & data. Award winningHIPAA & compliance courseware, outstandingcustomer service, ICD-10 training, & more!New Wave Software NWS is seeking acquisition of the company orits intellectual property, or strategicpartnerships utilizing its expertise and softwareplatforms. NWS largest installation at over 15facilities of IASIS Healthcare spans over adecade from 2002 until 2013. The NWS productportfolio includes an Emergency DepartmentInformation System, HL7 Interface Engine,Certified EMR, CPOE, MU Interfaces, and more.NWS products are exceptionally reliable,exceeding 99.9% uptime.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 37 of 53
  38. 38. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONNextServices, Inc. NextServices enables seamless healthcaredelivery by providing comprehensive, current,healthcare management. Our platform uniquelystitches practice management, billing services,EMR and healthcare analytics, helping managesurgery centers profitably and deliver caresmoothly. Testifying to our solutions, surgerycenters and specialty physicians havesignificantly increased their reimbursementsworking with us.NTT Data Healthcare Technologies NTT DATA develops IT designed for thehealthcare industry. Preferred by leadingmedical centers, hospitals, and post-acute carefacilities, our systems provide solutions thathelp healthcare organizations increaseefficiency, reduce medical errors, meetregulatory requirements, and improve revenuecycle management. NTT DATAs products,Optimum and NetSolutions, enable our clientsto optimize their IT and business performance-today and for the future.Optum Software Corp. Orchards laboratory systems are utilized byhundreds of laboratories across the country.Orchards rules-based decision-supporttechnology, ICD-9 screening, and robustinstrument, billing, EMR, and reference labinterfaces, improve efficiency, reduce errors,and increase reimbursements. Orchard alsooffers various outreach and EMR connectivitysolutions for remote access by physicians.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 38 of 53
  39. 39. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONParallon Business Solutions Parallon is a leading healthcare business andoperational services company. Our solutionsinclude revenue cycle, supply chain, purchasing,technology, workforce and consulting. With ourdeep knowledge, long track record ofoperational excellence and comprehensiveofferings, we have helped hundreds of hospitalsand healthcare systems thrive in thecommunities they serve.PatientKeeper PatientKeeper, a technological innovator, workswith hospitals and physicians to deliver a singleplace to work. Through integration andworkflow optimization, PatientKeeper has thehighest physician adoption rates in the industry.PatientKeepers solutions ensure that HITECHmeaningful use criteria are met.PatientKeepers return on investment isdemonstrable and proven across our, LTD has a totally newapproach to providing comprehensive librariesof evidence-based medical checklists, decisionsupport tools, and easy-to-implement software:our partners collaborate and share knowledge.Why has our unique patient safety approachrecently been adopted by over 250 hospitalsand health care centers? Ask, and they will tellyou is twice as good asany other solution at less than half the cost.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 39 of 53
  40. 40. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONPatientPoint PatientPoint is an innovator and leadingprovider of patient and physician engagementsolutions across the continuum of care. ThePatientPoint network includes more than61,000 physicians across all programs, andmore than 550 hospitals throughout the U.S.,and impacts over 456 million patient andcaregiver exposures each year. PatientPointaward-winning health information and carecoordination products drive meaningfuloutcomes for patients, healthcare providersand program sponsors.PatientSafe Solutions PatientTouch is a Mobile Care Orchestrationsolution that enables clinicians to orchestratecritical workflows, clinical context, and real timeinformation. PatientTouch delivers PositivePatient Identification (PPID) workflows,clinically contextual communications, andconfigurable care interventions anddocumentation. By combining clinical depth,and an intuitive user experience, PatientTouchdrives performance improvement throughproductivity, compliance, and satisfaction.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 40 of 53
  41. 41. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONPegasystems Pega revolutionizes how leading healthcareorganizations optimize the customerexperience, respond to regulations and managechange. Pega solutions for healthcare instantlyadapt to each situation and work easily withinyour existing architecture to promote seamlessinteractions across all channels and streamlinework from end-to-end. Leveraging Pegas Buildfor Change® technology, companies areachieving new levels of innovation, betterhealth outcomes and outstanding customerexperiences.Pepid PEPID is a leading provider of clinical and drugcontent, combining high-quality informationwith cutting-edge technology. Improve patientoutcomes and efficiency with our clinical andpharmacological content embedded intopractitioner workflow. Available for mobileplatforms, online or integrated with yourcurrent systems via web services.PeraHealth, Inc. PeraHealth offers solutions that aggregatecomplex patient data into a simple graph thatpermits clinicians to, in seconds, see a patientscondition over time. Leveraging existing yetoften hidden data trapped in the EHR,PeraHealth arms clinicians with a real-timevisual tool that facilitates a broad range ofimproved patient and facility outcomes.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 41 of 53
  42. 42. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONPhilips Healthcare To help our customers simplify clinicianworkflow, improve financial outcomes, and helpimprove and save lives, Philips Healthcareexcels at putting clinical intelligence to work.With solutions that touch patients, we draw onan expanding body of knowledge to provideexceptional interoperability and smart clinicaldecision support. That’s the power of ClinicalIT@work.Pitney Bowes Software Pitney Bowes Software provides datamanagement, analytics and communicationsolutions that support your key businessinitiatives around reducing readmissions,population health and chronic diseasemanagement. We work with over 1,000healthcare organizations and have been helpingour customers connect with theirs for almost100 years.PKC Corp. PKC produces a web-based system whichguides patients to profile their medicalproblems. The resulting profile is passed to theprovider or EMR for use in an encounter note.PKC also offers evidence-based decision-support for providers, matching the profileagainst a powerful knowledge base, savingmoney and improving quality.Prime Technology Group, Inc. Analytics_Vendors_Links 42 of 53
  43. 43. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONRadianse Radianse provides intelligent solutions forhealthcare by automatically collecting andprocessing real-time location data, movementhistory, associations and relationshipinformation on high-value assets, includingequipment, patients and staff. Our patentedalgorithms and advanced software applicationshelp optimize business processes, enhancepatient throughput, reduce costs and improveoperational efficiency within healthcare.Rapid Insight, Inc. Transformation of the healthcare industry isforcing organizations to rely more heavily ondata. Whether using it to drive strategicdirection or predict outcomes, data has becomean important asset in the drive for improvedquality and affordability. The Rapid InsightSolution makes it easy for healthcare providersto be data driven. Easily query and analyze yourdata or quickly build predictive models.Rushmore Corp. Rushmore Corporation offers a full spectrum ofHealthcare IT modules and services frompatient care, electronic health record, and RCMto finance, HR, asset management, supply chainmanagement and much more. Rushmore’ssolutions are fully integrated from theexamining room, pharmacy and laboratory toaccounting and the executive suite.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 43 of 53
  44. 44. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONSAIC SAIC, including its subsidiary companies maxITHealthcare and Vitalize Consulting Solutions,enables healthcare organizations to make moreinformed, accurate and efficient decisions byusing integrated and secure data to advancehealth research, improve patient care andenhance the performance of the healthcaresystem.Sajix, Inc. Sajix is a CCHIT-certified leading provider ofglobal healthcare information technologysolutions.We provide the systems that enablehealthcare providers to maximize their revenuecycle potential, while improving patient carewith leading edge clinical systems. Ourproducts yield higher user productivity andprovide effective security, governance andcompliance.Sandlot Solutions Sandlot Solutions, founded by practicingphysicians, offers HIT clinical and businessintelligence products and a proven successmodel with high community-wide adoption.Sandlot drives multiple data sources into asingle, functional view using our proprietarydigital envelope technology, providingactionable patient information and analyticswithin the clinician’s workflow. SandlotSolutions, a must see, for those looking toimprove patient outcomes, maximize businessand care efficiencies.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 44 of 53
  45. 45. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONSAP SAP is a leading provider of healthcaresolutions, with over 20 years of experience andmore than 2,300 healthcare customersworldwide. We deliver solutions that helporganizations run better by enabling improvedefficiency across administrative and clinicalprocesses. Stop by our booth to see how tounwire your healthcare enterprise with ourmobility applications, gain critical insights intoperformance faster than ever before, andoptimize your most critical assets with ourcloud solutions.SAS Institute, Inc. SAS is the industry leader in health analyticssoftware and services, delivering powerfulsolutions for improving medical care,strengthening financial performance, deepeningcustomer relationships and pursuing medicalinnovations. Through innovative solutions, SAShelps customers at more than 55,000 sitesimprove performance and deliver value bymaking better decisions faster.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 45 of 53
  46. 46. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONSectra Sectra develops healthcare IT systems forradiology, women’s health, orthopaedics andrheumatology. We have more than 20 years ofexperience delivering top-of-the-line, high-availability, enterprise imaging systems, and1,400 hospitals and imaging centers worldwideuse Sectra systems to perform over 70 millionradiology exams annually. Sectra will highlightour cloud-based regional PACS, enterpriseimaging, business analytics, and radiation dosemonitoring solutions.Accelarad Accelarad makes it simple for healthcareorganizations, physicians and patients tosecurely view, manage and share medicalimages and documents online. Accelarad’sscalable platform eliminates the costs,redundancies and administrative headaches ofoutmoded image transfer technology. Thecompany’s robust, cloud-based software as aservice (SaaS) platform empowers collaborationby allowing users to access and share medicalimages and documents from Internet-connected computers or mobile devices.Sisoft Healthcare Information Systems (Since 1987) Having a web based solutiondeveloped with JAVA, Sisoft is one of theleading Health IT companies in the world.Sisofts solutions includes all the modulesrequired in healthcare...5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 46 of 53
  47. 47. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONSoftek Solutions, Inc. Softek is a trusted name in medical softwareinnovation. OnTrack®, powered by ourPanther™ technology, offers seamlessmanagement, agentless monitoring andindependent evaluation of Cerner Millennium®.Illuminate® is a free-text search, notificationand analytics technology that collects radiology,lab and path reports to give users split-secondaccess to system data. OnTrack & Illuminateprovide actionable intelligence for evidence-based clinical & business decision making.Software Partners, LLC Software Partners provides off-the-shelf webservices to enable online healthcare. OurDecision Support Service is accessible to anyauthorized system. With our other services,including patient identity resolution, retrievaland update of Continuity of Care Document(CCD) medical summary, and HL7communication, customers can easily optimizeworkflow and cut costs.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 47 of 53
  48. 48. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONSpectrum Medical, Inc. The enterprise EHR and its adoption byhealthcare providers is an importantcomponent in transforming healthcare. At thespecialty level (anesthesia, PACU, ICU, CCU etc.)there is a recognized need for access to real-time, granular clinical data not provided by theEHR. Spectrum Medical’s configurable CriticalCare Management Solutions provide a toolboxthat allows for cost-effective and efficientcollection, distribution, management andanalysis of real-time clinical data.Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc. Stoltenberg Consulting, an industry-leadinghealthcare IT consulting firm, works withhealthcare organizations to simplify the projectmanagement, implementation support andintegration of its current or future healthcare ITsystems. With strict focus on strategic,comprehensive and customized guidance, andon-site support, Stoltenberg helps clientsmaximize productivity to increase revenue andimprove patient care.SuccessEHS Information Systems, Inc. Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. delivers themarket leading LIS and outreach solutionsdesigned and implemented to fulfill thebusiness objectives of todays healthcareleaders: optimize the healthcare experience;deliver safe, effective, and timely patient care;expand community reach; and transform thedelivery of healthcare with predictive andpersonalized medicine.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 48 of 53
  49. 49. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONT-System T-System advances the practice of emergencymedicine with solutions proven to solve clinical,financial, operational and regulatory challengesfor hospitals and urgent care clinics.Approximately 40% of the nations emergencydepartments leverage T-System solutions toprovide an unmatched patient experience.Through gold-standard documentation, revenuecycle management, and performance-enhancing solutions, T-System optimizes caredelivery from the front door through dischargeand beyond.TEKsystems TEKsystems is a Healthcare IT Services companydedicated to providing workforce planning,human capital management & professional ITservices to the healthcare industry. With morethan 700 healthcare clients & 7,000 healthcareIT professionals deployed annually, we have theindustry expertise to help solve complex,clinical, business IT & HIT challenges.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 49 of 53
  50. 50. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONThe SSI Group, Inc. SSI is a national healthcare informationtechnology company that supports provider,payer and physician services in managing theirrevenue cycle recovery. Established in 1988, SSImaintains corporate headquarters in Mobile,Ala., with branch facilities in Clearwater, Fla.,Denver, Colo. and Chesapeake, Va. Thecompany supports approximately 2,400+customers nationwide with more than 200,000built-in edits and over 1,200+ payerconnections.Chadis (Total Child Health) CHADIS: Pre-visit screening, decision support &post-visit engagement to optimize child healthcare. • Questionnaires done via laptop, iPad,smart phone • Assess development, mentalhealth & health risk • Instant clinician access to:o Results o eTextbook o Handouts &community resources • FamilyMemoryBook/CarePortal: milestones, alertsand resources • Documents for MU, ACO, P4P,medical home • Interoperable with EMRs •Saves clinician time, generates income.TransformativeMed, Inc. TransformativeMed makes health apps smart.Today, we are driving a revolution in healthinformation technology by seamlessly linkinghealthcare software applications to healthcaredata. By enabling seamless and quickintegration with the electronic medical recordvia our innovative platform, TransformativeMedmakes adoption of best-in-class apps easy.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 50 of 53
  51. 51. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONTruven Health Analytics Truven Health Analytics delivers leadingsolutions for confident healthcaremanagement. From population healthplatforms and analytics, to quality andoperational performance managementsolutions, and including our Micromedexevidence-based integrated patient caresolutions, we help hospitals, providers, andpayers improve quality, safety, efficiency andoutcomes. Formerly the Healthcare business ofThomson Reuters, we offer meaningful usecertified solutions that help make healthcarebetter.ValueLabs ValueLabs is a product development, IT servicesand consulting company with over 2500employees and presence in 14 locationsworldwide. With over 10 years of experience inthe healthcare industry, ValueLabs serves over30 clients across providers, payers,pharmaceutical companies and ISVs.Vedant Vedant provides automated software QAsolutions dedicated to the comprehensivepatient-safety assurance of clinical healthcaresystems. TestStream solutions enablehealthcare organizations worldwide to realizethe very highest levels of application integrity,deployment efficiency and timeline control, end-user experience, and patient safety.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 51 of 53
  52. 52. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONVital (Toshiba) Vital, a Toshiba Medical Systems GroupCompany, is a leading provider of advancedvisualization and analysis software forphysicians and healthcare specialists. Thecompanys software provides users productivityand communication tools to improve patientcare that can be accessed throughout theenterprise anytime, anywhere via the Web.Wellogic Wellogic provides industry-certifiedinteroperability and point-of-care solutions forconnecting the healthcare community andenabling safety, efficiency, and convenience incare delivery. We understand the complexity ofhealthcare and have more than fifteen yearsexperience facilitating meaningfulinteroperability, developing web-basedapplications and enhancing clinical workflow.Wellsoft Corp. Consistently ranked #1 EDIS by KLAS, WellsoftEDIS offers an exceptional combination ofexperience, extensive workflow analysis andaward winning customer support. Wellsoft EDISis certified for Meaningful Use. Softwarefeatures include Patient Tracking, ClinicalDocumentation, CPOE/Results, Charge Capture,Risk Management and CCD Documentexchange.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 52 of 53
  53. 53. Analytics-Vendors.xlsxCOMPANY URL DESCRIPTIONWhiteCloud Analytics WhiteCloud enables health systems to rapidlydrive accountable care by arming clinicalleaders with the focus and confidence toimprove quality, lower cost and eliminateirrational variation.Wolters Kluwer Health Wolters Kluwer Healths Point of Care solutionsbring the trusted health care informationclinicians want directly into the care deliverysetting. Brands include Lexicomp, Facts &Comparisons, Medi-Span, ProVation Medical,UpToDate, Pharmacy OneSource and HealthLanguage; product solutions include onlineorder set management, referential drugcontent/databases, online clinical decisionsupport and procedure documentation andcoding.Zynx Health, Inc. Zynx Health provides evidence-based clinicaldecision support solutions. With Zynx, providers“dare to be better” and improve outcomes,enhance safety, and lower costs every day.5/10/2013 Analytics_Vendors_Links 53 of 53