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Photography research 2


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Photography research 2

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Research of other photographers work
  2. 2. Galen Avery Rowell• This amazing man in the picture was a famous professional photographer which goes by the name ‘ Galen Rowell he is a well known artist just like a few other photographers who are at the stage he is at others who are named by Ansel Adams he was also a great photographer. Galen Rowell is known for his wilderness photos. Galen Rowell was not only a photographer he as also a climber back in his early life used to climb mountains out in the wild and taking pictures… this might be a shock but he was never fly trained on being a photographer but he still done a very good job.
  3. 3. Galen Rowell Galen Avery Rowell was born in August 24th 1940 and tragically died in August 11th 2002. he was born in America Oakland, California and died in Bishop, California he had three kids. In 1972 Galen sold his small business and became a full time photographer. And just in 1 year he completed his first major assignment which was a cover story for National Geographic Magazine. After that Rowell was ascent of Yosemite National Park that he documented, after that he considered on the landscape part adventure then eventually a couple years later he won the Ansel Adams award for conversation photography in 1984. after he had been awarded he had a lot of more major assignments handed to him by big publicitors.
  4. 4. These are some of his finest workAs you can see these photographs are taken out in the wilderness you can see mountains and snow mostthese are very great work from the one and only Galen Avery Rowell.
  5. 5. Description of ImageThis photograph was taken by Galen Avery RowellAs you can see in the image it only shows the mountains the roads the dirt the trees This image might looktedious but it shows a lot it means Something. It is apoint of view shot so basically a straight shot It is anextreme long shot abbreviated (ELS) it is great how hetook his picture as you Can see In he image the road isa very long road and you can See the mountains howclose they look to the camera. That is The depth of fieldtechnique it is a great technique and It shows thistechnique depth of field.
  6. 6. CompositionThis image was taken by Galen Avery RowellAs you can basically see in the image it includesIce burgh mountains green land and horses riding pastthe in front of the camera. This is a really great imageBecause it gives it that natural life and that western look.
  7. 7. Techniques usedThis is a birds eye view shot of GalenRowell climbing the mountain light itis a great shot if you can see lookhow close the ground is to thecamera that is the depth of fieldtechnique it makes it look well closebut if you were there it will look a lotmore steep. You can tell he has onlyfocused on the right side of him andthe right side of the ground so youcan easily tell he was trying o getthe viewers to notice how high he isto the ground.
  8. 8. Strengths & Weaknesses• The strengths Galen Avery Rowell has is climbing if you have good climbing skills you will be able to climb trees mountains etc. to get high as possible and get the best picture you possibly can get on camera. For Galen Avery Rowell he had exceptional climbing skills it was unbelievable he used to just climb and climb every day to take a lot of images from high tops like mountains and his is what also makes a great photographer. This person in this image is galen Rowell he is climbing besides Yosemite falls. There is no weakness in this image to be Honest it is a great picture of galen Rowell climbing the great Yosemite falls.