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PACE - Get in the Game with Social Media
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PACE - Get in the Game with Social Media


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Pam Vinje

Pam Vinje

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Statistics show more and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile/smart phones and devises (IPADS).Need to prepare for this? Is your website mobile enabled?Location based technologies. Might seem like a silly game to you and I but real potential in marketing (Four Square, Twitter, Facebook Geolocational applications . Use of Status updates. Meet upsWeb analytics – thank God. Everything has The beauty of internet marketing nowadays whether couponing, website traffic, e-newsletters, FB, Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo, everything has an analytics component to it, If you need to course correct , you do so and you’re not stuck with 500 postcards sitting in your office with an ineffective headline that didn’t produce.
  • more and more people are accessing the internet and checking email through their mobile/smart phones and devises (IPADS).We need to prepare for this trend and prepare our websites to be mobile friendlySoccer mom to soccer mom – mobile enabledGolf dad to golf dad (physicians) mobile enabledDay in the life of everyone here..
  • Use of mobile devises. IPADS, these are great tools to use during sales presentations
  • Smartphones and location-based social networks allow users to interact, share, meet up, and recommend places based on their physical coordinates. Primarily beneficial to retailershow does the technology work?. Generally, people use location-social apps on their phones to “check in” whenever they go places. Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) locate the users and determine what “venue” they might be at, giving them options to select a location or create a new listing. These “check ins” allow their friends to know where they are now, or where they frequently go. Some services allow users to leave location-based tips for friends to discover later, and several involve social competitions, or the ability to unlock digital badges, stickers, and prizes. Businesses can announce specials or promotions through these apps, so when users “check in,” they receive notifications of nearby deals. Might seem like a silly game to you and I but real potential in marketing (Twitter and Facebook). Use of Status updates. Meet ups
  • Web analytics – thank God. Everything has The beauty of internet marketing nowadays whether couponing, website traffic, e-newsletters, FB, Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo, everything has an analytics component to it, If you need to course correct , you do so and you’re not stuck with 500 postcards sitting in your office with an ineffective headline that didn’t produce.
  • Facebook's push into social commerce Amazon is preparing by providing a customers sign in through their Facebook accounts, enabling the retailer to make recommendations based on people's profiles or remind shoppers of their friends' birthdays. Ebay is integration PayPal into the Facebook platform. Facebook is preparing. Like Buttons can now be embedded into websites Facebook Connect. This will set the stage for a whole new game
  • Not a commodity and life long relationship. Customer review with Amazon now branched out to all areas. Referral – word of mouth business. Now testimonials and reviews, and LIKES (FB) and recommendations (Linked IN) and RT (twitter) and comment fields (blogs) and “share”. Facebook and Twitter connect – websites, forward to a friend/e-newslettersCustomers have long term relationship with you. Biggest evangelist. Use them – Not a commodity. They have power. Moms are your biggest allies. They buy stuff.
  • Take the barriers of entry away Revisit your website tabs.Write a blog post on a FAQ (are pools/spas affordable? Are they hard to maintain) If not a writer comment on a blog post (pro or con) Example: I am your demographic Working mom Professional Disposable income over $200,000 K per year Facebook mom Enewsletters RSS feed I do the research on vacations, activities for the kids. I plan our social lives. I am the glue. I’m going to be your best advocate.. Average day : work/kids activities/dinner/kids. 9:00 PM on when I do my research and next day “to do” list. Treat me like a VIP 24/7
  • There isn’t one front door anymore. Your store front Website Social media platforms E-newsletters Print MediaAll treated with same respect. You need a total web presence…
  • Choose how I want to interact with your brand = junk mail (one way communication – hope it sticks – shoot in the dark)Rise of the every day content experts. Share” button widget Advent of Sharing platforms Comment Fields/ReviewsWebsite optimized for Mobile Enabled Users IPHONE, Blackberry
  • Your demographic. Where are they? We’ve covered the trends. The powerful new consumer, trends in technology, trends in shopping, the need for branding across all outposts where you do business. Now let’s talk about social media
  • Check out the Speed at which Social Media is changing the landscape This is a simulation by a statistician Gary Hayse based
  • Electronic Rollodex Advertising on FB, follow up on Twitter
  • Small group 8 million. Loyal group. Microsite: Standard 140 character standard text messagingTweet (FB status updates) /retweet (forward to friend/share) 64% are 18- 49 yrs old Primarily caucasian: 80% 7% african american 5% asian and hispanic/ New on the horizonNow can post videos and photos and has a geo-location functionality More user friendly interfaceYouTube, Vimeo, UStream, TwitPic, Flickr, other assorted partners. We have an agreement to display their content on our site. It’s still hosted with them
  • what are a few of the top tactics marketers can employ to make their content more visible/searchable?Tag and optimize based on YouTube search suggestions.Embed the video on your website. The links from YouTube won’t help your site, but, if you use content that is unique from the YouTube page and also optimized, your website’s page will rank in Google’s organic SERPs on its own, in addition to the video in Universal results.Build out a network of high authority, active and engage YouTube users. Subscribe to their channels. Interact with them in holistic and sharing ways.Comment on others videos. Don’t be sappy or gratuitous. Your participation will seed their engagement in your videos. Their participation is important to your rankings.Master and use YouTube Insights Analytics. They provide a wealth of actionable information regarding how users interact with your videos.Title the raw file using keywords, without stuffing.Use other sites you control to do natural linking to your YouTube profile’s assets.aimClear had solved the problem. There are literally no commercial tools available, [but]  aimClear plans to share a Mozenda agent, totally free of charge, which executes data extractionto a) document suggestions from the search box [and] b) correlate YouTube organic SERPs to probable YouTube ranking factors and’s organic Universal SERPs.
  • Objects: (pages, groups, events and community pages)content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.)
  • Linked In and Google Chrome both buy FB ads.Facebook embedded like button now available Bring Facebook identity and connections to your site or application. Likes/commentsBenefits to business owner – feed news stream. Capture data FB places – geo locationPlaces gives users the ability to share where they are, find their friends and discover interesting places nearby.
  • Tons of relevant, education-based, and perhaps user-generated Content that is filtered, aggregated, and delivered in a Context that makes it useful for people who want to make Connections with people, products, and brands they can build a Community around.Bottom line in all of the A mentor in business: The #1 mantra is sales. People buy from those that educate them. There is a tie there . Something very internal in our souls. Teacher natural affinity towards them. Trust is builtSome subconscious way, we feel obligated/we owe them. Use that power to educate.
  • Social Media is an extension of your overall marketing efforts. It’s not an either/or Social Media is an extension of your overall marketing efforts.
  • Soccer mom to soccer mom – mobile enabledGolf dad to golf dad (physicians) mobile enabledDay in the life of
  • Houston pool builder Houston pool financing Houston pool vanishing edge Houston pool reviewsSEO OPTIMIZED COPY – internal links within site – key words
  • Todays shopper will research on the internet first to see where they will purchase their product or service. Each consumer has a preference on how they wish to be communicated.Regardless of which technologies are ‘hot,' shoppers expect to navigate between channels based on convenience and personal preference.
  • Add tabs. Add one or two elements from the list. Content Deliver: Need to build a marketing campaigns for all preferences and distribution channels:Know your target audience and speak their speakLife of a Store Ad Take your bullet and RUN Blog E-newsletter FB post Tweet Linked In
  • New customers – capture email address then. Ongoing
  • Platinum Pools (web and social media)Strategy;ton guerilla in the Texas market in terms of volumeA Humanize the brand – fun/personable interactiveB Connect on a relationsehip level with the consumerc. Educate the prospective consumer – tips/tricks d. Develop a “Platinum family” ––ongoing relationship after the sale – maintenance tips, member spotlights/ go to source for information e. Reconnect with old customers -Go to Source for informationf. Build prospect databaseContests – effective: build archive of prospective followers, One girl uploaded her photo, posted to her wall and got 125 likes. Funded by manufacturer discounts/rebatesTestimonials: incentive
  • Check out the Speed at which Social Media is changing the landscape This is a simulation by a statistician Gary Hayse based
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      Get in the Game with Social Media and Internet Marketing
      Pam Vinje
      Cell 281-935-4260
    • 2. Overview
      • Trends
      • Social Media Platforms Update
    • 3. Practical Application
      Industry specific toolkit
      Traditional marketing tools migration into a Web-based
      marketing toolkit.
      Making Preparations for the Trends
      Website modifications
      social media integration
      content development
      Case Studies/Examples
      Website/Social Media
    • 4. Let’s begin……“and the survey says…”
      • Facebook/LinkedIn/MySpace?
      • 5. Twitter?
      • 6. Bloggers? Blog Readers?
      • 7. Uploaded Photos? Viewed Photos?
      • 8. Uploaded Video? Viewed Video?
      • 9. On-line Surveys?
      • 10. Subscribed through an RSS Feed?
      • 11. Drafted/Receive E-Newsletters
    • Trends to Take Seriously
      • Mobile technology
      • 12. Location-based applications
      • 13. Analytics
    • Trends to Take Seriously
    • 14. Smart Phone Technology
    • 15.
    • 16. Trends to Take Seriously
      Location Based Social Applications and Platforms
    • 17. Trends to Take Seriously
      • Web Analytics
    • Trends to Take Seriously
        Social Shopping Integration with Mainstream E-commerce Platforms
      August, 2010 U.S. Internet users spent
      41.1 billion minutes on Facebook,
      surpassing Google Inc.'s (GOOG)
      39.8 billion minutes for the first time,
      according to comScore Inc. (SCOR).
    • 18. Trends to Take Seriously
      Customer Relations: Get it Right
      Your relationship with your
      customer will make or
      break you like never before.
      Get your staff trained and
      empowered to handle
      customer service complaints
    • 19. Trends to Take Seriously
      The Shopping Research Phase
      All big ticket purchases will start out
      with research on the web
      Make it easy for consumer to research.
      Take the barriers away
      • 48% will research travel/vacations
      • 20. 76% plan to connect with friends and family
      • 21. 67% will keep up with news
      • 22. 64% plan to shop for sales/compare prices
    • Trends to Take Seriously
      Consistent Branding Across all ChannelsThere is no “front door” anymore
    • 23. The New “More Powerful” Consumer
      • I have a choice
      • 24. I have a voice
      • 25. I want to share
      • 26. I want access everywhere
    • What are Social Media Tools?
      Integrates technology with
      use of words/text,
      video and audio to facilitate social interaction
      End Result = Total Web Presence
    • 27. What do we mean by a Total Web Presence?
      It’s connecting with customers and prospects on the platform they choose and by which
      method they choose
    • 28. Speed at which Social Media
      is Changing the Internet Landscape
    • 29. Social Media Platform Update
    • LinkedIn
      LinkedIn has over 80 million members in over 200 countries.
      32 million are based in the US
      13 million small business owner
      12 million small business professionals
      1. 5 million C Level Executives
      ATMOSPHERE: (conference break conversation)
      BEST USE: Professional Networking and B2B applications
      WordPress blog integration, slides, video,
      upload your portfolio
      Like comment share buttons on LinkedIn
      Also providing advertising opportunities
    • 34. Twitter
      Twitter users are about 50% male, and 50% female. 
      84% of Twitter users have no kids, while 16% do.
      Atmosphere: talking with someone in an elevator, passing them in the hall. S
      Best Practices: Product promotions, news, press releases.
    • 35. Twitter Followers What do they tweet?
    • 36. Twitter Follower Get up and Personal with Brands
    • 37. You Tube
      • Owned by Google
      • 38. More than 90 percent of the videos watched online are watched on YouTube
      • 39. Exceeds 2 billion view per day
      • 40. Nearly double the prime time audience of 3 major US broadcast networks combined
      • 41. 24 hrs of video is uploaded every minute
      • 42. Average person spends 15 mins. per day on You Tube
      • 43. 18-55, evenly divided between males and females,.
      • 44. 51% users go to YouTube weekly or more often,
      • 45. 52 percent of 18-34 year-olds share videos often with friends and colleagues.
      • 46. 100s of millions of videos are watched each month on mobile devices
      • 47. The You Tube player is embedded in 10s of millions of websites
      • 48. It’s Mainstream: 94 of Advertising Ages 100 top advertisers have run campaigns
      on You Tube and Google Content Network
      ATMOSPHERE: Mixture between Public Access and broadcast
    • 49. Flickr
      • FLICKR by Yahoo!
      • 50. Atmosphere: photo/portfolio gallery and family photo album
      • 51. In September it celebrated its 5 billionth photo upload
      Flickr’s Five Billionth Photo
    • 52. Facebook
      • More than 550 million active users
      • 53. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
      • 54. More than 30 billion pieces of content shared each month.
      • 55. More than 150 million active users currently access
      Facebook through their mobile devices.
      • Average User
      • 56. 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
      • 57. Average user has 130 friends
      • 58. Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
      • 59. Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
    • Facebook
      Atmosphere: poolside barbecue
      Facebook Ads:
      Impressions or PPC.
      Recent Developments:
      1 Facebook pages (likes instead of fans)
      2. Boxes being done away with
      3. Smaller tab page but more programmer friendly
      Polls/quizzes mini website
      4. Facebook embedded like button now available
      5. Facebook Connect
      5. Facebook Places
      Facebook Connect Page
    • 60. What games and applications can I use Facebook Credits with?
    • 61. Facebook
      Current Features:
      FB Marketplace - like a Craigs List
      FB events
      FB causes
      FB Community pages
      FB tabs customizable
      FB boxes- subscribe to your RSS feed/blog
      Contact Us/Review page
      FB 3rd party applications
    • 62. Boomers: Most Popular Sites
    • 63. STOP !
      How are we doing on time?
    • 64. Traditional Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing
    • 65. The Marketing Plan
      A marketing plan typically includes:
      • Product and service overview & goals
      • 66. Customer, prospect & market definition
      • 67. Competitive analysis
      • 68. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
      • 69. Advertising and promotion
      • 70. eBusiness definition and goals
    • Social Media Marketing Preparations
      Developing a Plan
      Start with the end in mind!
      If the desired outcome is not clear from the start,
      it can’t be a success.
      Step #1 Assessment Stage:
      Reevaluate your traditional marketing plan.
      What’s working? What new opportunities are there?
      Can some elements that are working well be
      incorporated into web and social media marketing plan?
    • 71. Social Media Marketing Preparations:
    • 72. Social Media Marketing Preparations:
    • 73. Social Media Marketing Preparations:
      Website Preparations
    • 74. Social Media Marketing Preparations:
      Search Engine Optimization Preparations
    • 75. Social Media Marketing Preparations
      Content Assessment
      Are you answering the questions
      your prospects are asking?
      1. Revisit your website.
      Add appropriate content.
      New tabs
      Add a blog
      2. Blog Content Ideas
    • 76. Social Media Marketing Preparations:
      Content Development
      Getting Organized
      • Develop a monthly editorial and marketing calendar
      • 77. Create the blog first, then shorten/repurpose for Facebook and
      Some Ideas:
      • Upload your Structure studios rendering – Custom Pool Design
      • 78. Show off your latest work: Vollmer
      • 79. Let people know of your specials
      • 80. Inform people about one of your products
      • 81. Lead people back to an FAQ or an archived blog
      • 82. Add testimonials or reviews
      • 83. Host an events
      • 84. Promote a cause
    • Social Media Marketing Preparations:
      How to Build a Base
      New Prospects
      On your website:
      Contact form
      Download free report
      Subscribe to e-newsletter
      Join us on the platform of your choice
      Embed the Facebook link or Facebook Connect
      into your websites
      Old leads/ Old Customers:
      Postcard campaigns
      Incentives: Contests/Promotions /discounts
    • 85. Social Media Marketing
      Case Studies
      Platinum Pools
      Vollmer Custom Pools
      Video: Lew Akins: Ocean Quest Pools
    • 86. Social Media Marketing Preparations:
      How to Build a Base
      Start Somewhere
      This isn’t a sprint.
      It’s a way of doing business.
      Give yourself time and
      flexibility to course correct.
    • 87. Speed at which Social Media
      is Changing the Internet Landscape
    • 88. Thank You!
      Pam Vinje
      Cell 281-935-4260