Homeboy Sandman – First Of A Living Breed (Digital Booklet)


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Homeboy Sandman – First Of A Living Breed (Digital Booklet)

  1. 1. It appears you are in posession of the digital booklet afraid of / They buckle, corrupting for a buck instead of honest t killing black people makes me emotional /for Homeboy Sandman’s album First of a Living labor / Any buck that needs claiming they pass it like a hot potato Everybody act like the sh*t is unnoticeable / IBreed – track list, producers, lyrics, credits and / That type of success is all accountable to sexual favors / Theyve aint tryna post up where I might go postal /shouts. So let’s get to it: 1. “Rain” by Homeboy tasted from strawberry to cherry, all the condom flavors / From But I am not hopeless, I stay hopeful / TheresSandman, produced by Jonwayne. Change the world Lifestyles to Trojan, play Lifestyles of the Poor and Dengerous / a big diff between the princess and toadstool // Whats up with all these blonde sistas? / I pay my For em, lord, its like playing a foreign language. 2. “Watchu Im not the cat talking take it back to the oldregards to only Gods whispers / Because of that Im calm Want From Me?” by Homeboy Sandman, Produced by Oddi- school / Im the cat talking take it forwardplaying cards with boa constrictors / I come from a star in see. We aint trade no vows fore we was intimate / I was only where we supposed to / Yo watchu want fromthe wrong system / The victors are all victims / Afflictions went down your blouse cause you was into it / Dont go me? / Yeah I know I aint curse a couplegrow strong tryna solve symptoms / The head of the class thinking now Im your spouse cause Im a gentleman / albums ago / My life is all about just trynawalk the path of the last pharaohs / And carry the flag for the All I gave you was a smile, not a child thats illegitimate figure out whats logical / Couple times Ipast, but the path narrows / The titans that clashed in the slums / I aint even saying our hanging was insignificant / thought that I had found the pot of gold / Maywhile they cast arrows / Were turned into giants by the sun as it But I aint sign any documents, forms or certificates / have took time to have found it but if I doubt itcast shadows / I gathered my scars in the same battles / I swam We aint even kick it but for a couple incidents / I was then its time to go / Switch my mental plane,in the same channels / With rather be slain than enslaved mam- trying to chill, it was yall that was impetus / Yo hop out and yell Geronimo / Maybe Im likemals / For some all the world is a stage with a stage manager / watchu want from me? / Who was saying this nations Pee Wee looking for the basement in theOthers the world is a cage, hear the cage rattle / Complaining is indivisible? / I dont care what they say or if they paid, Alamo / All I know is its in fashion treatingplayed as a babes rattle / I step to the plate like Im Babe or cats is miserable / Chillin while them chillun in jails to take my fam like animals / And that aint gonnaMantle, the babe that became adult / Want every platoon on the a visit to / They was put there by cops who cant pass a stop regardless of whos dating Amber Rose /hunt, without a plaid flannel / Whatever buffoon wanna front physical / Aint no beg your pardon, barging in your living Yo watchu want from me? 3. “Couple Barsgetting manhandled / The rain isnt stuck on the way that it drops room / Run up on your fam while your baby drinking Enfa- (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby,/ The waves gonna welcome the rain / A girl with a fat booty mil / Any day around the way these things are typical / Boo)” by Homeboy Sandman, Produced bythat hardly could act in a whack movie / That hardly could rap Everything we say is in vain the days are biblical / Yo, J57. I had a dream about you / It was bugged,tryna rap to me / That hardly could scratch tryna mix records whatchu want from me? – WATCHU WANT!? / Dont get soon as I woke I wrote it out / So I could roll it/ That hardly had tracks, maybe six records / They aint eighty mad when I answer do I vote or not / I dont mess wit none out before you like a red carpet / Not a carpetsix cause she looked sick nekkid / She pouting her lips every six of these bastards, frickin autobots / I dont care if a candi- colored red, a carpet made out of the colorseconds / Promoters appraise like they playing checkers for dates ass is black and puerto rock / Aint no different from itself / Every strand was wove by summer itselfwho gonna take seconds / As sorcerers wait till they waive Puffy in ads tryna pour Ciroc / All them politicians are / Lemme be as helpful to you as Santas elf / Imcensors / We waiting to wave scepters / And showing our frauds and just an awful lot / Coughing up they rocking wedding bells, a wedding ring in my utilityfangs, whos afraid of specters? / The colors I wave wouldnt mouthful but they never do an awful lot / If it was up belt / I aint tryna gas you, know you aint tryna belchstay in spectrums / We aint even pay attention / We shoulder to me Id throw all them suckas off the docks / I / Ill make waffles that are belgian, do my bestest forthe weight, it aint worth paying mention / Dont run with a dont give a damn if my opinion is unorthodox / Yo your breakfast in bed / Breath my breath upon yourdame cause a dames fetching / We run with a dame cause watchu want from me? / I aint never been scared breasteses and legs / Baby run for prez, Ill vote / Imher profession is playing her position / Im not talking about to keep it real with you / Fore I signed to Stones fearless from the feelings you evoke / Okey dokey youhoes or staying home in the kitchen / Im talking about queens, I wasnt tryna get a deal with you / Similar to can open up my nose / Ill never put you second for ahomey those different, they roll for the whole mission / My mrs. Chaka Zulu, I wont kneel for you / Then second, youre no Robinson Cano / I dont know if youreaint submissive / A leader, I dont need her to do my dishes I need again theres also Chaka Khan because into sports but I am hoping so / I noticed youre a glowingher to do my stitches / The rain isnt stuck on the way that it drops / I feel for you / You was writing bars indigo / It would be an honor just to roll with you lets make theThe waves gonna welcome the rain / Dont ask me why my garb regal part time now I dont hear from you / honor roll / Ill run atop a rainbow and Ill snatch a pot of gold // Defiers of odds seen as odd people / They swarm on the swans, Dont be mad at me cause I was Ill dump the gold and use the pot to make you platanos / I wontducklings / The seagulls on bald eagles / Nobodyd have thought I down to skip a meal or two / Now even pot a rose for you, Ill pot a grove / I aint even got a homewould thwart evil / I weathered the storm / Fetal, my collar deformed you throwing salt cause Im exalted for you, Ive got a globe / Solar system doesnt even got a lot ofI was born feeble / I made a decision while Is sitting in the incubator / on a pedestal / I am not to blame if those / Im your prince, princess you aint gotta kiss a lotta toadsTo never cave in or hesitate to show em what Im made of / Any plan all this garbage is identical / Yo, / Genuine article, wish I was your articles of clothes / Just athat was B or C or greater, Ill see ya later / And lately graduated from whatchu want from me? – particle of cotton on your cones / Thatd be the most wonderfulalpha male to alpha omega / Neighbors Ill tell you how to spot a traitor WATCHU WANT!? / I am not destiny ever / Only possibility possibly better than being a stitch/ They answer to ultimatums / They famous for finding something to be antisocial / Music about on your sweater / Is being human and me and you together /
  2. 2. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever they both gon cheat / I am not sure what they think that are supposedly for rolling stoags / Ima roll theseand ever / Now or never isnt true / Id prefer now, but they gon achieve / Its like two potheads thinking that they scrolls / Metrocard or paying these tolls, you gonwhatevers good with you, thatll do / We could date until both gon chief / Once they got there, aint nobody pay these trolls / Has anybody heard of Tonythe doc give a date when the baby due / I can call you brought no trees / Or a sad dog whos owner aint Robbins or Joel Olsteen? / Thats a hell nah, catshoney, sugar, darling, sweetie, baby, boo / Youre so hot brought no treats / Im the big dog, I aint gotta show no are tryna blow off steam / Notebooks without/ Sue me for being in hot pursuit / When a situations teeth / I see hard rocks so afraid to play low key / All subjects, just random work / In knapsacks that areopportune, Im a proper troop / I step up to the front, I dont their art screams pussy like Georgia OKeefes / Pocket subject to random search / Thats how thefront though / Ive got you under my skin, but nothing fungal fulla copper / Copper helicopters / Cat divine in concert coppers work / Since aint no one the coppers/ Perpetually I keep it on the humble / I aint on the hunt, or / Cant divide and conquer / On it, fly on caca / Sung la serve I be the Papa Smurf / Theyll have myonly tryna hump / Id be a monkeys uncle / I pray you dont cucaracha / I dance the gun kata / I done a bit of bikram family in the paddy wagon after improper searchmistake yourself for prey / Or me for lame and tryna kick / Im big on vinyasa / Im big in Kinshasa / Posers move / And have the dragon breath and need to pop asome game to try to get some play / Thatd be a shame / Next over / My pops was Mufasa / To check on que pass / Certs / So lemme get applause for the 4 cornerstime I see you I am definitely gonna shave / Till then Im doing Connect at Queens Plaze / Me casa, su casa / Or get / Of course / The chorus for the 4 corners / 4pushups tryna get in better shape / And soaking in some sun to here by the Goethals / But watch out for the potholes corners / Its hot enough to catch a tan under greytry and tan my skin a couple shades / Lets be a couple babe / / Hear the cono carajos / Let out by the apostles / skies / Cradle to the grave, its all relayed throughLemme keep you company / Let me in the door so I can make The worlds oldest profession / Transpired inside the the grapevine / Even though I wonder if the bombsure that youre living comfortably / I can practically guarantee brothels / The proof is in the fossils / The troops is sniffing canines / Gon meet me at the pearly gates Imthat Im your cup of tea / Follow my lead and take this loaded in the foxholes eyeing the gestapo / I step up to having a great time / Catchers in the rye beware themagazine and cover me / Thats all I gotta say, at least for now / the plate like Placido Polanco / Ace is Ali Baba / batters that steal signs / Best to grap a Whopper, sit andIf you allow Ill say it every single hour / Im not even single now / Racist Johnny Bravo / Wrists might be rocky / watch it in real time / Cameras all on the wildlife / Zoom-In my heart and mind were already a duo / Ive already switched Heart could still be Drago, ughhhh. ing in, zooming out / Move em in, move em out /from acting singular to acting plural / If I painted Ida painted you 5. “Illuminati” by Homeboy Sandman, Rawhide / I wake up in rush / Cant afford to take aa mural / If I worked at Subway, my future mate, I woulda made Produced by J57. Dear reader, for the “Illumi- second, keep forgetting to brush / These girls be outa hero / To celebrate the miracle you are / But Im aight, and nati” lyrics please refer to Chimera EP (Stones already nekkid enough / Remind me of that Reggae recordbecause Im a writer I wrote up couple bars. 4. “Sputnik” by Throw STH2286). - Ed. 6. “4 Corners” by "Tempted to Touch" / My mans be never up for breakfast andHomeboy Sandman, Produced by Howard Lloyd. All I hear is Homeboy Sandman, Produced by Invisible lunch / In his crib be all you see is Dr. Peppers and blunts /honking horns / Behold a pale horse galloping on a honkeys Think. New York stories and vignettes / Im still Kept his lady though she covered up his pecker wit bumpslawn / Behold a pale corpse jacking off to zombie porn / waiting out front, they aint let me in yet / CSI: (Damn) / So lemme get applause for the 4 corners / Of courseBeneath a air force trained on playing Donkey Kong / Some- Criminal Intent / Where if you make the wrong / The chorus for the 4 corners / 4 corners. 7. “For the Kids”bodys granddaughter aint like her own tetas / Saved up ten left or right someone gon write you a chin check by Homeboy Sandman and Chace Infinite, produced by 6thgrand, now she like the Grand Tetons / Her and her parents / Feeling froggy? Leap, or find you a princess / Sense. Boy Sand is for the kids / Lil bro and lil sis smoking cigs,worse rivals than the Yankees/Sox / She really love Try to get you a kiss, light you a incense / Heaven quit / Shouldnt you go study for a quiz / STD is not pronouncedjohnson, even was a fan of Keyshawn / Winston Churchill sent, but move secular in a sense / Boy Sand on "stid" / Who produced this? 6th / Kids tween 3 and 6 shouldntsaid "carry on, keep calm" / But R. Kelly got room keys, I the set, protecting the innocents / Im just listing the have to tussle with the three sixes / Watching big chested vixensmean keycards / Pimps that rock bright colored gear are rules / Supernatural, international without enlisting / Need to go and get they chest Vixed / Little black girls yourcalled peacocks / Hookers johns are nothing like Jean no mules / Bros and sisters tryna convince me I hair is beautiful / You could leave it natural its suitable / ForgiveLuc Picard / Going someplace mad people have been should listen to mutes / I be missing at the mixer, I the adults that try to get you / To burn it, theyve got self imagebefore / Dingbats even wind up in the bing because / be missing the muse / Tell you the truth, / Holding issues / Turn off the TV and go to sleep / Youre not a uglyPromised not sing the chorus if it pleased the court / rallies in the allies how we rally the troops / We duckling, youre a swan / I know you think that being differentYou could tell it was a croc, cause he rocked Lacoste, uh know all the chutes and ladders, aint a badder makes you weak / But being different makes you strong / This/ Knicksed down, listening to ODB / But for the mix platoon / So lemme get applause for the 4 is for you / Think before you speak / Wash your hands beforedown, this is what an OD be / Im like the dude in corners / Of course / The chorus for the 4 you take a leak / Dont be cocky when you take the lead / Ifcommercials for Dos Equis / Or Duran Duran / Or corners / 4 corners / Im not an Xs and Os you cocky light a match before you leave / Brush your teethDurant from OKC / When I meet some girlies they will coach / I just go for the throat / I just go for / Stop and smell the flowers seeds / Enjoy the sun showersnot say peace / Cause they seen me earlier on OKP / I broke / Thats my only approach / Cant seeds / Deshell your sunflower seeds / Dont crack whenmight give in if she got some okay cheeks / Even more hold me, Im like the holy ghost / Holy sides is pulling you tween either going to math or cuttingso if she got so okay chi / Lotta cats get married when smokes / Rolling stone, where papers class and getting drunk / Dont let nobody bully you, feels so
  3. 3. much better having someone My cup runneth over / My tank runneth on empty / My man pointed out earning some real keep / Same pants, differentbeat your ass than being a punk even though theres no "I" in "team" theres a "M" and "E" / My clique ride deep crease / Same pan, different grease / Same Sand,/ Say no to drugs / Never turn / My crib 5D / My kicks and my tops endorsed / My bop like a pedulum, back different beach / Peace / People ask me if my lifeyour back on your bruhs / The and forth / The law in my city done got it in for us / The laws in my city are changed / Heres what i might say / Not really.object of life aint making bucks / not enforced / Thats my 2 cents before im sent for / My liutenants dont 11. “The Ancient” by Homeboy Sandman,The object of life is spreading love / tense up in the forth / 10-4 / Mmmmmmm mmm mmm / My lips dont produced by Reality. (Tribal chanting) I be aroundThis is for you / I take the time to flap / My flames aint fake / Aint no implants or nip-tucked fat / My idea brothers / Dont be around books enough to judge emteach the kids in the streets / For the of success isnt bucks stacked / My right hands on my nut sack / My by the covers / They been around cliques enough tochildren like Asa and Unique / Little left hands on my nut sack, fu*k that / My seatbelt fastened / My judge em by the colors / My inner circle, circling rightsisters, you aint gotta be a freak / Even bucket pass at a buck flat / My bucket list items all scratched above us are the buzzards / Game is just a show, aNikki Minaj wasnt that at 13 / Little broth- / My limited vinyls all snatched / My vinyls all scratched game show, look at all the buzzers / On either side ofers you aint gotta be a fool / And I know / My knots in my sock since i got more / Ben Frank- the great divide, whats gonna become of, us / Falsethey dont teach us nothing useful in them lins, my bank is my sock drawer / My top 5s me and idols pop, something for the clobbers / The rest just needschools / But, if you hustle then consider my top 4 / My bumper stickers explain what exactly a title shot, something for the Clubbers / Half these catsschool a tool you can use against the devil so i stop for / My tears, blood, sweat / Out my eyes, are spreading love, but they feeling hunger / Other half arehe dont fool you / Uh, consider these jewels / cuts, pores / In this rhyme which is mine all mine feeling numb, but theyre doing numbers / But how can theyFor growth and development, guidelines and rules not yours / Mmmmmmm mmm mmm. 10. “Not not feel like herbs saying "word to mother" / Then saying a/ The little homies need to know it aint cool to Really” by Homeboy Sandman, produced by bunch of words that theyd never say to mother / Im some-openly disrespect the people that made you / Love Jonwayne. People ask me if my life changed / Heres thing like a sweeping tide quaking from asunder / Imyour parents no matter the consequences / Before what i might say / Not really / Just ran alongside a something like a sleeping giant waking from a slumber / Ityou go to sleep, dont forget to wash the dishes / river in eastern Europe / Instead of round the lake at aint like cause I know the ledge Im talking down toAnd say a prayer before you eat something / Thats Flushing Park / Similar scenario / Same cardio / Top others / Its more like Im out on the ledge talking downa blessing because somebody get to eat nothing / This billing at long last / I be chilling in first class / I was the jumpers / (Tribal chanting) / If there aint no Godis for you. 8. “Cedar & Sedgwick” by Homeboy chilling in economy / That didnt bother me / I then how you nourished? / But if you believe in GodSandman, produced by rthentic RTNC. Im from Cedar meet a lot more women / Having about the then why you nervous? / Thats word, its obvious youand Sedgwick / Nubian not stressed for money nada, nah, same amount of sex / Still a major shortage of better work on your endurance / If you got troublestay on my J.O. Some yall dont / Yall suck / Im from Cedar cool ones / Sh*t, probably even less / Hard working under duress / For all the world to see, dontand Sedgwick / Nubian not stressed for money nada, nah, stay to keep a low pro at Whole Foods / It was get swept up with being current / All the worlds a sea,on my J.O. Some yall dont / Yall suck / Im from Cedar and hard to keep a low pro in homeroom / That dont get swept up in the current / Conjuring depictionsSedgwick. 9. “Mine All Mine” by Homeboy Sandman, sh*t is old news / So / People ask me if my based on fiction takes no courage / If thats your afflic-produced by 2 Hungry Bros. My lids heavy / My lids corduroy life changed / Heres what i might say / Not tion better figure how to cure it / You could stay up on/ Size large in my sock drawer, dogs like yetti / My roots really / Far as money I was always out / Now its your little piggies or be a hermit / Either way, watchunderground like veggies / My sound crack crowns from the always money coming in / I never worry about out for the piggies like you Kermit / Thats easier saidsoundbyte, sound type edgy / Underneath its boxers so my money now / I never worried about money then / I than done atop the Mount thats Vernon / Findingdi*k can breathe / On bike seats wont wedgie / On my tv its still dont let nothing go to waste / Leftovers any solid footing up atop a mountain of vermin / NativeHeathcliff and Claire / For skincare i still use Keri / Horn given day / I spend about the same / Theres just a lot Louisianans might be lost in a bottle of bourbon /born way before Blackberries / My skin like bark / My more left over to give away / It occurred to me one Visitors to Louisiana might be lost while out on Bour-bark mad lower than my bite / My haird depart / Rocked show, / Im on stage where I used to be in the front row ban / Newark cats take chances out on Chancellor andparts early parts of my life / My throat parched / Handle / Thats like a ten foot distance / Its not a real big differ- Bergen / Every country, every county, every boroughbars favorite parts of my bike / Cause it matches my ence / Same guidelines as far as being the bigger man / got a burden / For certain / (Tribal chanting) / Whengrind / My mindstates mind over matter / My mind Staying away from the yellow snow / Im still Black Thoughts you are blinded it is difficult to seek / Its difficult topays matters no mind / My mama taught biggest fan / Just now I can call and tell him so / People ask me dream when it is difficult to sleep / Anyplace thatsmanners / My plans just matters of time / Mmm- if my life changed / Heres what i might say / Not really / Folks worth going will be difficult to reach / Thats difficultmmmm mmm mmm / My 6th sense keen / My make a lotta fuss / I got a lotta buzz / I still could be a bust / Same to learn, even more difficult to teach / Thats whyscenes the existence squeezed between the heard as it ever was / Clearchannel FM / Can kiss my as*cheek / I said so many characters get caught up in between /and seen / My urban streets got rivers and that last year / I said that last week / Same world peeps / Even the Theres way too many characters to put it in astreams / Burgundy / My insurance is WebMD / same words, peep / Ive always kept it real / Thats why Im tweet / In days of old kids understood the
  4. 4. concept of a team / Before they were done sucking on the I exist where the blacks is, cant blacklist me / Come the bloodflow to unclog grease / Amplify the tightteet / But now its only suckas always sucking in they teeth / try me / Im too boss, cant hire me / Im free, cant squeeze, go for the clean sweep / Youre tuned in to theDoes any village wanna raise a child? / No, everybodys smok- buy me / Yall blow me / I found my own way, yall Sandman "I Have A Dream" speech / Let’s get ‘em / Theing / Sometimes I feel like Smokey crying the tears of a clown aint show me / You cats dont know me / Try to father is Kool Herc / Hands up across the cruel world,/ Enough to form a cloud / If only I could put you in my shoes ignore me / I grow in numbers on the Ave handle your school work / I dont curse in front of my oldto walk a mile / Ill break you out your lust for ka / Ka-ching normally / I move abnormally / Spread earth, but Ill drop a couple pointers holding my coin purseand ka-pow / Theres no concern for Tao Te Ching / Also rumors, but this cat lands on feet / Cats on / At some point the lines blurred / Almost like its Pointknown as the Dao / Your people are down and out / Dont feet, see? Pumas / Be gone / You cant throw Break cept that I cant surf / Only that its break point and Idrown em out cause you up in the Dow / (Tribal chanting). me off, you aint put me on / Put simply, yall aint gon lose serve / Let’s get ‘em / Big kids watch for the12. “Eclipsed” by Homeboy Sandman, produced by rthentic aint wanna play me, so how you gon sit me? hand hook / Stiffing City Harvest canned goods is a badRTNC. Get control you sun / They dont owe you they own / How you gon silence? / See Im my own look / Badge tryna random search of your bag, book /you sun / They control you sun / Maybe bones they gon stylist, so how you gon stop me? / I represent Unless you aint go no cans, just carrying your black-throw you some / But you get bold and they gone bone you the first of a breed / Cant hurt me / This is heaven book / In QB cats going kaput / Something like asun / You tryna blow you sun? / Thats the reason why you to me / Brazen / The Matrix cant hold me cause Im my QB throwing off the back foot / Way too many catsblow you sun? / Try to take back what they stole you sun / own agent / Its all fair / Cant knock me off of cloud 9 / "pause," enough of the cat foot / Let’s get ‘em /Dont joint the show you sun / Dont you see they tryna hoe Aint put me on air / So now Im famous / But I aint here More logos than Nascar / But remaking Juiceyou sun? / That dont make you feel kinda low you sun? / to party yall aint give me no favors / I made A-list, but starring assholes is the last straw / Atop theFor the dough you sun? / Thats the reason why you sold drove my own spaceship / Kept my nose nowhere camels broke back positive blacks barred / Itsyou sun? / Listen here, lemme tell you something / All near Uranus / People told me I should not burn bridges enough to make a broke cat barf at a cash bar /yous suck / Aint nobody tryna be you sun / Dont before / But why I need a bridge someplace I aint trying So Im defending the casbah / Me and bunch catsnobody even need you sun / Dont nobody even believe to go? / Is a new emcee, you aint help me spreading that aint had any caviar / Buncha cats connectedyou sun / You just in it to deceive you sun / You just in it the news / Now you need me, more than I need you / I to the ave like a avatar / Let’s get ‘em / The sagato receive you sun / You just in it to receive a sum / You do not need you / Fool of you to assume you could swoop dont end / It make me feel at home, I know itaint nowhere to be seen in the scrum / You belong in and just soup me up / Im not miso / But Id be smooth like an old friend / Cannons warm up early anddown in the sea with the scum / You nothing like a like peep where Ill be soon / I represent the first of a breed often / Love for war bucks / Annie the orphan /emcee you sun / You gets no play on Ready Cee you / Cant hurt me / This is heaven to me / Now if you dont play Cats blown for a portion / Things get blown outsun / Yous a crumb / 4C you sun / All luck, door 3 me no ones gonna listen to you / You dont write about me of proportion / Next time cats bug be the Orkin /you sun / OD you sun / Phony you sun / Holy they gon know you outta the loop / Dont credit my incred- Let’s get ‘em / One of the biggest bummers in life Imoly you sun / That is not for me you sun / I ible ability and all you gon manage is to damage your call "laundry" / Separating coloreds from whites /know yous tryna get a deal you sun / And wasnt credibility / I move with patience and humility / Ignored by I seen more screwed races back of buses and flights /tryna keep it real you sun / But whats the deal you networks, put in my legwork like millipede / Still rocking seen more screwfaces than some husbands and wives /sun? / You aint really gotta kneel you sun / sweatpants and a Dilla tee / But now Im like the military / Many cats starved, puzzled turn to hustle and vice / ItWouldnt you prefer to heal you sun? / We the domi- Im still a man of little mean / But I dont know what little might seem like hustle is a must to survive / Nah, Godsnant allele you sun / Wheres your vigor and your zeal means / I wasnt little in the little league, literally / I cipher is the cipher divine. Mixed and Mastered byyou sun? / You kick the same old spiel you sun / How dont know what being little means so you can not Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr. All tracks were recordeddare you sun? / Beware, be aware you sun / I think you belittle me / See I aint need a middle man, to get at Ampliphonic Studios. Executive produced byoughta say a prayer you sun / Except you tryna be player the cynics to consider me / Not the kid that cracks Peanut Butter Wolf. Additional Keys on “Whatchuyou sun / You let em tell you what to wear you sun / They or acts jittery / So how yall pulling this or that, Want From Me?” by Jud Nester. Thanks, God fortell you how to wear your hair you sun / That aint fair you riddle me? / Yall never gon get rid of me / I designing this entire charade which is a real ball and a realsun / I know you swear you prepared you sun / But its clear represent the first of a breed / Cant hurt me / challenge. Pop, for being stronger and wiser and morethat you scared you sun / I smell your fear you sun / They This is heaven to me. 14. “Lets Get Em” by loving than I could ever be so Ive always got somethinggon push you to the rear you sun / They gon kick you in the Homeboy Sandman, produced by rthentic to work towards. Mom, for never letting me down oncerear you sun / They gon smear you sun / Is that the way that you RTNC. Thisd be the ending of Side B / ever, (though moving begrudgingly at times :), showeringwas reared you sun? / You think that honesty is weird you sun? / Angels walk beside me, practically me with love, and for my sense of humor. Nat, for beingSun where you from? / But let a couple more years pass and where siamese / I seen it like the swami, top my best friend, believing in me and supporting meyou sun? 13. “First Of A Living Breed” by Homeboy Sand- of the swan beak / Bill / Lets build, perpetually, reminding me of whatever I forget, aidingman, produced by Oh No. Long as I make hits, cant miss me / over chicken and brocolli / Then up me whatever way you can, and inspiring me with your
  5. 5. strength and your talent. You are the perfect ally. Mia andRico, for eliciting pure joy in me, renewing my hope everyday,and being yourselves. Sosa, Wise Mateo, Bang Bang, Dez,Dariel, Erick, Brad, Bomba, Leslie, Lissette, Jenny. I love yall. Ilove your children. I love your families. You can depend on mealways. Just as I have always been able to depend on you. Rest ofyou clowns in no particular order, and you dont get no specialattention: 2 Hungry Bros, Core Rhythm, Chris Faraone, PeterRosenberg, Wes Jackson, Nick Rosenberg, Femi Shamz, JakePaine, Jah C, Billy Jam, DJ Eclipse, DJ Spinna, Psycho Les, GobGoblin, Chairman Mao, Danny Castro, CunninLynguists, BrotherAli, Company Man, Jonwayne, Peanut Butter Wolf, J Balls, CiphDiggy, K. Gaines, Fresh Daily, P.SO, Coole High, Tah Phrum DuhBush, Brokn. Englsh, Reality, K.O. Beatz, Sintex, Kalae AllDay, YCthe Cynic, I Am Many, Kahlee, Kalil Kash, Mystro, Tom Sweetman,Kalila, Kane Mayfield, Ama, Will Eaves, Oh No, Open Mike Eagle, JeffWeiss, Pack FM, Tonedeff, QN5, Brooklyn Bodega, Patty Dukes andRephStar, PremRock, Willie Green, PreZZure, Alias (alias Niles), Priscillaand Cypress, Raquel, Andrea, Reyn, Matt Caputo, Benji, Broke MC, ChuckWhite, Early, Eliel Lucero, Tidal Friction, Ben Grymm, Sanford Whiteman,Sarah Love, Gilles Peterson, Scrills, Sene, Slim Donuts, Sol Isis, Jise, KooleyHigh, Talina, TC, Teddy King, Problemaddicts, Tony Touch, TreZure Empire,Kaneza, Senor Kaos, Kevin Beecham, Khay, Knewdles, Dave Dar, rthenticRTNC, Lady Blogga, Lazy Jay, M-Tri, Leecy T, Lesliyan, Likwuid, LethyLiriano, WHAM, Lisa Cardoso, Liv Marisco (Liphemra), Urban Juke Joint, LuisValbuena, Manny Faces, Audible Doctor, James Niche, Rob Rogers (The DangerOnasis), Jarobi, Jason Melker, Jayforce, Jinesis, Jesse Abraham, Jessica Estevez,Jimmy Jung, JJ Brown, John Robinson, Jonti, Junk Science, Meka, Eskay, 54 RealityCrew, 6th Sense, Acrojam, Adam Bernard, Aggie, Amanda Velez, The Clubhouse,Deezu Music, April Pabon, AtLas, Babeydrew, Baldi and TruStatement, Baxter Word-sworth, Final Outlaw, EOW, Boyuan, Brad Hasse, Brian Wood, True Britt, Bronx UberVillain, Divino, Tasty Keish, Matt Conaway, Matt Sonzala, Mazzi, Brian Knott, Mirandom,Moe, Mr. Beatz, Susan Little, Naheem Adio Kujenya, Natty S., Donovan Kasp, NickHeller, Tony Santiago, Oddisee, Amelia, Brooke, Kristi, M Slago, Victor Lucia, CassandraRose, Cassidy, J57, Chace Infinite, Tanya Morgan, Black Plague, E Holla, Torae, EagleNebula, EE Delrey, Epic, Evie, Exile, Tati, New Rap Order, 3rd Party, Rabbi Darkside,IllSpokinn, Freestyle Mondays, Gus "Goose" Gauntlett, Why-G?, N.O. Islam, Illustrate, JuliusArlee, Fiona Bloom, Flex Mathews, Kosha Dillz, Fort Nox, Maya, Hamilton Nolan, IsaacSawyer, Francy, FYC, Gavin Thomas, Robert Adam Mayer, TONE, Gee Notes, Steve Smith,Geko Jones, Ryan Bowers, Gods Illa, WeStoleTheShow, Greg Thomas, Lorena Vasquez, GumpyGandules, Aaron Linton Chambers, Hasaan Mackey, all my Stones Throw brothers I named on theback of Chimera and also Trevor, Jodi and Ludi, HeadKrack, Howard Lloyd, Hubcaps, O.I.S.D., JPeriod, Jakop Nazareytan J the Suit, Silent Knight, Joann Gomez, Ruffa, Kyle Rapps, Sketch theCataclysm, Moses Rockwell, Don Chiva, Brown Bag All-Stars, Soul Khan, General Steele, JahdanBlakkamore, Jake Lefco, Conspiracy Radio, The Day Laborers, The Morpheus Soul Show, VerBs, Alice Sleeve by Jeff JankInWonderland, Nola Darling, Warren Britt, William Helms, Wille G., Sofija (WonderWoman), and Photo by Joel FrijhoffXPlane. To all those I missed, you know the drill. In loving memory of Gordon Heron Stones Throw Records, 2012