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Athen's and u.s. government

Athen's and u.s. government






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    Athen's and u.s. government Athen's and u.s. government Presentation Transcript

    • Athens and U.S. Government Topic: Polis or city-stateBy Marilyn Arroyo & Aja Bonnett
    • Athens Government● Created the first democratic government
    • Athens Government● Only in Athens, and only for a short time, rule by many meant that all the citizens had to be willing to take an active part in government
    • Athens Government● Athenian democracy did not really give power to everyone
    • Athens Government● A series of reforms took power from a handful of noble families and gave it to citizenry
    • Athens Government● Athenian citizens directly participated in government themselves
    • Athens Government● To be a politician in Athens, someone would have to had to be an adult male whose parents were both Athenians
    • Athens Government● No women, immigrants, or slaves were allowed to be a Athenian citizen
    • Athens Government● The government of Athens included three major bodies: the Assembly, the Council of 500, and the Peoples Court
    • Athens Government● The Assembly- All male Athenian citizens were members, the Assembly was the regular opportunity for all male citizens of Athens to speak their minds and exercise their votes regarding the government of their city
    • Athens Government● The Council of 500- 10 tribes of Athens sent 50 citizens to serve on the Council of 500 each year, the Councils main function was to set the agenda for the Assembly
    • Athens Government● The Peoples Court- In the Peoples Court, juries of citizens listening to class, determined whether their fellow citizens were guilty or innocent of breaking laws and set punishments for those found guilty
    • United States Government● Congress makes the decisions in America, with some help from the President
    • United States Government● The real problem with American government is that it is not a democratic as it should be
    • United States Government● Americans strongly support democracy both at home and abroad
    • United States Government● At a federal level, a bill can become a law if its signed by the President, or if not signed by the President within 10 days and Congress is in session
    • United States Government● Current calls for "less government" actually mean less power for elected leaders and for the bureaucracies that serve them and more power for the "oligarchy" of millionaires and corporations
    • United States Government● Those who remember their civil classes will note that we have not a direct but a representative democracy or a republic
    • United States Government● People 18 or older are allowed to vote, and someone has to be over 35 to be elected as President
    • United States Government● The election of public officials and balance of power between the three branches of government (executive, legislative, & judicial)
    • Comparison● In America the President makes the decisions and the congress but in Athens a group called the Assembly had 500 Athenian males to make them
    • Comparison● In America people 18 or older are allowed to vote and someone has to be over 35 to be elected as President, otherwise Athens to be a politician someone must have been an athenian male
    • Comparison● Males were allowed to vote, but women, slaves, foreigners, and people from other city-states were not allowed
    • Comparison● Athens and America both have a democratic and republican party
    • Comparison● Athenians did not have branches of government like the, American government
    • Comparison● Americans have officials to participate in government activity while the Athenians citizens participated in government themselves
    • Comparison● Some people arent allowed to vote and in Athens
    • TheEnd